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Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear Princess Chloe living in the billion dollar mansion: shared from Taipei, Taiwan

pocket in a bag in a bag in a bag, this is not a tongue twister
guess where our Princess Chloe is hiding?
the winner gets to go on a dinner date with Chloe tonight, muah!

Chloe loves the exotic giant carpet at home.
you can never slip on it, so great for running!

best carpet you can ever get for 
a mother-daughter yoga session at home.
especially when you have a daughter with
unlimited energy to waste!
mooosa mooosa

my favourite thing to do is to glue myself onto mommy
wherever she goes!! look at how well i sleep on her.
save me some faces please, i need to look 
gorgeous and beautiful for my increasing fan base!

they were talking about kangaroos on TV tonight,
so i decided to give it a try =D
mommy: ...err i'm speechless too, that's kinda awkward!

her pretty big eyes on top of her petite tiny body, 
that can only be found on such rare poodle breeds called 
Pocket Teacup poodle teddy bears...
isn't she just like one of those cartoon characters 
walking straight from the Japanese manga.
*fans scream*

you can never imagine how much stuff 2 women can possibly buy.
and this is only the result of one easy afternoon.
wait till i have more time to share all the treasures
and rare collections we have in our mansion 
and you will be REALLY surprised~

i'm crawling back to my nice princessy bed for a nap now,
it was great catching up with you all, 
see you guys next time soon!!
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