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Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear OREO is the most precious Black Diamond in mommy

It took OREO a long, winding journey to 
finally arrived her new home in HK...

Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear
usually develop a different (slower) growth pace
compared to regular size poodles
due to their super petite body size.

When OREO first came across the HK custom,
they thought she was less than 2 months,
and therefore put her on quarantine for almost 2 days.

finally, they agreed to release OREO
until the custom received copies of the contract 
as well as the photos and video records of OREO
that YouLong provided to the owner over the 
past months while they waited.
on the release day, people at the custom were still 
very surprised to believe such a rare poodle breed actually exist!

a friendly reminder from YouLong (Teddy Mommy)
to all our deary pocket teacup poodle teddy bear owners:

for HK residents, all poodle need to reach at least 5 months of age
before departure; also the development of puppy's teeth is now 
the new main check focus of the custom: 
there has to be clear sign of all their front teeth despite age.

smaller size teacup poodles usually have a slower development pace.
Super Tiny Teacup and Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bears in particular,
they ought to reach at least 7-8 months of age before departing to HK.

home sweet home at last!
here i am in the beautiful hands of mommy.
i'm ready for the socialite life with my new family!!
my dear old YouLong friends, don't be too jealous now,
meet me in HK and i'll show you around my beautiful home~
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