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Four Teddy Poodle ready to go Ningxia / Xiamen / Fujian / Chongqing !!!

First Teddy Poodle : Ningxia A-Wa


Look at this super cute guy likes to put out his tougue!
Mama gives me a name A-Wa~
It is a really a cute name

Hey, this is my mama~
andddd~~~ my handsome brother~!
Look at the way we smile, it looks alike!

A-Wa's destination is Ningxia at China~
I am full of curiosity~
Mama must bring me walk around and take my handsome photos.
Then send the photo back to Teddy Mommy that miss me so much

Second Teddy Poodle : Super cute girl Candy

Candy girl is ready to go to Fujian!!!
Fujian at China too ??
Nevermind~ Anyway I just need to take my flight..
And wait for mama come and bring me home !! >u<

Fujian Candy girl is looking forward to day 18th everyday~
The picture at right hand side is my little sister and a grey teddy puppy~
Oh my god~ I need a hug too~
I hope you all can hug me when I reach my new home

I want mama take many cute pictures for me too~
And the life photo with brother and sister~
I already think of what pose I can do when taking photo d >3< b

Third Teddy Poodle : Xiamen Brownie

Little Beauty has a pair of round and watery eyes~
Look at her eyes, what is she thinking of?
Little girl is thinking of her trip to see her mama!
It is really happy~ But...
I have a long time cannot see Teddy Mommy and my brothers sisters~
I miss you all so much >///<

This is my sister that wait me at Xiamen~
Oh my dear sister~ Just wait me there~
What games will you like to play with me when I reach there?
I want a nice hug and kiss ^0^

My dear sister~ What are you doing?
Why you draw beard on your face?
Is it pussy or puppy XD??

Do you want to be like me~~?
Hope that we can be good sisters!

Fourth Teddy Poodle : Chongqing Handsome Black Rider

Today I am the Blackiest! Like the Dark Rider in Batman!
WoW~ I miss my papa at Chongqing~
I have not seen what my papa looks like!

Look at our black rider~ He can do whatever pose than others! Hahahhhhaaa~

Twinkle twinkle little star~
Same with my eyes twinkling~
Please do not keep staring at me...
Because I will feel shy

4/18 (Thurs) 12.30 am at Ciao Ciao Teddy Mommy's
4/18 (
Thurs) 06.00 am at Taoyuan International Airport with Uncle Tsai
4/18 (Thurs) 17.30 pm Departure from Taoyuan International Airport
4/18 (Thurs) 20.20 pm Reach Hong Kong~
4/19 (Fri) Each papa and mama take them home~

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