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Baby Poodle is Going to Madrid soon ~~
Red Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear
is Going to Madrid soon !!! 

Hi Imma red color male teacup poodle teddy bear 
Im so happy that i am being spotted by Mommy Ralitsa
who is a pretty mommy from Madrid , Spain
Allow me to introduce you my new family 

They are Mommy Ralitsa and her family
I have two beautiful sisters and a handsome daddy
The greenery in the first photo looks amazing
Im so excited about my Madrid life
Im going to introduce you Madrid , Spain 

Palacio Real de Madrid

Madrid is the city of Spain
It is located at the central of Spain
The buildings in Taiwan are so different if compare to Spain
Full of western style and Baroque sculpture on the wall

Temple of Debod

Instead of western style buildings
There is a lot of historical buildings
which left until now after the world war

After looking at these awesome scenery in Madrid
Im looking forward my trip to Spain
Teddy Mommy I wanna go to there asap
so that I could tell you about my adventure story^^


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