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Smiley Teacup Poodle Princess off to Canada!!

killer smile remix #1

are you dazzled by my charming smile too?

hello everyone i am Princess Smiley,
yes you heard right, i'm the lucky one departing to Canada soon.
to the right is a photo of my Mom and Dad.
too small to see? it's ok i have some more.

this puppy in the photo was also purchased from Mommy Teddy.
he belongs Mommy's best friend,
and my mom spent 6 months with him while her friend was away,
now that he's returned to Taiwan with his mommy,
that's the reason why Mommy decided to have a puppy of her own.

here's a photo of my mom and dad.

in a place far, far away,
i have a family expecting my arrival.
as the date for departure gets close,
the feeling of excitement within rises;
with the distance between us shortens,
the smile on my face grows bigger.

flight schedule

april 24 (tue) 12.30am departs from Mommy Teddy's
april 24 (tue) 6pm picked up by Uncle Tsai in Taoyuan
april 24 (tue) 11.55am departs from TPE international airport,
arrives in HK at 1.45pm for transfer flight
april 24 (tue) 5.05pm departs from HK,
arrives in Toronto at 8.20pm

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