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MUFFIN arrived at Hong Kong ~~^^
Muffin arrived at Hong Kong~~~!! 

Good day everyone
do you remember me?
I am Muffin
A cute red pocket teacup poodle teddy bear
This is photo while I'm young ^^


Lets watch the video while Im playing with Snow at You Long
Do you see me?
Could you recognize me ?
Be ready~
Im here to share my daily stories in Hong Kong~!!!

Im now a gorgeous girl ^^
This is mommy house in Hong Kong
She prepared lotsa toys for me to play
As well as a comfy bed me to sleep
Awww How sweet is her~~

Do you see me?
Im the red poodle
The poodle in black is my playmate

I love to play with him
He always share his toys with me
We love to cuddle each other too
Mommy loves us a lot

Teddy Mommy dont worry about me
I feel joyful and happy staying at Hong Kong
Remember visit me when you are free ya^^
Do miss me ~ See Ya!!!

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