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Hong Kong - Silver Tiny Teacup Poodle "Milky"

what? we have another special silver tiny teacup poodle pup taking off soon?

gather around, everyone.
let's enjoy Milky's last performance at Younlong Poodle Breeding center.

one big happy family welcomes Milky's arrival ^^

Mommy Teddy is so happy for Milky.
spending time with the fmaily is alway the most precious thing to do
in the world that everyone ought to cherish.
especially for Milky, he has such a lovely and LARGE family expecting him.

here's a photo of Mily's Mommy and siblings (one brother and one sister) in HK.
Daddy must be the one who took this photo >.^
in the near future, there will also be my face appearing in all our family photos. 

Video of Milky before he departs to Hong Kong.

flight schedule

apr 18 (thu) 12.30am departs from Mommy Teddy's
apr 18 (thu) 6am picked up by Uncle Tsai in Taoyuan
apr 18 (thu) 5.30pm departs from TPE international airport
apr 18 (thu) 8.20pm arrives in HK

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