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DongDong the teddy poodle is sending love for her future mama this winter!

Hehe, have a look at my future Mommy! She does look so lovely, doesn't she?
I think Mommy Teddy will be very happy that DongDong has found an amazigng new family!

This is DongDong, myself! Do you know why I was given the name DongDong? Well, apparently "Dong" means winter in Mandarin Chinese. And my mommy bought me in winter, so I'm the little angle that was sent to her to keep her warm and happy in the cold!

Do you remember DoDo? Actually my mom and DoDo's mom are relatives. So, I think that makes DoDo and I family as well then?

Mom, looking at those photos of you travelling around the world,
I wish I could be there right by your side!

11/29 (Thur) 00.50 am at Ciao Ciao Teddy Mommy's
11/29 (Thur) 06.00 am Taoyuan International Airport
11/29 (Thur) 17.50pm Departure from the airport
11/29 (Thur) 19.50 pm Arrival at Hong Kong Airport

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