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Meeky and Passion say hello from Hongkong !

Dear Teddy Mommy:

I'm Meeky,
today I'm taking my sister, Passion, back to see you !

We are the most sweet and handsome pupies of the thousands teddy bears in Hong kong.

Our mommy takes care us very well.
shine eyes , shine hair and goood health
She spends a lot of time to accompany us.
Making us outshine other dogs in terms of posture, size, shape, and health.
Can you see us already 4 years old?!

My Mommy really love us
she makes us happy active and healthy
she takes us on the street, to the park,
When I sitting on the chair in the park and basking in the sun
I think it can't be more happier than this time.

Teddy mommy,
Are you happy,
when you see us so shine and health?
My mommy is so good
Now she is my Favorite in my heart
Do not be jealous! (♡˙︶˙♡)

Thank you, teddy mommy
Help us to choose such a good mother,
Carefully breed us so that we have a healthy and beautiful body.
Give me innocent big eyes and sweet face

Teddy mommy and everyone of the Yulong family
Thank you and looking forward to meeting you again.

Meeky Passion, Hong kong

Here come Toffee!! Poodle Siblings in Banqiao ~~ (107/03/05)
Here come Toffee!!
Poodle Siblings in Banqiao ~~

I am Toffee from Banqiao
I have 2 sisters who looks just like me 
What differ us is the colour and size of our body

The temperature in Taiwan is rising back to warm
Last month is a winter break
That is a perfect weather to lye on bed
And enjoy life

I like to lye on the floor
which is cover by a comfy blankie bought by daddy and mommy
staying free feels so good
Daddy and mommy also bought a lot of toys for me and my sisters

Hey~This is my handsome brother
with his jacket on
We took this last month
I like to cuddle with him
It's because he is a gentle and tender
we are ready to go out !!

We are in our dress
And its blue !
Daddy ~ Mommy~ 
Are we going to someone's wedding ?
We looks gorgeous in those dress

Daddy and Mommy are so happy 
Looking us wearing those cute and pretty dresses
They took the camera and start taking photos
We are the most professional models !~

Lastly but not least
I show you my photo taken with my sisters
Do we looks cute ?
We get along easily
So daddy and mommy are able to take photo of us perfectly~!
Feel so happy to have them in my life
Its time to say bye~~!
I will be back soon ^^
Do miss me 

MiuMiu Grooming Day (107/03/05)
 MiuMiu Grooming Day 
Hi guys
I am Miu Miu
Yup I do look a bit messy right now
Wait for me 
A little Pixie Dust will do
I will be back very soon !!!

Lets Countdown ~!!





Looks nice right?
Im actually very cute
Millions girls will fall for me after grooming

A little rabbit ear makes me looks cuter !!
Do I look like a toy teddy?
Dont fall for me ~
hahaha !!
Every poodle will looks cute and nice after grooming

Look here
A big head photo of me
I have a smooth and hairy body
Which will be very comfy to cuddle with
Got to go ! Bye~!

Its Abby Tea Time With Mommy (107/03/05)
Its Abby Tea Time With Mommy~!

Hello Everyone!!
Im Abby from Taipei
Lying on the sofa is the most comfy thing to do
In a windy weather 
Feel like sleeping

Mommy : Hey Abby !! We are going out for tea time~~
Mommy ~do you say tea time ?
I want !
Hi tea is one of my favourite pastime
My eyes is shining now!!

My mommy is hugging me 
Isn't she beautiful ?
Tea time is time for great look
Mommy is wearing a beigh dress
She looks so young !
Im in my clothes too
A comfy and nice clothes
I love it ~~~!! 

This is my sister
Isn't she cute?
My sister is a pretty girl too
She looks gorgeous in this dress
We love each other a lot
We always play togther whenever she is free

I like cuddling
It makes me feel like Im being care
Im living happily in Taipei
Teddy Mommy dont worry about me
Feel free to visit me when you are free
See ya~!!


Amber Chinese New Year In Hong Kong (107/03/05)
 Amber's Chinese New Year
In Hong Kong~~


Hi ~ ~ I'm Amber
Live in Hong Kong which is also called the Oreintal Pearl
I am celebrating Chinese New Year in Hong Kong
Im here to share with you how fun to celebrate
Chinese New Year in Hong Kong ~ !!!

Chinese New Year is the time for new clothes
Oh yeah !! hahaha
Mommy bought a pink shirt for me
and took this photo too~~!!
Does it looks good on me ?


Its my favourite time during Chinese New Year
Taking photoss!!!
Im the most glamorous girl ~~

hey~did you notice I changed my clothes here ?
 Gong xi fa cai everyone~
Be in red is a must during the first day in Chinese New Year

Woah~~There are alot of red packet for me
Thanks everybody
I wanna save it up and buy some pretty clothes for myself

At last
I wish you all a fortune and prosperity year in 2018
Happy Chinese New Year !!!

Happy BIrthday To JUKY in Italy~~<3


What's That?!

what is that thing with blue ribbon on?
It looks colorful inside
Is it food?
Mommy can i have a look inside?
Wow~Its macarons^^

Hi everyone~
Im JUKY from Italy
NIce to meet you
Its my birthday yesterday
Mommy bought macarons for me
Im finally one year old~~^^

Pomeranian: Looks delicious~can i have some...??

Is my playmate beside me
It's a white pomeranian
I wish to say thankyou to mommy
Mommy loves me a lot 
So I will grow up healthily under her care


A sharing from Daddy Lai of Taoyuan~~
A Reply From Daddy Lai~
Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear of Taoyuan


Daddy is so sweet
He prepared a comfy bed for me
and covered me with blanket while im sleeping
because he cares about my health
Feel so happy that i have such a caring daddy

hi !!

I am a red colored teacup poodle teddy bear
The big eyes is one of my significant feature
Do i looks cute with it ? ^.< *wink* 
I will be back to share my stories with you soon~~
Bye !

Updates from Taichung Mantou ~~

Mantou is back to share her stories~


Mommy asked me to pose! 

Hi Im back again ~
Am i looks cuter now?
Mommy put me on the sofa 
and stay by my side to take care of me
I love to sit on the sofa to watch my favourite tv show
so comfy!!
Daddy and mommy have to be careful
when your babies are not
climbing up to the sofa by themselves
Take care of them by their side
To prevent babies from falling

In the mid of training ~  

Training can made me better
Training and watching tv at the same time
So enjoyable~~ 


I own the sweetest smile~
awwww >.^ 

Hi everyone~~Im DUFFY
Im here to tell u about my happy life

Its my bed ! !

Mommy prepared a red indian tent for me
Love it so much
Its very comfortable inside there
Thanks mommy~!!

With Friends^^

They are my friends
Do we look alike ?
We are from the fluffy family~

My sister looks so cute~

Daddy and mommy bring me out today
with my beautiful sister
Im feel so warm in her arm~
going to reached soon^^

Going out its fun ~

Do not disturb~~
Handsome boy spotted

Im in silver now

A general knowledge for dad and mom
silver poodle is in black when they are little
its cute right??

Have fun watching~^^

Daddy and mommy loves me so much
 Im so happy and blessed
 My favourite pastime is to ride on daddy's car

Comfortable temperature for Pups

Taiwan's weather turns cold these days
Its very important to keep pups warm
The most comfortable indoor temperature is 26-28Celsius


Smart pets food feeder 

 A great news here
There is a hi-tech pet food feeder 
Its a great news for those who are busy working out there~

Mantou From Taichung
My Summer Diary ^^

Its a hot summer day
Playing under the sun its fun !!

We are collecting leaves in the backyard~ 

Am I cute??

Going out today with mommy
Lets go for an adventure to see this beautiful world


Lets have a nap ....
Keep quiet~Shhhh.....

Imma handsome boy now ~~

After grooming ...
Head up ~!
Im the Mister Universe
The grooming shop owner looks hot
Can I date her?~~ haha


Mommy and sister take a good care of me
I have to grow up healthily
So that I can bring happiness for them
Lets look forward for my next story ~~ BUHBYE !!!

Official LINE Group: @teddymommy (YouLong Poodle Breeding Center)

Teddy Mommy's YouLong Poodle Breeding Center
our official LINE @ is finally here!!

first-hand TEACUP POODLE sales info
Discounts and annual adoption events
only available to YouLong LINE @ Fans

scan QR code below to add Teddy Mommy
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YouLong Poodle Breeding Center
over 30 years experiences in breeding 
TOY, TEACUP poodles (teddy bears)

outstanding championship bloodline
internationally certified by KCT (Kennel Club Taiwan)

huge selection of colors and size
Small Toy / Teacup / Super Tiny Teacup
and the world's smallest Pocket Teacup Poodles

we're confident enough 
to say this out LOUD!! 

we guarantee this is the BEST poodle breeding center 
you can ever find anywhere around the world!!
Teddy Mommy has 200% confidence that you
will find the perfect poodle teddy bear here at YouLong.

!!! be sure to recognise Teddy Mommy's registered logo !!!
we breed, raise and sell our own poodle puppies,
this is the only YouLong Poodle Breeding Center
you will find in the world (located in Tainan City, Taiwan).

Love me more!!! Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear HAMIZAI just can't withdraw himself from nanny's soft arms.
this is my first day arriving my new home in Hong Kong.
nanny loved everything about me, literally!!
hugged me gently and spoke to me in her soft voice tone.
well guess what, i was meant to be a surprise gift
from a daughter to her mother.

mommy was very worried before deciding on this purchase.
after all, it's her very first time buying a live animal ONLINE.
worried about frauds, worried about not getting the dogs,
especially worried about receiving puppies that are not of
the small size they wanted in the first place.

and after the careful explanation from Sister Teddy, as well as
speaking with the YouLong crew and seeing the environment
of the breeding facility via Facetime, mommy finally let down
her guard and gave 
YouLong Poodle Breeding Facility
total authority to recommend the perfect Teacup
Poodle teddy bear she's been searching for.

Sister Teddy felt extremely proud to have brought the fates of
Hamizai and mommy together closely through internet.
Taiwan vs Hong Kong, family forever!!


over 30 years of experiences in teacup poodle breeding
(we breed poodles and poodles ONLY!!)
100% poodle adult size and health conditions guaranteed~

with all the love and great passion for Teacup Poodles
Teddy Mommy's been sleeping on the floor with
her poodle teddy bears in order to observe their living habits,
genetic changes, and study their physical and emotional status

the outsiders seeing this would probably think
Teddy Mommy's gone nuts!

"crazy for dogs"
exactly Teddy Mommy~

questions about caring for poodles?
get in touch with Teddy Mommy or Sister Teddy immediately.
we eat, sleep and live with our Teacup Poodles closely
everyday so we are 100% aware of their current status
and adjust according to possible changes.

we usually repond to questions asked right away
unless there's a time zone difference between us,
the first thing we do in the morning is checking our phones
and emails in case if there's any unanswered questions.

we provide more than just a after/before-sale service.
it's our promise to all the YouLong poodle owners around the world.
it's our first prioroty to answer any questions you may have
and we are more than happy to do so!!

dear Hamizai, guard granny's smiles with all you can.
and don't forget to write to us from Hong Kong~

Teddy Mommy, Sister Teddy and all the little helpers
here at YouLong have been missing you heaps.
we wish you eternal joy & happiness!!

Life memories shared from Italy: Tom Tom, parti-color Pocket Teacup poodle teddy bear is loving the summer in his billion dollar mansion

Ciao amici miei
this is the private holiday mansion my mom owns in Italy,
remember to give me a call if you happen to be in Italy 
for vacation, maybe we can catch up for a drink?

and don't worry if you don't speak any Italian at all,
mommy was educated in an English-speaking country
so she pretty much speaks English as her first language already~

also, if you really do come,
i, Tom Tom, promise to be your local guide FREE OF CHARGE,
there're all sorts of intersting things i'd like you to know
about our sophisticated Italian culture!!

summer's been soooooo hot so far this year,
what do you usually do to get away from the hot heat?
i spend almost everyday by the pool,
and sometimes i'd jump into the water and pretend i'm a fish haha.

where's my iced coke? i can really drink a whole bottle one right now!!!

evenly spread red + black parti-color throughout my entire body, 
in addition to my super rare to see pocket teacup size
you can say that i'm probably the only boy
with such unique features in Italy, or even in Europe!

"phantom" is what they use to descirbe my black+red color
in America & Europe, isn't it just so cool to have a name like that?
adding extra mysteriousness to my current status again >.^

introducing to you... my chihuahua brothers~
did you notice what's special in one of them?
yes, the crystal blue Husky eyes.

mommy's extremely picky especially in her beauty tast,
exceptionally high standards she holds towards "beautiful things".
and to be able to live with mommy in our billion dollar mansion,
you have to be rarer to find than lake monsters!

Appreciation letter from Singapore: Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear Zonomi

Dear Teddy Mommy:

When we walked out of the AAA Pet Grooming School in Singapore
today with our princess Zonomi, we felt extremely proud of her.
We can say that Zonomi’s probably the most beautiful one amongst
thousands of poodle teddy bears here in Singapore in terms of her
figure, hair volume, styles, intelligence… undefeatable!

We often take Zonomi to go shopping with us on Orchard Road,
and she seems to be the only dog allowed to enter department stores
freely without any restrictions even from the Malaysians or Indians.
She’s just too beautiful to be shut out of the door.

Thanks to the outstanding championship bloodline of the Teddy Mommy’s
poodle teddy bears, Zonomi dislikes anything UGLY, including ugly dogs;
she eats only the fine foods with a limited amount; and she’s also such a
clean freak who pees and poos on the same diaper without making a mess;
such a great girl with excellent self-discipline.

She sleeps on goose down duvets and couches, what’s even more amazing
about her is that she interacts and facetime with us to show how much she
misses us when we’re away.

Zonomi’s the center, the spirit of our sweet home. Our family kisses her
goodbye before heading to, as well as after coming home from, work.
She plays an important role of soothing our minds and bringing
laughter to our home.

Zonomi’s considered the teddy bear angel sent from God to look after
our family. She is, and always will be, a part of us, and we all adore her
very much. For that we’d like to thank Teddy Mommy for insisting on the
quality of her poodle puppies, and making improvements from generation
to generation, for the poodle teddy bears to be recognized and adored
internationally, you’re the pride of Taiwan.

Again we’d like to say: “your dedication in poodle breeding is very much
appreciated. Thank you very much.”

Best regards,
Mr & Mrs Tseng from Singapore

(Original Script) 親愛的大熊媽媽: 

當我們今天走出新加坡AAA 寵物美容學院時, 

Zonomi 應該可以號稱是在新加坡幾萬隻的泰迪熊貴賓中,

無論在體態、毛量、造型、聰明程度、 無與倫比。
我們經常帶Zonomi 在烏節路逛街,

Zonomi 不喜歡醜的東西: 包括醜的狗,


我們家都認為Zonomi 是泰迪熊天使, 



Sweet Family: Reserve your Teddy Bear Visit with Teddy Mommy ASAP: that's how Red Hair met his new family!

what a family of supermodel legs!!
such a sweet family, makes everyone jealous.
yup you are seeing it right, matching family outfits,
yehhh what's how we roll!!

daddy's the perfect mix of the ideal father & husband.
"i'm ok either way, as long as they are satisfied"
whoa, what a man!

to find the dream poodle teddy bear
for his beloved wife and son,

daddy got in touch with Teddy Mommy long before
they came to meet the teddy bears at YouLong,
and of course daddy had his requirements
all listed out prior to their arrival,

and that's also how the family found their
perfect poodle teddy bear here so soon at
Teddy Mommy's YouLong Poodle Breeding Center.

Teddy Mommy's friendly reminder :
to ensure the quality of our service and to provide
a remarkable teddy bear experience for all customers,
we only accept
a limited number of reservations per day.

if you wish to find the perfect poodle teddy bear of your dream,
please phone in and
reserve your desired date of visit ASAP.

YouLong guarantee this is the best place for you to find
your dream poodle puppies, with the
most quantity and also the most color options.
from Small Toy Poodles (around 3kg full-grown)
to the world's rarest Pocket Teacup Poodles
(around 1kg full-grown),
all the Toy & Teacup sizes, you name it we have it.

due to the large number of poodle puppies we have
in our breeding center, please provide the following info
before we proceed to preparing suitable poodle puppies
for your reserved date of visit :
 hair color, gender, size and your initial budget range.

YouLong Official Website

Teddy Mommy Hotline: +886-975-785398
LINE: teddymommy
WeChat: Teddymummy5299
whatsapp: +886-975785398

We Are Inseparable: Cream color small teacup - teacup poodle teddy bear (Miss DingDing's latest update from Hong Kong)

bright eyes with her strong confidences shining through,
crystal clear innocence that never lies to your heart.
i didn't believe in the so-called "family look"
until i met these wonderful people.

do you think me and my sister look alike?

i can't thank Teddy Mommy enough for finding me such
a lovely home and such awesome family.
they spoil me with love and toys,
treating me like the most precious present they've ever had;
and me too, have been doing my best to pay back to their love,
i've been a super nice girl on my best behaviour,
leaving mommy and little sister nothing to worry about.
surely you can be proud of me, Teddy Mommy.

in our definition, cream is the color that's the closest to white.
but the "real white poodles", from our perspective,
must NOT have any cream color appearing on the bottom of
their ears and legs, which is extremely rare to find in poodles.

most people see my hair color would think 
i'm a white poodle by mistake,
but there are still traces of cream at the end of my legs.
and for such a picky person like Teddy Mommy,
(who's also famous for her strict quality standards)
she would not call this a white color but CREAM.

yup, that's some interesting facts about me,
hope you have enjoyed my explanation.
*winks winks*

Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear Princess Chloe living in the billion dollar mansion: shared from Taipei, Taiwan

pocket in a bag in a bag in a bag, this is not a tongue twister
guess where our Princess Chloe is hiding?
the winner gets to go on a dinner date with Chloe tonight, muah!

Chloe loves the exotic giant carpet at home.
you can never slip on it, so great for running!

best carpet you can ever get for
a mother-daughter yoga session at home.
especially when you have a daughter with
unlimited energy to waste!
mooosa mooosa

my favourite thing to do is to glue myself onto mommy
wherever she goes!! look at how well i sleep on her.
save me some faces please, i need to look
gorgeous and beautiful for my increasing fan base!

they were talking about kangaroos on TV tonight,
so i decided to give it a try =D
mommy: ...err i'm speechless too, that's kinda awkward!

her pretty big eyes on top of her petite tiny body,
that can only be found on such rare poodle breeds called
Pocket Teacup poodle teddy bears...
isn't she just like one of those cartoon characters
walking straight from the Japanese manga.
*fans scream*

you can never imagine how much stuff 2 women can possibly buy.
and this is only the result of one easy afternoon.
wait till i have more time to share all the treasures
and rare collections we have in our mansion
and you will be REALLY surprised~

i'm crawling back to my nice princessy bed for a nap now,
it was great catching up with you all,
see you guys next time soon!!

Good weather ought to be wasted on wonderful moments with my Teddy Bear, shared from HK

such a lovely summer afternoon!
mommy and i decided to go for a walk together
and to show off my pretty face and
my cute outfit in the neighbourhood =P

c'est la vie! enjoy your life to the fullest
with the ones you love, and loved by you <3

Maple Red Small Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear Sally and sisters show off their beautiful necklaces @lovely updates from TPE, Taiwan

big curls, small curls, you will see beautiful curls coming out from
adult poodle teddy bears (after passing 8 months of age)!!
sleepyface Sally baby, 
just woke up from her afternoon nap...

notice something unusual in this photo?
who's that peeking from the corner of the bed?

on my marks, teddy number... DO RE MI
take a look at our PAWfect teddy bear array
fluffy round body and 3 pairs of big beautiful eyes

mommy has successfully collected 3 colors so far
targeting for more in the days to come
who's ready to see mommy's colorful teddy family?

tiny weeny Sally, disappearing under the butts of her sisters...

hey girls, save me some space,
i wanna be on the camera with you two, please?

i see gorgeous pearl necklaces on you both...
*sob sob* well... what about me?  TT^TT

oh my dear darling Sally, mommy's little princess
such a special young lady like yourself deserves the best

here's your Golden necklace, my love.
mommy had it prepared months ago just for you

Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear NiuNiu (KHH, Taiwan) puts on her signature smile and greets all

NiuNiu baby has finally turned 1!!

her hair looks so different now compared to her
puberty stage 
when it was still soft and ugly

it now looks big and fluffy like cottons
so beautiful like a supermodel!!
Teddy Mommy looks forward to seeing more
photos of Niu Niu in all sorts of creative looks

daddy's been taking such great care of NiuNiu,
Teddy Mommy is extremely impressed!!

especially seeing daddy trimming the hair 
around the eyes of our baby Niu to avoid
irritation and reducing the chance of tear stains.

excellent job done, daddy!

let's see how our Ice Queen interacts with camera crazy daddy at home =P


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