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Italians Dazzled by Lovely Teacup Poodles! Click to read more from VanityPets

Youlong Poodle Breeding Center's Teacup Poodle On Local Magazines!!

Poodle beauty queen that only weighs 700 grams.

Hello everyone my name is Yumi, 

I am probably the smallest dog you can find among the entire Italy.

Beautiful coat colour of crimson red plus an exquisite fine look, 

I've got all it takes to be called, beautiful.

In Vanity Pets Online Magazine, it mentioned that it's
almost impossible to believe poodles of such small size actually exist.
A fully grown poodle canine that looks just like a kid's toy;
totally overturns the Italian's current understandings about poodles.



Darling TEACUP POODLE that melted the Italian's heart away on the Milan Pet Expo
came from Taiwan - Tainan Youlong Poodle Breeding Center.

Si chiama Yumi ed è la barboncina piu piccola d'Italia. 700 grammi di pelo color albicocca e una dolcezza infinita.

L’abbiamo incontrata tra i ring dell'Expo Canina di Milano e non potevamo crederci. Sembrava una cucciolotta di barboncino, invece Yumi ha già un anno ed è un esemplare adulto di Supreme Teacup, barboncini che più toy di così non si può.

E’ il più piccolo esemplare della razza che esiste in Italia e mamma Germana Bodo l’ha adottata da un allevamento di Taiwan, specializzato in Supreme Teacup. Vive a Vercelli insieme alle sorelline Katty (un’Imperial dog), Minù (uno Spitz) e Nory (un Chin).

"Ed e dolcissima– dice la mamma – e socievole con tutti e le piace giocare con gil altri cani 

This is Yumi, is Italy's smallest poodle. Only 700 grams, red hair, very sweet.

We saw Yumi at the Milan prt exhibitino,and we could not believe it. She looks like a puppy, Yumi has been one year old.

Yumi is the smallest of many breeds of mother Germana, and Yumi comes from a Taiwanese specialty.
Now with Kitty, Minou, Nori live in Vercelli.

"She is very sweet - mother Germana said - good at communication, for everyone is very kind, like playing with other dogs,
But she is very delicate. Jumping from her host's arms could be fatal, and she eats 50 feeds a day, less than 20 grams of jelly.


Yumi's Other Family Members

Germana & Vincenzo(Owners)


Erik & Casper (Chihuahua)

Minou (Maltese)

Kitty (Shih Tzu)

Nori (Japanese Chin)

Arwen & Kermit (Cat)

What a big family, now that Yumi has joined in, too.

Special Thanks To: Vincenzo

for picking Yumi up from Taiwan personally.

It was a very special sales experience that we will cherish forever.

Because of poodles, we see love everywhere in this world;

because of them, we see no boundaries between people
despite their individual cultural/ethnic backgrounds. 

As our ultimate goal, we dedicate to pass on this wonderful feeling
we gained from working with poodles to more poodle lovers worldwide.


Uncle Tsai's Photo Revealed for the Very First Time!(Left)

People's first impression always gives the most direct and honest reaction.
Surely this will become one of the most remarkable memory
we share with international poodle lovers.
Please do come back and visit Taiwan again, Vincenzo.


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