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Shanghai - Super Tiny Teacup Poodle, Little Jubi

here's a photo of my Mommy, such an elegant beauty,
i am so proud telling all my friends that she's my Mom.
but hey don't forget that i am just as cute,
now now don't get too jealous of us, people.

be patient Mommy, i will soon join you and Daddy in Shanghai,
and bring you love and happiness.
Cubid, the Love God, is my nickname 

#1 video of my ordinary day at Youlong Poodle Breeding Center

take a guess of my name, c'mon try it!!
did you guess it? i'm going to reveal the answer soon...

three, two, one...

it's Jubi, taken from the name of Cubid the Love God.
Mommy said it's the perfect for me as her beloved one~

#2 video of my ordinary day at Youlong Poodle Breeding Center

Mommy has been sending me so many photos of herself,
really helps to ease my insecurity while she's away.
i miss you so, Mommy.
heard from Mommy Teddy that i'm the third baby Mommy chose.
there had been Cooper, Mini and Barney,
the one Mommy introduced to her friends in France.

☞here's Cooper
☞here's Mini 
☞here's Barney in France 

i have Mommy's love with me to keep me from loneliness 

i'm so jealous seeing Mommy playing with him.
i am the only one you are allowed to love when i arrive in Shanghai ^ _<

flight schedule

sep 26 (wed) 12.50am departs from Mommy Teddy's
sep 26 (wed) 6am picked up by Uncle Tsai
sep 26 (wed) 5.50pm departs from TPE international airport
sep 26 (wed) 7.50pm arrives in HK, ready for transfer flight to Shanghai the next day
sep 27 (thu) arrives in Shanghai.

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