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Precious and Jade take wedding photo with dear Mama.

Hello~~~everybody~~~do you remember two little cute,
Precious and Jade in Indonesia??
If you can't remember them, that's fine.
Let me show you their lovely pictures so that they could make you impressive.


This was the picture that my dear Mama sent before.
There are pictures for life and Mama's graduation photo.

Precious and Jade are very photogenic with our dear Mama, aren't we??


Everybody~~~Let me show you our Mama's wedding photo for you.
My dear Mama is really pretty and beautiful !!! >//。//<

See~~~My dear Mama and I are dressed a blue poodle skirts, like a fairy.
It's every girl's sweet dream.

When we see the pictures,
Teddy Mommy's little helper could feel
that your dear Mama loves Precious and Jade very much.

Are you jealous and enviable of their sweet love??

No matter what my dear Mama dresses,
she is such a charming girl.

  We cant' lose. ~~~ We should get more photo shoot.

When we see my dear Mama smiling,
we also feel happy so that would like to dance.
Everybody~~~come with us. Dance~~~


You can see~~~we all have a charming smile on our face in the last picture
because we could accompny with each other.


All of the picture above is very happy and delightful, isn't it??
This is a wonderful process of growing up
between YOU-LONG and sweet baby dog.
There are still many happy and lovely story about our baby.

Hope we could bring all of you feel happy when you see the shared pictures.


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