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Shangdong, China: Toy-Teacup Angel

check out this little guy,
he will soon depart to Shangdong, to join his family.
does anyone know where it is?
it's a city located in Northern China,
famous for its meat buns and noodles.

the clock is ticking...

Does anyone still remeber ShaoMai,
the one who found his new family all the way in Hong Kong?
you must be wondering why i mentioned him all of a sudden?
haha, it's because ShaoMai's parents wanted to
get a new puppy from Mommy Teddy for the Grands in Shangdong.

this little guy is going on a special mission:
spending time with Granny and make her as happy as possible!!

naturally-born camera face ^^

check out these photos of ShaoMai in HK
the luckiest thing in the world is having a family that loves you with all their heart.

 flight schedule

may 03 (fri) 12.30am departs from Mommy Teddy's
may 03 (fri) 6am picked up by Uncle Tsai in Taoyuan
may 03 (fri) 5.40pm departs from TPE international airport
may 03 (fri) arrives in HK for the transfer flight
may 04 (sat) arrives in Shangdong. home sweet home.

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