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"Pet has really become a family member! Agriculture Commission to complete the pet homing system"-UDN news .Taiwan Pet are one of our family member after all ^^
Pet are one of our family member after all ^^.

"Pet has really become a family member! Agriculture Commission to complete the pet homing system"-UDN newsTaiwan..

"In order to make more effective management for pets in Taiwan .” (The COA links). Pet registration information with the Home Affairs Department to complete the pet homing system..

In the future, pets will "follow the owner's domicile to go". At this stage, more than 1.1 million pet registration particulars have been posted on the Internet through the google map, which will strengthen the source management of dogs and cats in counties and cities. The general public can also register online Map Click to feed all over the region (only) the number and distribution, pet statistics will be more accurate.

Jiang WenQuan, head of the Council of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry Department Animal Health Division said that this is the concept of "running a monk and but not running a temple." In the past, pet owners registered pet at home and their pets may die or be left missing. Even if they do not have the dog at home or even having other dogs, they seldom remove the household account. As the data gap grows bigger and bigger, even though the data accumulated 1.7 million, but the number of the owners is only 1 million, the statistical data is more easily distorted and management becomes more and more difficult.

For example, the owner of a farmer lives in New Taipei City ,but pet dogs are admitted to the Taipei Veterinary Hospital for medical registration. This dog is considered a "dog of Taipei" on the old system. It’s a very strange phenomenon.

Jiang WenQuan said that pet registration information is now combined with the owner's household registration information. As long as the owner moves, the pet knows where it is. If the pet owner registers in New Taipei, pet registration is carried out in Taipei, but if move to other counties and cities is dynamically linked through household registration data. The system can track where is the dog located, and through the municipal governments to promote sterilization, rabies vaccine, but also to be more accurate.

According to the provisions of the security law, pets without sterilization or no declaration of sterilization can be fine 50K to 250K New Taiwan Dollar; no pet registration after the advice did not improve can be fine from 3000 to 15,000 New Taiwan Dollar; Jiang WenQuan said that after the pet homing system, due to open and transparent information, local county and town governments must strictly manage the existing pet data.

As a result, COA demanded that all counties and municipalities fully sprint the "pet registration rates and sterilization rates." At the same time, all counties and cities are required to submit estimates of pet registrations, reaching 80% by next year and 6% by 5% beyond six provinces. In addition, next year 5 months ago, according to the regulations of the specific pet industry management, whether it is breeding, trading, foster care, pet registration stations must be set; Jiang Wenquan said, have known where the owner, must be from the most basic pet registration and sterilization, carried out Source management. "-------- From Udn News Taiwan

Pet registration management information network.
Photo / photo taken from pet registration management information network


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