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Teddy Bear Transformation Legend



Once upon a time, there’s a group of magical creatures in the world regarded as the Teddy Bear incarnate. Although there’s yet to be a solid scientific proof to back up the actual date or places of their very first appeal to the human world, perhaps the following stories would provide us some hints of the possible origin of these beautiful Teddy Bears… 





The name, Teddy Bear, is believed to have come from former United States President Theodore Roosevelt, who was commonly known as "Teddy". The name of Teddy Bear is believed to have originated from an incident on one of President Roosevelt’s bear hunting trips in Mississippi in the autumn of 1902. There were several other hunters competing, and most of them had already killed an animal but the President. 

A suite of Roosevelt's attendants clubbed, and tied an American Black Bear to a willow tree after a long exhausting chase with hounds. They called Roosevelt to the site and suggested that he should shoot it. He refused to shoot the bear himself and demanded the crew to release the bear at instance, deeming it unsportsmanlike, and swore to never go on a bear hunt again for the rest of his life. 

The story then became the topic of a political cartoon in The Washington Post, and later issues had made the bear smaller and cuter. The improved cartoon figure pleased the nation and the image of "Teddy's Bear" soon captured the heart of the Americans, as well as other people's attention from countries outside the United States.

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Apart from story I, another popular version of the background of Teddy Bears tells the story that during the years when Roosevelt served as the President of the United States, there was this unique event hosted in the White House that was significantly different from the other millions parties there had been: a set of lovely stuffed soft bear toys manufactured to represent various forms of occupancies, such as hunters and fishermen, were used to decorate the main guest table that night.

The President quickly showed a special interest on these adorable cute bear toys as soon as he walked into the hall, and asked around for their names; however no-one at the party knew exactly where they came from, nor the name of their manufacturer, until some quick-witted guests came up with the answer that the bears ought to be called “Teddy Bears” after the name of President Roosevelt for this very special evening.

Local newspapers soon took the answer as the hottest headline on the newspaper front pages the next morning - discussions about Teddy Bears became popular overnight throughout the United States, and these cute bears very soon became well-known to people from other nations such as Taiwan , Japan, England and other European countries.



Worldwide Pet Specialty Icon

Teddy Bears are considered part of the Global Specialty Culture representing love, friendship and loyalty as a whole without any forms of language barrier.

Strictly speaking, Teddy Bears should only be restricted to stuffed soft bear toys manufactured in the United States during the years of 1903-1912; but in the contemporary society, the name of Teddy Bears is already commonly used to represent all stuffed bear toys despite texture, colour, physical appearance, body size, fabrics used and the countries they are being manufacturered nowadays. 



The Origin of Teacup Teddy Bears – Taiwan

There’s this very special lady in Taiwan who we respectfully called Teddy Bear Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin), fell deeply in love with “Teddy Bears” since she was still a little girl that she began her journey in the search of her dream Teddy Bears at a very early age.

Through a friend’s introduction, Teddy Bear Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) was invited to her first dog talent contest, and all of a sudden her attention was drawn from the stage onto a bear-like creature that was held in the arms of a total stranger; she later found out the name of this beautiful yet rare canine breed to be "Teacup Poodles". Teddy Bear Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) saw the beauty and magic in Teacup Poodles: their soft, fluffy hair, big round bright eyes and their adorable tiny bear paws have got her fallen madly in love with them ever since.
She saw these Teacup Poodles in forms of the transformation of Teddy Bears, the one and only love of her life since she was young, and from that moment, she knew she’s finally found the Teddy Bear of her dream after so long, and better: They are ALIVE!

These aren’t just ordinary Teddy Bears, they are living animals with souls, thoughts and feelings; not only that they come in different sizes and colours, they are also able to move, run, cry and laugh, and of as spiritual and extremely bright creatures they are, and if not being looked after carefully enough, these little Teacup Teddy Bears too would get sick occasionally just like human babies.  


Breeding Teacup Teddy Bears

It takes a large amount of time and human resources, beyond the outsider’s imagination, to successfully breed these beautiful Teacup Teddy Bears.

Newborn Teacup Teddy Bears generally weigh only around 400 grams, and for a delicate baby of such petite body size, a strict environmental hygiene and temperature control along with complex nursery care procedures must take place in order to foster these Teddy Bears to grow into happy adults.

That is to say, breeders will have to sacrifice more, leaving their personal lives behind, in order to facilitate Teacup Teddy Bears to develop into strong, healthy adult Teacup Poodles (Teddy Bears) under 24/7 surveillance.

After years of nonstop hard-working, Teddy Bear Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) finally established her first 5-Star Teacup Teddy Bear Breeding Center based on a wide range of professional knowledge and decades of hands-on experiences on Teacup Teddy Bears, which has made Formosa (a Portuguese historical name for Taiwan),this beautiful Pacific island, the world-famous origin of Teacup Poodles (Teddy Bears).

Throughout the years, Teddy Bear Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) not only soaks herself into the world of her beloved Teacup Teddy Bears but also insists on doing everything herself in terms of the nursery care for Teacup Teddy Bears; and with all the experiences she gained from breeding these beautiful Teddy Bears herself, she shares her love and passion for Teacup Poodles (Teddy Bears) by finding them a home sweet home in so many different families around our beautiful Mother Earth. 


Pets with Beautiful Souls

What Teddy Bear Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) sees in Teacup Teddy Bears is the unique characteristics of their purity, loyalty, honesty, empathy, and true-beauty; the idea of living with these wonderful lives already provides a huge amount of satisfaction to her, not to mention how happy she has been all these years spending every moment of her life with them.

Teacup Teddy Bears are also her life mentors, teaching her the meaning of life and death at a much deeper level for her to appreciate every morning she wakes up, which also motivates and encourages her to pursuit continuous advancement in her mind, body and spirit. Her Teddy Bears, those of her darling angels, who run, move, cry and get sick exactly like human babies, have introduced her to a hole new era from the moment they met. The feeling is complicated and difficult to be put into words; and it’s no exaggeration when she declares that it surpasses the meaning of LOVE providing that Teacup Teddy Bears have introduced her to a world which barriers of space, time, culture and language no longer exist.

Teddy Bear Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) turned her secrete thoughts into real actions, and has been doing her best to share the unique experiences she gained from personally interacting with these lovely Teacup Teddy Bears to so many other poodle lovers, merely because she thirsts for everyone in the world to acknowledge the unconditional love these Teacup Teddy Bears are willing to offer to good families who love them back just as much, and many more countless advantages that owning a Teacup Teddy Bear brings.

Teddy Bear Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin)’s Responsibility, in the name of LOVE

Teddy Bear Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) has taken the things she learned from her Teacup Teddy Bears as her life-long responsibility to pass on this unconditional love to the rest of the world.

Whenever there’s another Teacup Teddy Bear to be sent overseas to a new family, in a way Teddy Bear Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) sees it as sending her sons and daughters to different parts of the world to get married; and every time she thinks of it like that the warmth of family love fills heart for her to happily wave goodbye to her babies as they depart.

Furthermore when Teddy Bear Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) receives postcards from those adopted families, through those personally written words from the letters sent from various families in different parts of the world she can actually feel the joy, love and satisfaction they have been getting since the arrival of their Teacup Teddy Bears, given that the family members are much closer and have been interacting with each other more often and so much fun and laughter are brought into the house and fill the home with so much LOVE because of these adorable Teddy Bears she bred and raised with all her love as her own babies.

“So glad you said that”, Teddy Bear Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) always replies with a light smile on her face. In pursuits for inner peace and ultimate spiritual satisfaction, Teddy Bear Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) will continue to breed more beautiful Teacup Teddy Bears while continuously making improvements as well as advancements in the living environments she provides to her beloved Teddy Bears; the priority goal of Teddy Bear Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) has always been giving all she has and more to her Teddy Bears for them to live a happier and better life.

Indeed it is going to be a long road before the final accomplishment. ..Any thoughts or plans for Teddy Bear Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin)'s retirement yet? Oh no, NEVER!


Preference for Petite(Tiny) Teacup Teddy Bears in the 21st Century – Why?

1. Precious, delicate and sweet creatures with elegance.
2. Specialty pets are extremely rare in their kind.
3. Cheerful creatures bring so much happiness to people’s lives.
4. Ideal indoor pets for contemporary families 


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About Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) 

Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) was born on 1965.
She spent her very first salary on a white toy poodle
as her companion as a young girl at the age of 19. 

30 years ago, Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) was only a little girl
madly in love with poodles, carried pets in her arms
everywhere she went just so that her poodles did not
have to walk on the hot concrete floor with their bare feet.
Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) took care of her babies in every possible way she could.

Out of her passion for poodles, she invested an accessorie store 
and also to make it more convenient for other poodle owners 
in a way to save them trips to and from purchasing accessories
their pets required; one month after opening her first pet store,
to extend the meaning of "convenience", Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) rented
the house next door and turned it into a pet grooming center. 

The wide variety in products along with great customer services provided,
Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) soon developed a high reputation amongst the locals
and a large number of regulars rushed in from all over the country
to have their pets serviced at Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin)'s as a result.
Solely Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) invested USD$700K when she first started
her YouLong Poodle Breeding Center, and beyong her expecation,
her dedication in poodle breeding attracted the world-famous
Japanese poodle breeding professionals to invested another USD$400K
on her business, which had given YouLong Poodle Breeding Center
the honour to be the first pet store in the Taiwan history
to be financially supported by direct foreign capitals.

30 years went past, this naive girl maturd into a woman.
But Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) is still the same person who would
devote everything she has to the love of her life - poodles.

Over the years she has successfully bred poodles of
a wide range of color selections along with
large size variations, from Standard Toy Poodles
throughout to much smaller breeds such as Teacup Poodles
and the world's smallest poodle breed: Pocket Teacup Poodles.
Moreover as she aims to be the top poodle professional
of the world and for that she continues developing her
skills, knowledge and experiences about poodles.

"Poodles are all that I live for!"

Even until now, Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) is still on her own
taking care of all her poodles.
She often jokes to her clients and friends around her about
how she is very lucky to have so many husbands and wives in her life
as she is already married to her poodles.

The very first thing that pops into her mind every morning she wakes up
is not "what should I have for breakfast?", instead, it is
"I need to hurry up, there are still a lot of people living a loveless life
and they do not know how their world can be easily filled with
joy and happiness only if they understand
the uniqueness and charisma in poodles like i do".  

Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) takes it as her ultimate life goal to introduce the
value of poodles beyond physical appearance to the rest of the world.
For that if Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) makes ever any positive difference in
how people see or treat poodles, her persistence and strong beliefs
in this particular breed would be the two major elements
that support her mind, body and soul up until today. 

"Retire? No. Never!"

For all her beloved poodles, Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) will continue to work
until the day of her funeral without a doubt.

"Focus 120% on targeted poodle breeding schemes"

with over two decades of experiences in poodle breeding, 
Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) acknowledges that fact that in order to 
successfully advance the quality in this particular breed, 
a lot has to be sacrificed in terms of personal needs and pursuits.

Even now, when YouLong Poodle Breeding Center is 
already a world famous 6-Star poodle breeding facility 
run by professional poodle breeders with the support of 
high-tech soft and hard ware equipments required for 
providing poodles a better environment to grow up.

Not only the breeders spend 24 hours, 7 days a weeks, 
with the puppies, Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) also sleeps with 
over 10 poodles on the same bed every night, 
and in order to achieve so, regular clean-ups and sanitising 
is necessary, giving that the living environment of 
YouLong Poodle Breeding Center is suitable and comfortable 
for both humans and poodles.

The YouLong Concept of Management

- keep recuiting new blood to advance poodle quality -

When Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) first started her business,
many believed that she'd fail miserably in a few months time
as teacup poodles are geniuely small and have low fertility rate in general;
Needless to say, most dog breeders, almost none,
will never risk their chance and throw in all capitals on one single breed only.

Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) fought against all odds and stubbornly 
believed that the only way to bring success to poodle breeding is to
continue introducing new sires and dams into the group.
and time has proven her right.




"I have been in the industry for over 20 years,
and i look forward to the next 20 years to come."

 Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) often talks about how she conciously married
herself to the poodles, and that creating advancements in the
quality of poodles is her biggest motivation.

she could care less about the material worlds, nor she spends
ridiculous amount of time in dressing up or wearing expensive jewleries. 
Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) has dedicated (and still does) everything she has
into her poodle researches, and shows no regrets at all
even her decision drives her away from the normal life as a woman...
All the routined hard works required in poodle breeding not only takes
Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) away from the luxiourious world she once lived in,
even her own family too blamed her for wasting all the money on
new poodle sires and dams instead of making herself live a better life.

Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) often says that poodles are her family.
In order to provide them a better quality living environment,
she'd rather spend her money on better nursery equipments
for her poodles, rather than pursuits for the glorious.

She not only treats these poodles as her own sons and daughters,
but also eagers to share the love and happiness they have brought her
to the rest of the world for more people to understand the advantages
and see the difference in having a poodle in their lives.

ADVANTAGES of having a poodle:

1. Temperaments
Stable temperaments with sweet and joyful personality,
Poodle's intelligence is the second best
(Border Collies are recognised as the smartest)
out of all 79 common dog breeds, which makes poodles the dogs
that are recognised as loyal, easy to train and learn fast. 
2. Special traits
*no excessive hair shedding;
*hardly any body odor;
*changeable in hair styles.

natually poodles come in different colours just like Teddy Bears:

*Single Colours:
black, white, red (light to dark), brown (light to dark),
apricot/orange, cream, caramel,
and those very rare silver (silver white) coat colours.

*Duo/Multiple Colours:
black+white, black+gold, chocolate+cream
are the three most common colour mix.
there are plenty more primary/secondary/third
variations in colour mixes.

3. Size
poodles are small, apartment-friendly pets,
the ideal pet selection for small families or busy parents
who do not have a spacious backyard in their house;
they are friendly creatures and have no problem
getting along with other species;
small appetite due to size, less fieces than big dogs,
effortless to clean up;
easy transportation due to their small size
and light weight in general.
4. Perfect for all 
ideal indoor pets for everyone: retired elderlies, single ladies,
young couples throughout to big families with small children.
they are sweet and smart creatures perfect for whoever
needs a loyal and faithful life partner.
 "My love for poodles lasts for eternity"

It's sad to see abandoned animals wondering around on the streets
it's even sadder to know that many ended up on streets
because their ex-owners "got tired of having them".

These poor, helpless little darlings once had a home, too.

think about them as your own children, isn't it cruel to ditch them like that?
street animals are the last thing Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) wants to see,
not only because it's not fair not giving these animals
the rights to live with respect, what's worse is that these
abandoned animals will oneday become the problems of the entire society.


that's why Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) always asks the buyers
so many questions like:
*do you have any previous experiences in having a small dog?
*can you send me photos of your pets (if applicable)
*have you talked to your parents about bringing a puppy home?
*are you financially stable?

not only that she too advices buyers to think twice
before purchasing a poodle puppy from her.
she does not mind if the buyers think she's a bit too "naggy".
all that she cares about is to find good family for her poodles.

poodles are live animals with thoughts and feelings.
they have a long life expectancy of up to 10 years and more, 
and the responsibility is on noone but YOU.
think twice and make careful decisions before
you actually take one home with you!




all teddy bear poodles are "cute" when they are still babies.
but do you know how big they are going to grow into?
(standard/miniture/toy/toy teacup/teacup)
how is their temperament going to be?
any health warranty or guarantee in adult sizes?
do you know how to hand-feed them if necessary?
and all sorts of questions need to be taken into consideration
before purchasing a puppy.

the things you give to your beloved poodle pet, it does not
have to be the best or the most expensive in the world,
but has to be the best possible that you can afford
in terms of love, time and patience. 

Do you promise to be true to your pet
in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health,
and that you will love him/her and honor him/her
every day and every minute of your life?


10 years ago when owning a poodle started to become
"the trend to follow" in the Taiwanese society overnight,
most buyers did not know they come in different sizes.

as larger breeds generally produce more offsprings per birth,
initally dog kennels introduced the second biggest breed
(Miniature, shoulder height of 28-30cm, weighed 4.5-10kg;
Toy, shoulder height of 25-28cm, weighed 3-4.5kg)
into the Taiwanese market from overseas.

However as Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) never really facied big dogs,
she went against the market trend and solely decided to
search for smaller poodle breeds in Japan:

Small Toy Poodle, Toy Teacup Poodle and Teacup Poodles.

Moreover she also spent a fortune to bring in champion sired puppies
with perfect body rations from the US and Japan into her poodle family.

Not only Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) eats and sleeps with all her poodles,
she also puts strictly high expectations on her staff.

As the breeding process contains a series of complex preparation and 
professional knowledge and prompt reactions, it's not an easy job for 
whoever does not have an extreme passion for poodles like Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin).

despite the high salary, a lot of the newly trained breeders
still found the workload at YouLong Poodle Breeding Center
too hard and too much to handle and would leave the job here  
for a lower pay but easier work environemnt.

A busy bee never stops being busy.

Although the center is constantly under-staffed,
and that Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) along with her well-trained breeders
always have so much work to do and never seem to get enough sleep,
they joke and laugh as usual every morning they wake up.

"We get our positive energy off the spiritual fulfilments
we gained from these lovely poodles!" 


The Twists

needless to say, it's not surprising to find breeders who'd
provide false information about poodles to consumers just to make more money or spread rumours about Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) trying to bring her down.
in spite of Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin)'s wish for breeders to give unconditionally
and work together in making advancements in dog breeds,
provide consumers with true and honest information and giving positive perspectives and concepts about owning a pet, a lot refused to
cooperate and worse, some turned around and attacked
Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) and her business just so they could make
extra dollars on the poor quality dogs they bred.

take the following for example:

1. we've had a buyer who purchased a teacup poodle from us
for about USD$2k and claimed it to be over USD$3k.

2. we've had Chinese buyers whom we offered special discounts
for them to purchase an average teacup poodle from us for only USD$1k,
and after the puppy grew up the owners wrote us and said that
they were happy about how the shoulder heigh and weight fell
within the numbers we estimated on the website, but had to
complain that the puppy did not have a perfect body ratio
like other champion dogs they read off magazines. 
buyers need to understand that puppies with a perfect 1:1 body ratio 
is almost nowhere to find in the world and even if there is,
the owner probably would not agree to sell anyway.
on top of all, buyers need to have special connections
to purchase a teacup poodle for only USD$1k in Taiwan.

3. we've come across a number of veterinary clinics who did not
do a full body check-up before performing leg surgeries on the puppy.
this did not have to happen if the owners had asked us for medical advice before they sent the puppy to the hospital, nor did they need to
pay over USD$3k for the leg surgery that did not have to take place initially.



4. average teacup poodles in China are generally priced at USD$2-3k
though Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) sold her poodle puppies
at prices much lower than that.
little knew the backgrounds of Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin)'s poodles - 
they are the champion sired puppies brought in
from the US and Japan purchased at the price of USD$6-26k per puppy:
high quality poodles eligible for internatinal dog contest standards.

5. international contest standard poodles are very rare,
and it's even rarer to find teacup poodles with 1:1 body ratio.
beauty comes with a price, and as for perfection, it's priceless.

6. Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) highly recommends buyers
to do researches on poodles
from advanced countries like Japan, English and French the US websites
before purchasing a high quality (along with a high price) poodle puppy.
do not hesitate to ask us questions, we also encourage buyers to
compare us with other poodle breeders in those countries.
only through knowing more should you see the difference in the
poodle quality we provide at YouLong Poodle Breeding Center.



7. due to teacup poodle's rarity, the demands for
teacup poodles worldwide is by far much greater than
the actual available supplies. teacup poodles also come in
different categories based on their family tree, body ratio,
hair quality, colour and colour mixes, bone structures, facial features;
and those are also the main factors of the price variations in teacup poodles. especially for those with a perfect body ratio of 1:1,
they are not only rare but also difficult to negotiate a price
with their original owners. the average price is around USD$6500-10k.

8. a few reminders from Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin):
if any of you wish to purchase a teacup poodle with a body ratio of 1:1
or Super Tiny Teacup Poodles from countries outside your own,
it is best recommended to ask for puppies older than 6 months of age
for buyer's security, but once again, as extra nursery time is required
to bring up puppies to an older age, they are generally
higher in price compared to others.

pursuits for quality
1. all those routined hardworks have kept Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin)
away from living a better standard of life,
and she was too busy to flight for her rights against people's
false and nasty comments about her and her poodle breeding center.
outside of her 4-5 hours sleep time everyday,
she did nothing but focus on making her poodlers better in quality
just to share the best puppies to those who are
facinated by poodles as much as her.

2.Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin)'s family often
reminds Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) that
she could've just shut down the center and saved all the money
she spends on expensive sires and dams all these years to
give herself a brand new, and poodle-free life.  
But Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) did not think of it that way.
She loves her poodles with all her heart just like her own family,
and in order to make her poodles better in quality,
she insists on bringing new bloods to keep the poodle family tree
pure, clean, and more advanced. Professional breeders know that
fine sires are very rare to recuit, and even if you are lucky enough to
actually find one, most are either extremely expensive or
so precious that money cannot buy.


3. breeding and nursing poodles seem to be easy but it actually
contains a series of complex works and knowledge about
poodle geneology that cannot be learnt overnight;
even Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) never stops learning today,
beacuse she understands the only to ultimate achievement
is through continuous advancements.

4. setting high goals, understanding poodles from inside out,
being able to see through their eyes into their spirits is how
Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) nursers her poodle puppies.
as the quality of these poodles represents the Teddy Mommy Brand,
the only way to secure and protect the rights of her clients is through
combining quality poodles with a business that lasts for eternalty.

5. Teddy Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) sees herself as the guaridian angel of
her beloved poodles and that she has the responsibilty to
choose the best suitable family for individual puppies carefully.
We provide a wide selection of teacup poodle breeds and colours
at YouLong Poodle Breeding Center, surely you will go home with
your dream puppy once you have come and visited our center.


Greetings To All Poodleholics and Future Poodle Owners...



At YouLong, we have all types of Teacup Poodle Puppies (Teddy Bears) 
available to meet individual requirements and preferences.
We assure you that this is the BEST WEBSITE to purchase your
dream Teacup Poodles (Teddy Bears) online.


On the YouLong Breeding Center website, we provide poodles of
wide colour selections: red, black, white, chocolate/brown poodle, apricot,
cream, silver/grey and mixed colour; and also of a broad range of body sizes
such as Toy Poodles, Standard Teacup Poodles, Big Teacup Poodles,
Small Teacup Poodles, Super Tiny Teacup Poodles,
and the world's smallest Pocket Teacup Poodles.


The information about puppy descriptions, health conditions
along with the individual estimated adult sizes of all
Teacup Poodle Puppies (Teddy Bears) listed on the 
YouLong Breeding Center website are
!!!~ 100% GUARANTEED ~!!!


With the help of our professional poodle breeder’s team,
we are able to provide our clients the most professional and precise
suggestions and advices about how to raise a poodle puppy properly.
We NEVER cooperate with other poodle breeders NOR do we
purchase puppies from other kennels to sell to any of our customers: 
Sole Proprietorship - Each and every poodle puppy you see on the
YouLong Breeding Center website is bred, raised and sold directly
by our very own YouLong Professional Poodle Breeder’s Team.


With over two decades of experiences in poodle breeding,
Teddy Bear Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin) acknowledges the fact that in order to successfully
advance the quality in this particular breed (Teacup Poodles),
a lot of personal desires have to be sacrificed in order to achieve
a much bigger, and also more meaningful, goal in life.

Youlong Breeding Center has established over twenty years, with breeding experience last thirty years.

We are the only company that carries unique breeding technology of poodles in Taiwan.

We have huge amount of poodles which holds superior bloodline, rich hair, beautiful posture, elegant face and unique temperament.

Furthermore, we offer a 100% guarentee of each poodle's body type as it being an adult dog.


▲Clean and tidy caring space

We have a perfect ventilation system and clean up our environment in a specific time every single day.

Offering a clean and tidy surroundings for these puppies.

Our poodles are personally raised by our principal Ms.Chang (TeddyMommy) . 

Our company is provided with extraordinary pet caring and beauty styling facilities. We build this advanced poodle breeding center with more than millions of dollars. Allowing these toy/teacup poodles(Teacup TeddyBear) live in a comfortable, safe and healthy life.

▲Bright and wide outdoor square(sunbath)

Youlong Breeding Center's outdoor square is bright and broad, fulfiils with sunshine. 

We offer toy/teacup poodles(TeddyBear) which possess the identical quality as those breeding companies in developed countries such as Japan and the U.S..

Currently our market focus on overseas countries in Europe, North America and South-east Asia.

We positively continue our progress to other overseas market with potential.

In regard to our toy/teacup poodles, please visit our website
▲Elegant and wide indoor square/ Cooperate with college

We decorate our yard with mild lights, provide a warm place for these puppies and employees.

We also focus on talent development, promoting industry-university cooperation for those who want to start a new career.

Our business philosophy not only emphasis on our company development, but also on employees' learning and growing.
We adopt a diversified business model, developing original pet boutique brand recently.

We're hoping professionals with passion and prospect to this industry could join us.

We care about employees' learning and growing

We give these puppies love mission, just like our children marry people all over the world. Make members of each family more interactive, more laughing, more love. We share this love to the whole world through these adorable puppies.

This, fighting for the honor, is our mission!

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聯絡大熊媽媽 (幼隆名犬熱線)


  手機1:0906529978  手機2: 0963110478

    Email 1: a5299.a3344@msa.hinet.net (main)
Email 2: teddy5299@hotmail.com Email 3: teddy5299@gmail.com


 Whatsapp1: +886-963110478   Whatsapp2:+886-975785396
 Line ID1 : teddymommy  Line ID2 : teddy52999
 WeChat1 : teddy52999  WeChat2 : Teddymummy5299 


幼隆名犬社群網站 (Social Networks)


 Even up until now, when YouLong Breeding Center is already a
world famous 5-Star
 Poodle Breeding Center run by professional
poodle breeders, fully equipped with the high-technology
software/hardware required to provide Teacup Poodle Puppies
(Teddy Bears) the best living environment
to grow into cheerful, strong and healthy adult Teddy Bears


Apart from the quality nursery environment provided at 
YouLong Breeding Center, regular clean-ups and
sanitizing are also necessary in order to maintain 
YouLong Breeding Center a comfortable living environment
suitable for both humans and Teacup Poodle Puppies (Teddy Bears).


I am Teddy Bear Mommy(Zhang Yin Yin), and this is the story of our
Teacup Poodles (Teddy Bears). 
I can’t wait to introduce you
the world's most amazing, beautiful and magical creatures:
the love of my life, Teacup Poodles (Teddy Bears)
that live happily in harmony in my YouLong Breeding Center.


Poodleholics please check out...  
YouLong Breeding Center Official Website

to see more Teacup Poodles (Teddy Bears) available;
alternatively, contact us if you have further inquiries.



Poodleholics Hotline

+886-972862226  +886-963110478  +886-975785398

Email 1: a5299.a3344@msa.hinet.net (main)

Line ID : teddymommy Store: +886-6-2292569

SKYPE: teddy52999 QQ: 603042543  Whatsapp: +886-972862226

Email 2: teddy5299@hotmail.com Email 3: teddy5299@gmail.com


via Social Net Works

Facebook Page: TeddyMommy Google+: +TeddyMommyTeddy

Twitter: @teddy5299 Plurk: teddy5299 Flickr: teddy5299

Tumblr: teddymommy Pinterest: teddy5299


Feel free to contact us if you have other questions

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