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Singapore - Tiny Teacup Poodle Next Stop: Home Sweet Home

 Lets make a welcome to....
our British lover Bosco
Singaporean Maple Pooh!!

weather's looking good today huh xD

sailing through the seven seas, breaking the waves and the storm, 
nothing beats my STRONG desire of returning home.
i've been waiting for SIX WHOLE MONTHS for today.
nothing much i could do to speed up the waiting time though,
"it's part of the British pet-importing policy" they said strictly.
sighhhh... so i waited and waited and waited, and finally the D-day arrives!!

take a closer look at my childhood pictures, wasnt i (and still am) adorable?? =)
oh and by the wayy, i've got to tell you how mummy teddy surprised me with her super correct weight estimation!!
the story goes like this...
i was predicted to grow around 1.5kg (teacup size) as an adult poodle by mummy teddy when i was still little;
 stood on the scale before i took off to england last night and guess what? i weighted only 1.3kg!! 
such a poodle pro mummy teddy is  O__o+

you wont be able to see it but mummy teddy gave me a cute sporty outfit to put on before boarding the aircraft,
its supposed to be a surprise for my mummy in england so im not showing it here ^^
hope mummy's going to fall in love with me as soon as she sees my cool jumper and pants haha

big round head with a nice pair of  tiny round ears, dont i look just like a pooh?

hi guys im the maple pooh from taiwan, definitely not conflicting with the copyright of the other Pooh over in the US at all (well i hope not haha)
bet you are so jealous of my naturally born maple-coloured sweater as well huh.
the maple pooh loves wondering around the forest, meeting new friedns and exploring new places is my favourite thing to do!
big white smile is my signature ^^

perhaps all princes are destinated to be waiting a long period of time until they are able to kiss their princesses good morning.
the sweetest fruit comes with a price, i learnt to accept that, so here i am now lining up for the next flight home.
i took an oath of guarding mummy and daddy's happiness for the rest of my life,

the garden of fantacy, together we swing on the dreams built on hope and bright futures.
having a bad day? our magical smiles will erase all the dark clouds away for you.
ready for a hug free of charge?

flight schedule:

dec 01 (thu) 0300am : goodbye to all my pals at mummy teddy's TT^TT
dec 01 (thu) 0800am : picked up by uncle tsai in taoyuan
dec 01 (thu) 0730pm : BYE BYE TAIWAN!!

dec 02 (fri) 0540am : Bosco arrives in england
dec 02 (fri) 0940am : Maple Pooh arrives in Singapore



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