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Teddy Bear Transformation Legend from Taiwan Tainan(Teddy Mommy)


Teddy Bear Transformation Legend


from Taiwan Tainan(Teddy Mommy)-Yin Yin Chang

Once upon a time, there’s a group of magical creatures
in the world regarded as the Teddy Bear incarnate. 

Although there’s yet to be a solid scientific proof to

back up the actual date or places of their very first 

appeal to the human world, perhaps the following 

stories would provide us some hints of the 

possible origin of these beautiful Teddy Bears…



 The name, Teddy Bear, is believed to have come from 
former United States PresidentTheodore Roosevelt,
who was commonly known as "Teddy".
The name of Teddy Bear
is believed to have originated
from an incident on one of President Roosevelt’s bear
hunting trips in Mississippi in the autumn of 1902. 
There were several other hunters
competing, and most 
of them had already killed an animal but the President.

A suite of Roosevelt's attendants clubbed, 
and tied an American Black Bear to a
willow tree 
after a long exhausting chase with hounds. 
They called Roosevelt to the
site and suggested
that he should shoot it. He refused to shoot the
bear himself and 
demanded the crew to release 
the bear at instance, deeming it unsportsmanlike, 
swore to never go on a bear hunt 
again for the rest of his life. 

The story then became the topic of a political cartoon 
in The Washington Post,and later issues had 
made the bear smaller and cuter. 
The improved cartoon figure pleased the
nation and the image of "Teddy's Bear" soon 
captured the heart of the Americans, as 
well as other people's attention from
countries outside the United States.




Apart from story I, another popular version of 
the background of Teddy Bears tells
the story that 
during the years when Roosevelt served as the President 

of the United 
States, there was this unique event hosted
in the White House that was significantly 
different from the 
other millions parties there had been: a set of lovely stuffed 

bear toys manufactured to represent various forms

of occupancies, such as hunters
and fishermen, 
were used to decorate the main guest table that night.

The President quickly showed a special interest on 
adorable cute bear toys as 
soon as he walked into the hall, 
and asked around for their names; however no-one 
at the party
knew exactly where they came from, nor the name of their manufacturer,until some quick-witted guests came up with 

the answer that the bears ought to be
called “Teddy Bears” 

after the name of Roosevelt for 
this very special evening.

Local newspapers soon took the answer as the hottest
headline on the newspaper front
pages the next morning

- discussions about Teddy Bears became popular overnight

throughout the United States, and these cute bears very

soon became well-known to
people from other nations

such as Taiwan , England and other European countries.




Worldwide Pet Specialty Icon


Teddy Bears are considered part of the Global Specialty Culture representing love, friendship and loyalty as a whole 
without any forms of language barrier.

Strictly speaking, Teddy Bears should only be restricted
to stuffed soft bear toys 
manufactured in the United States 
during the years of 1903-1912; but in the 
the name of Teddy Bears is already commonly used to
represent all stuffed bear toys despite texture, colour, physical appearance, body size, fabrics used and the countries
they are being manufacturered nowadays


The Origin of Teacup Teddy Bears – Taiwan

There’s this very special lady in Taiwan who we respectfully
called Teddy Bear Mommy,(Yin-Yin Chang), fell deeply

in love with “Teddy Bears” since she was still a little girl

that she began her journey in the search of her dream 

Teddy Bears at a very early age.


Through a friend’s introduction, Teddy Bear Mommy was
invited to her first dog talent
contest, and all of a sudden 

her attention was drawn from the stage onto a bear-like 

creature that was held in the arms of a total stranger; 

she later found out the name of
this beautiful yet rare 

canine breed to be "Teacup Poodles". Teddy Bear Mommy

saw the
beauty and magic in Teacup Poodles: their soft, 

fluffy hair, big round bright eyes and
their adorable tiny 
paws have got her fallen madly in love with them ever since.


She saw these Teacup Poodles in forms of the transformation
of Teddy Bears, the one 
and only love of her life since she was young, and from that moment, she knew she’s finally found the 
Teddy Bear of her dream after so long, and : They are ALIVE!


These aren’t just ordinary Teddy Bears, they are living
with souls, thoughts
and feelings; not only that they 
come in different sizes and colours, they are also 
able to move, 
run, cry and laugh, and of as spiritual and extremely bright 

they are, and if not being looked after carefully
enough, these little Teacup Teddy 
Bears too would get
sick occasionally just like human babies. 

Breeding Teacup Teddy Bears

It takes a large amount of time and human resources,
beyond the outsider’s 
imagination, to successfully breed these 
beautiful Teacup Teddy Bears.

Newborn Teacup Teddy Bears generally weigh only around
400 grams, and 
for a delicate baby of such petite body size,
a strict environmental hygiene 
and temperature control along 
with complex nursery care procedures must 
take place in 
to foster these Teddy Bears to grow into happy adults.

That is to say, breeders will have to sacrifice more, leaving their personal lives behind, in order to facilitate Teacup Teddy Bears
to develop into strong,  
healthy adult Teacup Poodles 
(Teddy Bears) under 24/7 surveillance.


After years of nonstop hard-working, Teddy Bear Mommy 
finally established 
her first 5-Star Teacup Teddy Bear Breeding
Center based on a wide range of 
professional knowledge 
and decades of hands-on experiences on Teacup
Teddy Bears, 
which has made Formosa (a Portuguese historical name for Taiwan),
this beautiful Pacific island, the world-famous origin 

Teacup Poodles (Teddy Bears).

Throughout the years, Teddy Bear Mommy not only soaks herself into the world of her beloved Teacup Teddy Bears but also insists on doing everything herself in terms of the 
care for Teacup Teddy Bears; 

and with all the experiences
she gained from breeding these beautiful Teddy Bears herself, she shares her love 
and passion for Teacup Poodles (Teddy Bears) by finding them a home sweet home in so many different families 
around our beautiful Mother Earth.



Pets with Beautiful Souls


What Teddy Bear Mommy sees in Teacup Teddy Bears is the unique characteristics of their purity, loyalty, honesty, empathy, and true-beauty; the idea of living with these wonderful lives already provides a huge amount of satisfaction to her, not to mention how happy she has been all these years spending every moment of her life with them.

Teacup Teddy Bears are also her life mentors, teaching her the meaning of life and death at a much deeper level for her 
to appreciate every morning she wakes up, which 

motivates and encourages her to pursuit continuous advancement in her mind, body and spirit. Her Teddy Bears, those of her darling angels, who run, move, cry and get sick exactly like human 

babies, have introduced her to a hole new era from the 
moment they met. The feeling is complicated and difficult to 

be put into 
words; and it’s no exaggeration when she declares

that it surpasses the meaning of 
LOVE providing that Teacup Teddy Bears have introduced her to a world which barriers of space, time, culture and language no longer exist.

Teddy Bear Mommy turned her secrete thoughts into real
actions, and has been doing
her best to share the unique experiences she gained from personally interacting with 

these lovely Teacup Teddy Bears to so many other poodle

lovers, merely because she
thirsts for everyone in the world

to acknowledge the unconditional love these
Teacup Teddy

Bears are willing to offer to good families who love them 

back just as
much, and many more countless advantages

that owning a Teacup Teddy Bear brings.



Teddy Bear Mommy’s Responsibility, in the name of LOVE


Teddy Bear Mommy has taken the things she learned from
Teacup Teddy Bears as 
her life-long responsibility to
pass on 
this unconditional love to the rest of the world.
Whenever there’s another Teacup Teddy Bear to be sent 
to a new family, in 
a way Teddy Bear Mommy sees 
it as sending her sons and daughters to different parts

the world to get married; and every time she thinks of it 

like that the warmth of
family love fills heart 
for her to 

happily wave goodbye to her babies as they depart.

Furthermore when Teddy Bear Mommy receives postcards

those adopted families, through those personally 

written words 
from the letters sent from various families

in different parts of the world she can actually feel the joy,
love and satisfaction 
they have been getting since the arrival

of their Teacup Teddy 
Bears, given that the family members

are much closer and 
have been interacting with each other

more often and so much 
fun and laughter are brought into 

the house and fill the home 
with so much LOVE because of 

these adorable Teddy Bears 
she bred and raised with all her 

love as her own babies.

So glad you said that”, Teddy Bear Mommy always replies
with a light smile on her 
face. In pursuits for inner peace and ultimate spiritual satisfaction, Teddy Bear Mommy will 
to breed more beautiful Teacup Teddy Bears while continuously making improvements as well as advancements 
in the living environments she provides to her beloved Teddy Bears; the priority goal of Teddy Bear Mommy has always been giving all
she has and more to her Teddy Bears for them 

to live a happier and better life. Indeed it is going to be a long roadbefore the final accomplishment. ..Any thoughts or plans for Teddy Bear Mommy's retirement yet? Oh no, NEVER!



Preference for Petite(Tiny) Teacup Teddy Bears in the 21st Century – Why?

1. Precious, delicate and sweet creatures with elegance.

2. Specialty pets are extremely rare in their kind.

3. Cheerful creatures bring so much happiness to people’s lives.

4. Ideal indoor pets for contemporary families


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