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sweet-smelling Croissant love story

Hello everyone, I am Croissant.
Mom said that I am her fragrant croissant buns.
 I am a rare little teacup poodle teddy bear

Have you seen my mom and dad?
This pair of handsome guys are them
Only I am cute enough to be their baby!

After mom purchasing me
Because my age is still small
I haven’t been able to leave You-long center.
So my mother waited patiently for five months.

I was perturbed when I met for the first time.
Would they still recognize and love me?
Will I let my mommy down??

I am a teacup Teddy baby carefully cultivated by You-long breeding center
Have a sweet face from Xiaolong
Innocent sparkling eyes
When I met, I conquered my Dad and mom’s heart.
I am the sweetest thief
Mommy also opened an IG for me.
Record my bits and pieces
Share everyone's joy
Everyone should pay more attention to me.

As long as it is Mommy and Daddy
Or I with my mom and dad
Whether it is two people or we 
We are all in the shape of love

Thank you, Teddymommy.
I found a family that loves me so much.

And You-long’s brother and sister.
Thank you for your meticulous care and care for me.

Croissant will always be happy!


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