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Shenzun~Teacup Poodle Cookie and Dumpling (Arrival : 2017/09/21)
HiHi~Im cookie..this is my lifestory below~~lets see~



Going to Shenzun later , I'm so excited~!

In  september ,Taiwan always get affected by typhoon and rain
,so what can i do is just wait for the  weather to be stable~
Mummy is so excited for my arrival, she was so worried about my status.

9/21(Thursday)Arrival at Shenzun Sweet Home

Mommy is a very  awesome person,but she is very strict as well.
Luckily I'm smart, i knew where to pee after 3 days, nice right ~

 He is dumpling , my brother.
We both came from Youlong Poodle Breeding Center~


 Mommy said this is fencing training , so that i will be better.
o.s. let me out ~~QQ

Brother(Dumpling) is my role model, he will show me how to pee.
Im so nervous at first so i cant pee.
Fortunately ,Mommy always stay by side and encourage me ,
finally......I succeeded peeing on the peeing mat.


Eating with brother ~~~ yummy broil chicken breast^^

I like to sleep on dumpling place and snatch his water.
Im so obedient because I won't snatch dumpling's food.
Brother always take good care of me and we wouldn't fight with each other.

Mommy said I looks quiet but i will be naughty sometimes.
We are playing pursuit race. Its fun~~^^

Im so happy and blessed living here because I have brother playing with me,
as well as having Mommy's loving care. 
Under this compassionate and joyful atmosphere,
Im sure that I will be growing up happily and became a gorgeous princess.

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