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YouLong Teddy Bear Poodles SAFE

At 03:57 local time (19:57 UTC) on February 6, 2016,
an earthquake with a moment magnitude of 6.4 struck
28 km(17 mi) northeast of Pingtung City in southern Taiwan

When quake hit,
all the YouLong Teddy Bear Poodles have frightened

All barking awo awo!
Fortunately, the earthquake time is not long
after appease was soon settle down

Large number of disaster situation caused by
the earthquake
in the southern region
we pray for
the victims are able to safe
  everybody efforts to repair the damage to a minimum
Also for
those who perished in the earthquake
families must be strong towards the future

Early morning building collapsed

Due earthquake occurs on February 6, 2016
stop water
caused by a collapsed residential building,
named Weiguan Jinlong in Yongkang District
 The day (February 14) night 12:00 can gradually recover most water supply but to higher ground

Currently we have many days without a bath
Still without water, in addition to water shortages,
all is well
Hope February 14 be able to wash a comfortable hot bath

Every day to go to carrying water be able to used
owning the water that is very happiness thing
Everybody must remember to cherish water resources

Please queuing for water! Water coming~

Soon is our turn

Thank you Teddy Mommy, brother and sister
every day carrying water
Hope bad bad earthquake do not come again
Thanks for every daddy and mommy concerned
We are safe

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