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Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear Princess Oreo, ready for her new home at Continental Pearl: Hong Kong

size difference:
less than 3 months vs 5 months
(going through her hair-changing stage aka puberty since 3 months)

poodles of all sizes and colors will go through hair-changing stage;
beginning from 3 months of age, their hair quality starts to change to
a soft, straight type, with different shades of colors mixed inbetween,
not curly at all and you can even say it's a bit ugly!

it's very similar to our teeage puberty,
unattractive and also a little embarrassing,
but after they passed 
one year or a year and a half years old, 
you will see the beautiful curls coming out
from the bottom of their skin,
giving them the iconic poodle look:
big, curly, fluffy beautiful teddy bear fur coat

...Getting to know their hair-changing stage...

at 5 months of age, still so tiny in size
i now weigh Only 745 grams!!
Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bears are very rare to find,
very special for their extremely petite body size,
even as adults they are still very small in size,
most of them are only around 1kg fully grown.

mommy has been waiting patiently for me for over 4 months,
and she's totally satisfied with my outstanding look,
and how beautifully i have grown at YouLong (Taiwan),
under the loving & tender care of Teddy Mommy.
thanks to Teddy Mommy's professionalism + love
+ great patience like a superwoman
during the breeding process, giving me such
great conditions for mommy to fall in love with me and
decided to bring me back to Hong Kong at her first sight!

mommy has been counting down our reunion days ever since,
but mommy please give me a little more time, we will be
seeing each other soon in a few more hours...

you can't feel the shock i'm feeling through only the photos,
Princess Oreo has such a petite body size, 
even smaller than
a 350ml bottle of coke!!!!!!

Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bears usually need to be
put under special care until they have reached at least
7 months of age before departure.
but Princess Oreo is a totally different case,
though she's only 5 months old and still very
tiny in size, but she appears to be very brave,
outgoing and independent,
also with an "Amazingly Good Appetite"
according to Teddy Mommy.

little girl with sky-high bravery!
Oreo often climbs the big stair cases up to the thrid floor
to play hide-and-seek with Teddy Mommy.

before departure, each and every teddy bear needs to be
observed carefully by Teddy Mommy from all aspects,
Age is only one of the many elements.

their personality, temperaments, independence, appetite,
how well they adapt to new/strange environments 
and so on
are all very important elements during the observation.

only for those who have passed all criteria will be categorised
as "fully ready to depart overseas", Teddy Mommy will then
proceed to making flight arrangements for them.

all these criteria are important in terms of their safety
of our beloved poodle teddy bears despite size, age and color,
during their long flight to new homes.

we cannot rush the health and safety of poodle teddy bears,
Teddy Mommy totally understands your feelings and anxiety,
but we need to take things slow especially when it
comes to the safety of your beloved teddy bears.

dear mommy and my super cute brother and sister,
just give me a little more time,
Oreo is coming her way to give you many kisses and hugs!!

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