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About Apricot Poodles



Apricot poodles had their Golden time in Japan a while ago.

While white and silver were considered the most popular colour of poodles,
when apricot poodles were first introduced to the world they
totally turned people's views over about this beautiful breed.

Actually apricot poodles are not of a rare kind in other countries,
a lot of poodle professionals already knew about their existence,
it's just that when they were first introduced to the public,
a lot of people did not know poodles of such colour even existed.

however, as apricot poodles had a shorter history and also not valued
as important compared to white poodles,
the discovery of apricot poodles were only considered as an
experimental stage of the development in the colour variations of poodles.

notably, if breeders only focus on new colour inventions and do not insist on
keeping the quality of poodles, serious consequences may follow and this can
cause an entire failure on the breeder's efforts over the years.




thinking back, apricot poodles were not the result of a mature
poodle-breeding technique initially; the general public (except for professional poodles)
did not have a good understanding about poodles either.
even with the increase in fame and demands of apricot poodles,
very few was able to successfully produce poodles with a beautiful apricot coat,;
instead, less preferable colours other than "apricot" started to spread out on the market,
people began to lose interest in apricot poodles with some irresponsible breeders who
tried to convince consumers those colours to be the right colour of apricot poodles.
the demand for apricot poodles stayed very low compared to other colours
for a very long time until recent years, with improvements on the breeding techniques
becoming much more practical and visible than the old days. 

the newer generation of apricot poodles comes from overseas nowadays,
with impressive adcances on the size and quality of the poodles.
apricot poodles now come with a much more eye-catching colour,
also considered as red in some cases;
the newest generations even have a coat colour similar to crimson.



to those who are not aware of apricot poodles
it's quite easily to confuse them with red poodles,
yet this does not put those people off from liking the colour.


traditionally, new poodle breeds or colours would first be introduced
on dog shows in European countries, followed by Japan and down to the general pooled lovers.
But red poodles were different, they were dominantly demanded by the market
due to contemporary technology - internet, and this was something poodle breeders did not expect.

The idea of "owning a red poodle is trend" began in Japan,
and with the Japanese's habit of "chasing fashion" the market demands for red poodles
increased significantly and continues up until today.
ideally, there would not be any problem if all owners are responsible for their pets;
but we do see a lot of poodles bred at illegal puppy mills merely to fulfill buyer's needs to be on the trend, consequences are severe as a resul of this.





this "fashion chase" happened not just on poodles but other breeds also
due to promotion from the media: images of celebrities walking around with small pets in their arms
deeply rooted in the minds of the public, especially the younger generations;
and as a result of that, the demands for small pets increased,
so did illegal puppy mills that produce outrageous number of puppies with
terrible health conditions for the sake of making more money.


it's terrible to think that poodles that are eligible for dog shows are more valuable than house pets.
Pets deserve to be equally treated like everyone else in the family.
it's professional poodle breeder's responsibility to aim to produce better quality poodles,
and avoid largely producing poodles just for the trend.



both apricot or red are recessive colours and often change with time since birth.
it may not be obvious but the coat colour of apricot/red poodles indeed is different everyday.
especially with the history of these two colours to be shorter than other colours,
there's yet any breeder in the world to produce apricot/red poodles that stay forever in just one colour.




the colour genes of red/apricot poodles are much more stable now
because the sires/dams are mostly pure-breed.
however if breeders do not have a targeted breeding scheme for poodles,
eventually the quality of poodles will decrease after 2~3 generations, for example
insufficient hair volume, decrease in the curliness of the fur, lighter nose/eye colours,
and affect the overall quality of poodles in the future.


the ideal apricot colour is close to the colour of mature apricot (orangey-red),
however the shades on the apricot ranged from a slightly golden colour to dark orange generally.



apricot is a colour that often gets mistaken with cream colour in the early months of a newborn puppy.
cream poodles have almost the same colour of fur as apricot poodles as babies,
but the colour of apricot starts to decrease into a lighter creamy colour from the root as the puppy gets older,
and the fur coat turns into a complete cream colour around one year old.
the terms of "orange dog" or "copper dog" are sometimes used to describe the colour of apricot poodles.




newborn apricot poodles have the colour close to Sandalwood/copper/brown,
almost no difference between them and red poodles at this stage.


one easy tip to categorize red and apricot poodle puppies is to look at the colour of their paws:
lighter paw colour = possible light fur colour in the future.

red poodle puppies appear to have a dark and shimmering coat colour
especially on their head, chest and shoulder blades.
during the early development stage of a red poodle,
the hair continues to grow and individual hair with different shades of apricot/red
starts to bind and even out the final colour appearance of a red poodle;
this hair binding process is also called "layering".




in contrast, the red in the fur of an apricot poodle puppy starts to fade after layering up until
about one year old, and begins to grow darker again after they have reached two years of age.
this colour changing process varies with individual puppies.
moreover, red poodles do change in fur colour over time also,
but not as significant as apricot poodles.


poodles with recessive colour (red/apricot) are at the most beautiful stage when they are about
3-4 years old (golden age) and gradually lose the shine and colour on their fur as they become older.



aricle reference: Magazine ( プードルファン ) p.94-96

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