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Super Tiny Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear Happy life in Australia
 I am Yumi who starting go to Melbourne, Australia!
Live in Australia, Mommy really care for me
in every possible way
Exclusive Look at my little bed,
I feel like Mummy touch or scratch me
Accompany sleep with me! Make me feel at ease.



Sometimes I secretly jump
their bed .. ah! Found me just naughty in bed
Fortunately, Mommy not angry about this.




Mommy love playing with me
Also shot the film too! Look at my sweet smile

Mommy I want to hug!! Hurry !!
See my lovely looks
Tired after a long day are all gone


Then, Mommy praised me very smart,oh
Mummy could not bear to lock me
in a cage when her gone outside
Let me play around the room,
and then came home to find...

I behaved myself pee in the cage!
My mommy was petrified! Teaching does not require on this.
This is Teddy Mommy taught good!


Finally, show a close-up photograph! Look like a teddy bear unh?
Next time you have to come to Australia
must come to see me and play with me
I was already familiar with the environment.
Let me who are a small tour take you out to play!!


To be continued...
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