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Teacup poodle 362 ready for go Norway! (Apr 22,2015)

Hello, I'm teacup poodle 362.
I'll go to Norway soon.

Everything is ready, feel a little nervous
but Teddy Mommy say our family is very big.
Three brother and sister, i feel so excited.
and the one of the sister is also from You-long.


lol , that her so cute right!!
In Norway everyone love her, here is the video.
you can check it!!

sister's photo in You-Long is very cute.
Here is the photo.

Oh, i forgot the two sister and brother
we will be the two couple.

Let's see our house. so big and spacious
I can running around the garden.

I feel very happy with my sister and brother.

Little sister seems more small on table.

Mom wait me!! I want to take a lot of picture. 

we will be everyone's focus in Norway
and with mommy, daddy and brother sister
I'm not along.
Thanks Teddy mommy find a good family for me
I'll be there soon. wait me.



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