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Duo Duo Trip To Hong Kong ~~!!
Duo Duo Trip To Hong Kong~! 

So comfy

Hi I am Duo Duo
An active and cheerful poodle
Im going to Hong Kong tomorrow
Feel excited and nervous at the same time 

Teddy Mommy said I looks handsome in this picture

Do you feel that the color of my fur looks amazing ?
Its very rare to see this kind of color on poodle


This is playing day in YouLong Breeding Center

Yuan Yuan is my good friend
I really like to play with him
I will miss the days of YouLong

This is a picture of my mommy , my brother and my sister

My brother looks so smart
My sister looks so cute
They cant wait to see me 
Me too!!!
Looking forward to my flight to Hong Kong
So that I can have fun with them

Teddy Mommy have u prepare my luggage
I cant wait to see the beautiful night view 
And have a taste of the yummy food in Hong Kong

Wait for my updates of Hong Kong life soon~~

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