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Mari from Italy - Apricot Pocket Teacup Teddy Bear LeLe arrives at sweet home Milan with Mommy and Daddy

Greetings to all my friends around the world.
I'm LeLe, an Apricot Pocket Teacup Teddy Bear.

My lovely soft fur color and outstandingly petite body size,
is the key to Mommy making me her first choice
when she first saw my photos.

comparing me with a 300c.c. Starbucks mug
and you will see how exclusively SMALL I am.
Although I already reached the 8th month of my life
at that time, you won't believe until you know  
my weight measurement was only 870grams

Even though Mommy was fully aware of me being
Very Small in size,
I could still tell how amazed she was when seeing me
in "person",or should I say, "Bear-son".
Her beautiful bright eyes wide open,
hugged and stared at me as if I was unreal to this world.

I was very much touched when knowing how
Mommy and Daddy booked airline tickets,
figured out the Taiwan High Speed Rail system
and arranged accomodation in Tainan on their own,
in this city they have no idea of at all...
going through all these trouble just to bring me onboard
with them, on the same flight, back to Milan our new home.

when Mommy held me in her warm hands and
called for my name, LeLe, we looked into each other's eyes,
and from there we started to develop bond of trust
as a new family...

did you see my proud eyes?
with such a gorgeous Mommy and charming Daddy, 
i'm so fortunate to have been invited to join our family.

these are my friends at YouLong Poodle Breeding Center. 
they all rushed out to say hello, sniffing and waggling their tails
being all cute and playful around my mommy and daddy,
hoping to jump on the plane and return to Milan with us!

amazed by my Teddy Bear friends,
Daddy jokingly suggested to Teddy Mommy that
they should exchange place to live. 
he and Mommy will stay at YouLong with the Teddy Bears
and Teddy Mommy can have their home in Milan.

as my mommy only eats vegetarian
(well, daddy is not so much a vege person...)
Teddy Mommy booked the nicest vegetarian restaurant
in Tainan, and even invited her little helpers to dinner as well.
she's always been the most generous lady i've ever known!

Mommy tried her first Asian-style vegetarian buffet,
and she was so curious about every dish.
though Daddy is more of a meat-lover,
he never complains about going vege with Mommy.
he had both thumbs up for this restaurant in Tainan,
for offering this cool cooking stand that he could
cook noodles and wontons on his own,
also the hot pots, barbeque, Japanese oden...
 all very interesting to them.
glad that they enjoyed dinner very much.

during their stay in Tainan,
Mommy and Daddy took a histoical visit at the temples and
other tourist attractions, and of course,
more visits to YouLong and LeLe. 
Teddy Mommy made some time out of her busy schedule
especially for Mommy and Daddy and took them to
the famous night market in Southern Taiwan,
『Kaohsiung New JueJiang Night Market District』

iconic braised dishes, crepes, lemon ice jelly,
and daddy's favourite, deep-fried chicken fillet...
you will never guess what they enjoyed the most:
『sliced guava with sweet plum powder』!

when talking about food culture differences between
Taiwan and Italy, Mommy mentioned that in Milan 
people have 『BEER』 to go with meals.

no other day is better than today,
so we chose the closest 7-11 convenient store nearby,
Mommy and Daddy took Heineken for option,
while others all chose for their favourite brand...
just like this, we walked the night market with
beers in our hands, just like a local Taiwanese.

*Teddy Mommy's friendly reminder:
Alcohol comsumption is prohibited
for people under 18 in Taiwan*

my dear Teddy Mommy and her little helpers,
and of couse, all my good mates at 
『YouLong Poodle Breeding Center』
thank you for being my family and friends
throughout the past 8 months,
all these memories about Taiwan we shared together
will be remarkable to all of us,
and my mommy and daddy will never forget
how friendly and inviting you are.

i'm all set and ready to hop on the plane with my new family,
take care of yourself. i will send you post cards from Milan~

~ LeLe's Flight Schedule to Milan ~

      Feb 16  00:20  departs from Taoyuan International Airport
      Feb 16  06:55  arrives in Amsterdam
      Feb 16  08:46  transits from Amsterdam
      Feb 16  10:20  safely arrives at new home in Milan

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