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USA - Tiny Teacup Poodle Sweet Chocolate Poodle Take A Flight To USA!

Hello everybody~
Since last time silver BOBO to USA and now is the turn of CHOCOLATE PRINCE!!!
Yeah! He is the chocolate teddy poodle that is as less as the silver one~!
Am I cute right ?

Yeah~ Others are standing by themselves when they are taking the photo!
But I was hug in the hand
It is because I am too cute !!! HAHAHHHAA~
Mama must always hug me inside your hand~ This is my little wish ~

My new home at USA is very beautiful~
Just wait for the spring coming and my mama!
It is just like a dream! So beautiful~~~
I am really a lucky boy >O<

Our Sweet Memories 

  4/12 (Fri) 00.30 am at Ciao Ciao Teddy Mommy's
4/12 (Fri) 05.20 am at Taoyuan International Airport with Uncle Tsai
4/12 (Fri) 18.40 Departure from Taoyuan International Airport
4/12 (Fri) LAX 15.20 Reach USA!

Mommy Teddy’s Guarantee
1. We are 100% legally registered with registration number #028
witnessed by professional solicitor!

2. We provide each of our customers with lifetime after-sale services,
including consultation, advisory and instruction services!

3. Meetings with individual puppy’s biological parents can be organised upon request!
The purpose of the meeting aims to facilitate our customers
develop more in-depth knowledge about poodles;
NOT to determine the breed, physical appearance or the personality of our puppies.

4. All puppies are bred single-handedly by Mommy Teddy!
We are proud to say that the predictions we make of each unborn puppy
are often fairly accurate, along with a reasonable price, too!

5. Bloodline Certificate is available upon request!
We also provide globally recognised KCT Certificate as a proof
of each puppy’s bloodline and health conditions.

6. All puppies will be injected with Vanguard Plus 5-CV/L
and examined by registered veterinary facilities.
Health condition 100% guaranteed!

7. 100% full replacements guaranteed if puppies are found with
any health problems by legally registered qualified established veterinary facilities
within 48 hours after purchase! (Doctor certificates required)

8. 100% full replacement guaranteed if puppies over 180-day old are found with
any genetic or congenital genetic disease, or primary heart, lung and kidney diseases.
(Doctor certificates required)
Please contact us for more information on
the veterinary facilities recognised by Mommy Teddy in your local area.

9. Only a certain number of Veterinary facilities
(also the teaching hospitals established by academic institutions)
are recognised by Mommy Teddy based on their high creditability.
Thus we shall not be responsible if any private veterinary is involved
before acknowledging Mommy Teddy.

Q: Why do poodle prices vary from NTD$5000 - NTD$150000 in the market?
Whom should we really purchase from?

A: Generally speaking,
the higher the market demand is
in the quality,
league and colour of the poodles,
the higher the price will be in the long run.

The league listing varies from low to high:

1. Miniature Poodle
Adult Shoulder length: 28-30cm, weight: 4.5-10kg
Gradually being eliminated in the market.
(Sorry, we do NOT have them available in store)

2. Toy/Tiny Toy Poodle
Adult Shoulder length: 25-28cm, weight: 3-4.5kg
Price: NTD$10000-20000
A very common breed nowadays,
price varies due to their color, hair quality and face shapes.
(Yes we have them available in store!)

3. Toy Teacup
Adult Shoulder length: 20-25cm, weight: 2-2.5kg
Price: NTD$20000-40000.

Particularly smaller ones, sized between
Tiny Toy and Teacup, a BIGGER Teacup,
adult shoulder length: around 20cm, weight: around 2kg

Price: NTD$40000-60000
(Price may vary due to puppy’s gender)

4. Teacup
Adult Shoulder length: 16-20cm, weight: 1.5-2kg max
Price: NTD$65000-150000
This particular breed is the rarest, and hardest to raise,
therefore we need to take special care of the puppies
up until they are over 4 months old.
Price varies due to their color,
hair quality and body proportion.
For security-wise,
we strongly recommend all puppies that need to be sent aboard,
to stay with and be looked after by Mommy Teddy
until they are 5 to 7 months old in minimum.
(Addtional fees required)

Price varies due to the differences in puppies’ physical conditions.
Poodles may appear to have the same body proportions,
but can be very different in terms of size.
However, it is best for buyers to
consult several facilities before making the final decision.

If the price appears to be absurd (either too high or too low),
the main reason behind it can be easily influenced by
puppy’s health conditions, quality (leagues) and other factors;
therefore price should never be the primary issue
when it comes to purchasing a poodle puppy.

Poodles usually live up to 15+ years;
do keep in mind that it will become YOUR long-term responsibility and bonding
once the puppy has been purchased.
It is very important to look before you leap,
and make your decision after several times of careful considerations.

The beauty scale of poodles works exactly the same as in human worlds.
Those who are naturally born with the face of a superstar
only take up 10% or less among the entire populations.
It is fair to say that people desire beautiful things in general;
especially when they are scarce, they become even more precious.
Please bear in mind that “You get what you pay for!”,
your budget and personal choice are two great factors toward the final result.

Q: How do I examine the quality of a poodle puppy and purchase one that’s within my budget?

It is extremely difficult even for the veterinarians to
determine a newborn poodle’s correct league precisely,
therefore consulting the professional breeders is probably the better option
if buyers are to purchase puppies of the premium league;
and frankly they will be expected to bring a bigger wallet too.
As for people who are interested but tight on budgets,
the general league can always be the backup option,

Despite financial reasons,
what really matters is the health conditions of the puppies and
whether it’s LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT between the buyer and the puppies.

More Questions?? ↓↓↓

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