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Singapore Teacup Teddy Bear Poodle-Mei Mei, 2016/Jan/29
Before departure Mommy communicated to me:
I am waiting for you ... then, we live together
What's your name? 美美 or 妹妹?
English name is Mei Mei

Mommy are nervous and excited
asked Teddy Mommy questions about my lifestyle
thoughtful envisaged

My Mommy is very beautiful!
Large airport, transfer photos to me before departure
tell me do not get the wrong person!

Singapore Airport, Mommy asked me look over here ~

Singapore weather is very good
compared to much warmer than Taiwan

Mommy afraid that I alone
  prepare a doll to accompany me
~ Ha ha ~
Everyone says I'm cuter than doll

When mommy was eating thoughts me...
What foods i like to eat?
Drink water using the kettle or bowl?

When mommy in the bad mood thoughts me...
Expect me go over there to accompany her

When partying thoughts me...
usually do i drink water also have goat milk?
In short ... my mommy was so nervous
Hey hey
WARNING !! here to remind that
do not feed me milk type products, I'll diarrhea!

When sleeping thoughts me...

I have warm bedroom kennel in cold stream

When lying on the table thoughts me...
Is it same look when i lying on the table

When go on holiday thoughts me...
take me to many, many places

closer time to go to Singapore Mommy more cranky
Ha Ha
Please do not worry said Teddy Mommy


Happy to see me eat
Mommy laughed out
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