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Milk Tea from Kaohsiung ^^
Milk Tea from Kaohsiung  ^^

I'm milk tea with the same color as milk tea
It feels a bit like a tongue twister?
Is the blanket on the floor of the Rilakkuma is cute?
My Mommy bought it for me!!
The fluufy feelling made me feel very comfortable
It's a good place to sleep

Errr ~~~
Yes! That's right. It is me sleeping
Hey, Mommy, why did you shoot me when Im sleeping !!!
It 's a bit ugly
I feel so shy haha
How can you do this to me , mommy ?

Ah~ this is much better
The doll I hold is my favorite
I like to hold her when im asleep
Let me dream sweetly!
I really like the red bed
It is a soft bed
Every time I'm watching a movie
I laid asleep and fell asleep

Mommy : Milk Tea ~~ Look over here!
Mummy takes a picture for you!
Let Teddy Mommy know you are healthy and happy in Kaohsiung

Thank you, Teddy Moomy and Mommy for their love
Because they allow me to grow healthily
I must stay with my mom every day
Thanks Mommy for loving me
Mommy!! I love you.

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