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Life memories shared from Italy: Tom Tom, parti-color Pocket Teacup poodle teddy bear is loving the summer in his billion dollar mansion

Ciao amici miei
this is the private holiday mansion my mom owns in Italy,
remember to give me a call if you happen to be in Italy
for vacation, maybe we can catch up for a drink?

and don't worry if you don't speak any Italian at all,
mommy was educated in an English-speaking country 
so she pretty much speaks English as her first language already~

also, if you really do come,
i, Tom Tom, promise to be your local guide FREE OF CHARGE,
there're all sorts of intersting things i'd like you to know 
about our sophisticated Italian culture!!

summer's been soooooo hot so far this year,
what do you usually do to get away from the hot heat?
i spend almost everyday by the pool,
and sometimes i'd jump into the water and pretend i'm a fish haha.

where's my iced coke? i can really drink a whole bottle one right now!!!

evenly spread red + black parti-color throughout my entire body, 
in addition to my super rare to see pocket teacup size
you can say that i'm probably the only boy
with such unique features in Italy, or even in Europe!

"phantom" is what they use to descirbe my black+red color
in America & Europe, isn't it just so cool to have a name like that?
adding extra mysteriousness to my current status again >.^

introducing to you... my chihuahua brothers~
did you notice what's special in one of them?
yes, the crystal blue Husky eyes.

mommy's extremely picky especially in her beauty tast,
exceptionally high standards she holds towards "beautiful things".
and to be able to live with mommy in our billion dollar mansion,
you have to be rarer to find than lake monsters!
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