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Tang Tang Photo Shooting Day In Hong Kong ~ !
Tang Tang Photo Shooting Day In Hong Kong ~ !

I am Tang Tang
Now in Hong Kong Mommy's home!!
Mommy's home is full of  soft yellow orange lighting
Very comfortable ^^
Mommy said
I'm a bit messy now
wait for me
Will be back from beauty salon soon!


A series of salon photo marathons start right away!!!!

First !
Lets have a side portrait ~
Mommy said that my side looks pretty
It looks like Im so cool

Mommy : Tang Tang ~ Look here!
Tang Tang : Woof woof! OK~

Do you think that my eyes look super cute?
Share with you 
My pair eyes are my little weapon
Because every time when my mother doesn’t want to buy a toy for me
Let me use the killer weapon 
Use innocent eyes~
Mommy will be soft hearted by then , And i get my toy
Combat success!!!

Woof Woof ~~~
Hmm, how come there is a barking sound?
Hey! There seems to be a companion calling me
Who is it?
As furry as me
          Guess who I see ~   

Ohhh ~!
It turned out to be you
Introduce my new playmate
It is also a poodle like me.
Mommy : Tang Tang ~ look at the camera! Come ~1 2 3 Click!
This has become the first photo of us

So tired
Being a model is not easy!
I don't care
I still want to take a handsome photo
I must train my spirit to be strong
I'm will have more photos and let you enjoy it with Teddy Mommy

Mommy has worked hard ^^
She is a beautiful and professional photographer.
I want to thank Mummy for loving me
There was also a Teddy Mommy  who was taking care of me in Youlong.
I will grow up well as a grateful gift for them

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