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T-Cup red poodle coming to Hongkong!
 T- Cup red poodle coming to Hongkong!

Is anyone noticed?

I am almost the same size with the mug next to me~

Yes! I'm super T-Cup poodle!

When I grow up, my body weight will be only1.5kg.

Am I cute?


This photo is taked when I was a baby.

Teddy Bear mommy says I have a pair of big eyes.

Do you think it as well?

I'm so exciting that I can be My pretty Mommy and handsome Daddy's son!

I am coming to Hongkong! So exciting!!!

Super wanting have a big bear hug from my mommy and Daddy.


See you teddy bear mommy!!

I will miss you!

Here is my schedule!!

New Year is coming!!!

Wish Happy New Year !!!

Dog year !! Woof! Woof!

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