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HongKong Mommy visit YouLong Poodle Breeding Center to choose lovely baby!!

Lorena from HongKong visit to
Tainan YouLong Poodle Breeding Center

They are  Lorena Mommy and family from Hong Kong
An hour and thirty minutes flight to Tainan
They came to Taiwan's historical and cultural city - Tainan City
Teddy Mommy went to Tainan Airport early in the morning
 To welcome the arrival of Lorena Mommy and her family
Back to YouLong Poodle Breeding Center
They played with the lovely poodle for the whole afternoon.
A black super tiny bt small teacup poodle teddy bear 
is chosen by them. They named him Toffee
If u have a chance to visit Tainan
Having a walk in the Tainan Flowers Night Market is a must
Tainan Flowers Night Market history is not as good as the 
other Tainan night market has a long history
but in a short period of time has grown into
a huge scale market today nearly 400 stalls
become one of the most famous
night market in Tainan,Taiwan
and in 2013 Facebook's 
Top Check-Ins around the world twelfth place.
Tainan Flowers Night Market not only having a lot of clothing stalls
There are also a variety of food stalls
Teddy Mommy introduced some delicious snacks
for Mommy Lorena and her family 

The Aerial view of Tainan Flowers Night Market

Hustle and bustle crowd in Tainan Flowers Night Market

On the next day 
Teddy Mommy also invited Lorena Mommy and her family
to have lunch together

The little girl Emerald said that Teddy Mommy looks like
only 27 years old, Teddy Mommy laughed in joy
The little girl also personally drawn a very beautiful drawing

As a gratitude to Teddy Mommy
Teddy Mommy felt so touched

Teddy Mommy having a mesmerizing time with Lorena and her family 
After returning to Hong Kong 
They still keep contact with each other

Toffee is having fun with Teddy Mommy

Toffee is cute and little
It is also a super active and playful child
While still in Taiwan
Teddy Mommy will take a good care of every child
They will only be sent to foreign country
Only when they grew up healthily

Toffee's Taiwan's Life

Before the departure to Hong Kong
Teddy Mommy will take a good care of Toffee
Let him grow up healthily
During this period
Teddy Mommy occasionally send Toffee's video
to Lorena Mommy and her family
Thanks to Lorena, Sara and Emerald coming to meet me
Teddy Mommy always welcome you to Tainan.
And looking forward to seeing handsome Michael next time.

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