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Tips for Pocket, Super tiny , Small teacup Poodle (Teddy Bear) (For Daddy and Mommy)
Tips for Pocket, Super tiny , Small teacup Poodle (Teddy Bear) 
(For Daddy and Mommy)

1.      High market demand yet short in supply hence the price. Teacup Poodles (Teddy Bears) are very small in size therefore the dams usually have a very low fertility rate (only one to two per litter), and a relatively low survival rate of new born teacup poodle puppies too. Most Teacup Poodle (Teddy Bear) dams are not capable of providing sufficient milk to the newborns therefore the breeders will need to take over the parenting job until the Teacup Poodle (Teddy Bear) puppies are old enough and able to intake (partially) solid pet food on their own.

2.      The dams don’t go through regular mating seasons which also leads to irregular pregnancy periods.

3.      Surgeries may be required to facilitate Teacup Poodle (Teddy Bear) dams to give birth to their puppies, hence the decreases in their possibilities of them getting pregnant again in the future. 

4.      Teacup Poodle (Teddy Bear) sires do not produce as much sperm as TOY or other bigger-sized poodles, hence lower pregnancy rate in Teacup Poodle (Teddy Bear) dams.

5.      Raising Teacup Poodles (Teddy Bears) requires not only the professional knowledge, but also an exceptional time and efforts of the breeders compared to looking after and breeding normal-size poodles which is also why Teacup Poodles (Teddy Bears) are usually higher in price.

6.      As Teacup Poodles (Teddy Bears) are naturally born with shallow, small joints and thin bone structures, it is vital for owners to take up the responsibilities and avoid their Teacup Poodles (Teddy Bears) from engaging in sports which require large, rapid movements with children or other animals (of a much bigger body size) to avoid fractures, joint dislocation and other injuries.

7.      It is important for Teacup Poodle (Teddy Bear) owners to keep an eye on their daily diets as Teacup Poodles (Teddy Bears) do not usually intake enough nutrition of what they actually require; when a Teacup Poodle (Teddy Bear) puppy loses too much energy in his/her body it is possible for them to pass out or fall into a coma. It will be impossible to train or even play with a Teacup Poodle (Teddy Bear) if you cannot even sustain his/her chance of survival in the first place.

8.      Teacup Poodle (Teddy Bear)’s appetite is rather small, many of them only eat 1~2 teaspoons of dog food every meal; some may have two rows of teeth during their teeth changing period if not provided with enough teeth exercises (eg. Chewing bones) – teeth surgeries may be needed.

9.      Owners must pay extra attentions to Teacup Poodles (Teddy Bears) younger than 3 months of age. They often appear to be nervous about everything as they are just too small in size, and it is important to provide them with glucose whenever necessary to sustain their physical strength.

10.  Teacup Poodles (Teddy Bears) usually required a longer time to adjust to new environments. 

11.  Owners please pay more attention to your Teacup Poodles (Teddy Bears) They are precious little princes/princesses, and need to be catered with love and patience. Unlike other bigger-sized poodle puppies , Teacup poodles (Teddy Bears) need to be treated and guarded as the most important thing in your life to avoid accidents as much as possible.


Please follow the feeding instructions provided below to reduce health-related settling problems of your puppy to the minimum. 
We do not allow return of pet sold.

1.    Based on years of experiences, we have come to a conclusion that newly rehomed puppies are more likely to suffer from hypoglycemia (low-blood sugar) due to nervousness and bad appetite. Low in energy level can possibly lead to muscle spasms and coma of the puppy.(dogs like a child, they don’t know eat how much is full, also don’t know if no eat will Hypoglycemia when grave result in death.)

2.    Naturally, newly rehomed puppies tend to have a lower level of immunity due to changes in the environment and room temperatures. Also they are more likely to catch flu and other diseases that contribute to other health-related problems in teacup dogs such as diarrhea, stomach upsetness, and flus.   

3. tiny teacup poodle (teddy bear) eat their stomach capacity is small the load did not burn calories faster and more easily in case of a sudden shock, the adaptation period to 24 hours of good care, so any small teacup, super tiny teacup, pocket teacup poodles (teddy bear), if the owner fails to grasp the tiny poodle rearing methods will be very difficult from the start (to adapt to artificial feeding period), you can not grasp the health situation. All pockets teacup, super tiny teacup, small teacup poodles to any new environment requires careful, patient care through long or short adjustment period, until tiny poodles totally not afraid of the new environment, in order to ride on their own eating adaptation period (adaptation period is about two weeks to three months). To prevent eating enough calories, we recommend artificial feeding must help prevent low blood sugar (That is why we can sell thousand tiny poodle Teddy safely adapt to the new environment reasons)


 4. (pocket, super tiny teacup, small teacup) Poodle teddy bear, take care to leave even more time than the average puppy several times, usually dogs generally 2-3 months can leave the original environment, teacup size (weight 1.8 kg - 1 kg) need to take care of about 5 months to 8 months or so before leaving the original birthplace, security adapt to the new environment. Teacup poodle is costs several times and money than the other dogs, effort and time costs, in order to have such a beautiful teacup poodle (teddy bear)


Teacup Poodle (Teddy) take care of the month adapt to the new environment for flight

1.    Teacup poodle , adult weight around 1.8kg. We will take care around 4months until they are perfectly physiological healthy and capable to travel long distances on an airplane. Take care older more guaranteed in size.

2.    Small teacup poodle, adult weight around 1.5kg. We will take care around 4-5months until they are perfectly physiological healthy and capable to travel long distances on an airplane. Take care older more guaranteed in size.

3.    Super tiny teacup poodle, adult weight around 1.3kg. We will take care around 5 months until they are perfectly physiological healthy and capable to travel long distances on an airplane. Take care older more guaranteed in size.

4.    Pocket teacup poodle, adult weight around 1kg. We will take care around 6 months until they are perfectly physiological healthy and capable to travel long distances on an airplane. Take care older more guaranteed in size.


Every dog is a living, will laugh, move and cry, so we have to determine the personality of each teddy bear.Can adapt to the new environment, will make preparations to send overseas flight. Before we sent teddy bear to every owner, we need to use webam to understand the owner of the care, feeding and all the problems of preparation.


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