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brunette little princess

my name is brunette
is going to be one year old
Mommy said I'm lucky, I don't understand
Just be a little princess forever

Don't forget to take me with you on field trips
Mommy's bag is mine carriage
Looking back with signature electric eyes
People passing by will smile at me

Thank you Mommy for being with me from morning till night
good to have you
 get back and have a good sleep zZ



HELLO I'm uni
following my Instagram:unibbb

Acting as a Louis Vuitton model today

I can bring out the elegance of LV


Next to me is the latest bag

Why not bring home a birthday gift

Pocket poodle Cloud and her bomei brother

Hello everyone, I am Cloud~

Six-month old.

Mommy said I weight about 11.6lb

So small!

Until came to the new home for two months

I don’t fear of here.

Finally dare to explore everywhere!

My Bomei brother is very easy to get along, although we often bicker...


Dear Teddy mommy

There is my new life in Taipei.

Mommy takes care of me very carefully.

Her love me very much, and my favorite is Mommy, too.

do not worry.

Waiting for me next time with my Bomei brother

Go back to Tainan and meet you!




Mita took baby car and begin her worldwide adventure
Hello everyone,
I am You-Long poodle little star - Mita!
super cute
small teacup poodle teddy baby 

show you guys my handsome daddy
daddy is my baby car
he took me around the world

 Review Mita's baby car


Lovely kiss daddy everyday
Mommy, don't be jealous.

I have a small body type which can put in mommy's bag.
Take me to restaurant or have a afternoon tea is ok!

Small poodle Mita's afternoon tea times
coffe? tea? or me?

Waiter~ I also want to order a milk tea~
[Waiter OS: small teddy baby (poodle) can not drink milk tea! ]

Daddy and Mommy drive baby car (their pet bag).
Put me into the bag and travel around the world.
Record our life.

Look at !
what did mommy help Mita taking a picture
which look like the Statue of Liberty?

I am very happy with daddy and mommy

where to go nest time?

 Mita's worldwide map (click me) 

Miu miu
I am little Miu miu
Everybody love me!

The time to be beauty coming again

Beautician love me very much!
Since I am a lively and spoiled poodle- Miu Miu

Dear viewers!!!
Magic is about to start.

~~~~~~Count down with Miu Miu~~~~~~

five !

four !

three !

two !

one !

Is it electric to you?
After the shaving, I am Pikachu in the poodle world.
Cute & electric
Let daddy & mommy crazy love me

My own and warm bed

Okay? when can I go out to play?

I am Miu Miu honey
Welcome to pay attention to my road for make beauty. 


rou rou learn handshake in Pingtung
I'm rou rou

from Pingtung

Currently three months old

This documentary from my daddy and mommy
that i can shake hands!

mommy said i am good at learn!


Because i am clever&lovely Youlong baby


Fujiko&Fujiko's sister say hello to everyone!!
Hello~~~ Ciao! 
I am pocket between super tiny teacup poodle teddy bear Fujiko!
I start a new life in Italy!!

My beauty mommy Margaret is a big fans for You-Long Breeding Center
Sister Yumi & Trilly are also the teddy babies form You-Long, too!!

Our little bed
this place for us to step and take a nap
Mommy build a house full of pink bubble for us
Very match the elegance for little beauties like us (run away~~

Sister Yumi is her
while we take a car, she favorate seat on mommy's legs
Sister, stand up hurry!! I want to seat, too!!!

looking carefully
Am I look similer with sister Trilly?
Mommy love us very much
because we are well-behaved youlong babies
can cry, laugh, sleep, the life teddy babies

thank you for my dear teddy mommy
sister and me all happy in Italy!
Fujiko will always be healthy and happy
full of happiness

Happy Didi wishes everyone a happy new year!
  Happy Didi wishes everyone a happy new year !



Hello, friends~
I'm Didi.
Now is living in Hong Kong.

I am so beloved
and can't wait to share mr new life with you all
Do you see my shine eyes?

(see above photo?
I peed on my diaper!!!
Good boy me!)

This is my best friend Banana!

Hong Kong is now colder than Taiwan
Mommy bought a warm blanket for me.
She also bought a lot of clothes
Have you seen my new clothes?
Is it very beautiful?

Except my good friend banana
Mom also bought a lot of toys for me.

I am really super happy.
Mommy loves me very much~

This is a photo of my childhood.
I am a little introverted and shy
Often serious face
But my mother still picked me up.
I am really lucky.

Do you think that my coat color has changed?

When I was little, my baby hair was darker.
I am now experiencing the hairy period
The softness of the hair changes, the volume less
And the color is uneven, like my ear part is deeper

Give me some more time
As a You-long baby
I will be handsome more than you image. 

After I have passed this hair change period
My hair will be more curled and thicker.
More handsome than now

At that time, I will ask mommy send more photos.

The Photos taken befere leaving You-long.

sweet-smelling Croissant love story

Hello everyone, I am Croissant.
Mom said that I am her fragrant croissant buns.
 I am a rare little teacup poodle teddy bear

Have you seen my mom and dad?
This pair of handsome guys are them
Only I am cute enough to be their baby!

After mom purchasing me
Because my age is still small
I haven’t been able to leave You-long center.
So my mother waited patiently for five months.

I was perturbed when I met for the first time.
Would they still recognize and love me?
Will I let my mommy down??

I am a teacup Teddy baby carefully cultivated by You-long breeding center
Have a sweet face from Xiaolong
Innocent sparkling eyes
When I met, I conquered my Dad and mom’s heart.
I am the sweetest thief
Mommy also opened an IG for me.
Record my bits and pieces
Share everyone's joy
Everyone should pay more attention to me.

As long as it is Mommy and Daddy
Or I with my mom and dad
Whether it is two people or we 
We are all in the shape of love

Thank you, Teddymommy.
I found a family that loves me so much.

And You-long’s brother and sister.
Thank you for your meticulous care and care for me.

Croissant will always be happy!


Family Stories
Witness the journey in pursuit of love of our
Teacup Teddy Bears and their new homes.

Record of all the marvellous remarkable life moments of
YouLong's beautiful Teacup Teddy Bears
(bred singlehandedly here at YouLong Poodle Breeding Center)
shared by their new families from all around the world.

Supreme Puppies
YouLong Teddy Bear (Poodle) Family
Purchase regulations & puppy health guarantee


Chocolate Pallas going to school

Dear Teddy Mommy:

I am Pallas,
Mommy helped me bring the news back to you!

I am the most shy baby in Youlong.
Although somewhat introverted
But also full of energy and happy every day.

Now I am the little prince who monopolizes Mommy at home.
But Mommy has to go out to work
I feel a little loneliness!

But don't worry
I just make the little temper,
I know that my mother loves me the most.

She looked at my eyes
and gently touched my hand.
I just want to stick to her all the time!

My mother is afraid that I will cry and cry
So she send me to puppy school.
When she goes to work
I have teachers and classmates to accompany me!!

When my mother came to the youlong
I think it is her.
I sat in front of her kneelingly
Mom picked me up
When we are opposite each other
that moment
I know she is my mother.

Teddy mommy always said,
Who willing to travl this long way
to see the future family
  will willing to spend time with their baby.
Teddymommy, you are right! (♡˙︶˙♡)

Thank you, teddy mommy
And my mother,
Gave me such a good home.  

Teddy mommy and everyone of the Yulong family
Thank you and looking forward to meeting you again.


Italy Yumy say hello to everyone!!

 Italy Yumy say hello to everyone!!



Can you see me? I am little princess Yumy
I live in Italy with mom, Dad and Baby
They value us very much
No matter where they go always take us with them

My pretty mommy
Very fashion and beautiful
She is a super businesswoman
She owns a beautiful boutique and takes us to work everyday.
I am a super manager!


not only working
mommy takes us to tour to party
I am at where my mom at
Are we the spotlight of the party?

I'm full of happyness
Mom and Dad
love me very much
Mom told me my sister Trilly and Fujiko will leaving Youlong in September
Looking forword to it!!

Youlong Sisters and Broters
Yumy and Baby will share
love and happyness to Italy
We are the best quality poodle in the world

Meeky and Passion say hello from Hongkong !

Dear Teddy Mommy:

I'm Meeky,
today I'm taking my sister, Passion, back to see you !

We are the most sweet and handsome pupies of the thousands teddy bears in Hong kong.

Our mommy takes care us very well.
shine eyes , shine hair and goood health
She spends a lot of time to accompany us.
Making us outshine other dogs in terms of posture, size, shape, and health.
Can you see us already 4 years old?!

My Mommy really love us
she makes us happy active and healthy
she takes us on the street, to the park,
When I sitting on the chair in the park and basking in the sun
I think it can't be more happier than this time.

Teddy mommy,
Are you happy,
when you see us so shine and health?
My mommy is so good
Now she is my Favorite in my heart
Do not be jealous! (♡˙︶˙♡)

Thank you, teddy mommy
Help us to choose such a good mother,
Carefully breed us so that we have a healthy and beautiful body.
Give me innocent big eyes and sweet face

Teddy mommy and everyone of the Yulong family
Thank you and looking forward to meeting you again.

Meeky Passion, Hong kong

Here come Toffee!! Poodle Siblings in Banqiao ~~ (107/03/05)
Here come Toffee!!
Poodle Siblings in Banqiao ~~

I am Toffee from Banqiao
I have 2 sisters who looks just like me 
What differ us is the colour and size of our body

The temperature in Taiwan is rising back to warm
Last month is a winter break
That is a perfect weather to lye on bed
And enjoy life

I like to lye on the floor
which is cover by a comfy blankie bought by daddy and mommy
staying free feels so good
Daddy and mommy also bought a lot of toys for me and my sisters

Hey~This is my handsome brother
with his jacket on
We took this last month
I like to cuddle with him
It's because he is a gentle and tender
we are ready to go out !!

We are in our dress
And its blue !
Daddy ~ Mommy~ 
Are we going to someone's wedding ?
We looks gorgeous in those dress

Daddy and Mommy are so happy 
Looking us wearing those cute and pretty dresses
They took the camera and start taking photos
We are the most professional models !~

Lastly but not least
I show you my photo taken with my sisters
Do we looks cute ?
We get along easily
So daddy and mommy are able to take photo of us perfectly~!
Feel so happy to have them in my life
Its time to say bye~~!
I will be back soon ^^
Do miss me 

MiuMiu Grooming Day (107/03/05)
 MiuMiu Grooming Day 
Hi guys
I am Miu Miu
Yup I do look a bit messy right now
Wait for me 
A little Pixie Dust will do
I will be back very soon !!!

Lets Countdown ~!!





Looks nice right?
Im actually very cute
Millions girls will fall for me after grooming

A little rabbit ear makes me looks cuter !!
Do I look like a toy teddy?
Dont fall for me ~
hahaha !!
Every poodle will looks cute and nice after grooming

Look here
A big head photo of me
I have a smooth and hairy body
Which will be very comfy to cuddle with
Got to go ! Bye~!

Its Abby Tea Time With Mommy (107/03/05)
Its Abby Tea Time With Mommy~!

Hello Everyone!!
Im Abby from Taipei
Lying on the sofa is the most comfy thing to do
In a windy weather 
Feel like sleeping

Mommy : Hey Abby !! We are going out for tea time~~
Mommy ~do you say tea time ?
I want !
Hi tea is one of my favourite pastime
My eyes is shining now!!

My mommy is hugging me 
Isn't she beautiful ?
Tea time is time for great look
Mommy is wearing a beigh dress
She looks so young !
Im in my clothes too
A comfy and nice clothes
I love it ~~~!! 

This is my sister
Isn't she cute?
My sister is a pretty girl too
She looks gorgeous in this dress
We love each other a lot
We always play togther whenever she is free

I like cuddling
It makes me feel like Im being care
Im living happily in Taipei
Teddy Mommy dont worry about me
Feel free to visit me when you are free
See ya~!!


Amber Chinese New Year In Hong Kong (107/03/05)
 Amber's Chinese New Year
In Hong Kong~~


Hi ~ ~ I'm Amber
Live in Hong Kong which is also called the Oreintal Pearl
I am celebrating Chinese New Year in Hong Kong
Im here to share with you how fun to celebrate
Chinese New Year in Hong Kong ~ !!!

Chinese New Year is the time for new clothes
Oh yeah !! hahaha
Mommy bought a pink shirt for me
and took this photo too~~!!
Does it looks good on me ?


Its my favourite time during Chinese New Year
Taking photoss!!!
Im the most glamorous girl ~~

hey~did you notice I changed my clothes here ?
 Gong xi fa cai everyone~
Be in red is a must during the first day in Chinese New Year

Woah~~There are alot of red packet for me
Thanks everybody
I wanna save it up and buy some pretty clothes for myself

At last
I wish you all a fortune and prosperity year in 2018
Happy Chinese New Year !!!

Happy BIrthday To JUKY in Italy~~<3


What's That?!

what is that thing with blue ribbon on?
It looks colorful inside
Is it food?
Mommy can i have a look inside?
Wow~Its macarons^^

Hi everyone~
Im JUKY from Italy
NIce to meet you
Its my birthday yesterday
Mommy bought macarons for me
Im finally one year old~~^^

Pomeranian: Looks delicious~can i have some...??

Is my playmate beside me
It's a white pomeranian
I wish to say thankyou to mommy
Mommy loves me a lot 
So I will grow up healthily under her care


A sharing from Daddy Lai of Taoyuan~~
A Reply From Daddy Lai~
Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear of Taoyuan


Daddy is so sweet
He prepared a comfy bed for me
and covered me with blanket while im sleeping
because he cares about my health
Feel so happy that i have such a caring daddy

hi !!

I am a red colored teacup poodle teddy bear
The big eyes is one of my significant feature
Do i looks cute with it ? ^.< *wink* 
I will be back to share my stories with you soon~~
Bye !

Updates from Taichung Mantou ~~

Mantou is back to share her stories~


Mommy asked me to pose! 

Hi Im back again ~
Am i looks cuter now?
Mommy put me on the sofa 
and stay by my side to take care of me
I love to sit on the sofa to watch my favourite tv show
so comfy!!
Daddy and mommy have to be careful
when your babies are not
climbing up to the sofa by themselves
Take care of them by their side
To prevent babies from falling

In the mid of training ~  

Training can made me better
Training and watching tv at the same time
So enjoyable~~ 


I own the sweetest smile~
awwww >.^ 

Hi everyone~~Im DUFFY
Im here to tell u about my happy life

Its my bed ! !

Mommy prepared a red indian tent for me
Love it so much
Its very comfortable inside there
Thanks mommy~!!

With Friends^^

They are my friends
Do we look alike ?
We are from the fluffy family~

My sister looks so cute~

Daddy and mommy bring me out today
with my beautiful sister
Im feel so warm in her arm~
going to reached soon^^

Going out its fun ~

Do not disturb~~
Handsome boy spotted

Im in silver now

A general knowledge for dad and mom
silver poodle is in black when they are little
its cute right??

Have fun watching~^^

Daddy and mommy loves me so much
 Im so happy and blessed
 My favourite pastime is to ride on daddy's car

Comfortable temperature for Pups

Taiwan's weather turns cold these days
Its very important to keep pups warm
The most comfortable indoor temperature is 26-28Celsius


Smart pets food feeder 

 A great news here
There is a hi-tech pet food feeder 
Its a great news for those who are busy working out there~

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