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XIAO MAI From Hongkong says Hello to everyone!
 Hong Kong's XIAO MAI is greeting everyone!
I wish you all a happy new year~
Hello everyone~
I am a black teacup Poodle baby
My name is XIAO MAI.

When my mother flew from Hong Kong to Taiwan
to find Teddy mommy.
I am still a super small little baby
Black and Tiny

But Mommy loves me at first sight.
Holding the belief in Teddy Mommy
Between many babies, she chose me.
Mommy believes in the quality of Teddy mommy
Breeding by Teddy mommy
Quality is guaranteed,
face is super sweet,
healthy and excellent

Mommy loves me very much.
Gave me a very good material life
The best environment,
the best supplies,
and many, many companions

But Mommy still worried about me.
Will be alone,
will be lonely
So because of my sake
Mommy is determined
and booked a sister with Teddy mommy.
She is a silver poodle.
Mommy named her a 

You have to remember that I come before you!
You can't grab my mother with me.
I am a good Sis, I will Share you mommy.
Don't worry about it!

I am a little girl.
I feel naked!

Mom asked the Groomer to help me beautifully
So I have to show it to others~
It’s so shy~

Deng Deng~
Am I super beautiful?
Sweet face, super cute
Just like what my mother had envisioned
XIAO MAI, I am a gorgrous!

You can get closer
Isn't it clearer without glass?

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