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Basic Knowledge about Owning A Puppy


basic understanding an owner should have
before bringing a puppy home:



ask for suggested nutrition intakes from the breeder.

if owner wishes to change the food fed to their puppies, 
it's best to still feed the puppies with food they are familiar with 
in the first few months, and add small amounts of new food gradually. 
do not change the food all at once because it's highly possible
that the puppy would give up eating.



prepare a safe and quiet place where your puppy is able to get a good night sleep, 
best to be at somewhere visible to the owner as puppies may appear to be nervous 
when moved to a new environment. remember to have food and water available for the puppy 
at all times (based on suggested daily nutrition)



needs to be warm and clean. 

maintenance on the environment is very important for developing puppies in terms of their health 
(ie. skin diseases can happen to puppies living in a humid environments). 
adjust room temperature according to weather.

poodles are very adventurous and curious especially in a new environment, 
it's important for owners to remove any possible poisonous materials, 
cables, sharp and fragile items for the puppy's safety.



can be analyzed from puppy's feces and diets, 
for more detail analysis please seek for professional advice.



the most fragile age of a puppy is at its 2~3 months (weaning period), 
without the immunity boost from poodle mother's milk, the puppy can catch any kind of 
disease at this particulate period and possibly result in death. 
it's very important to vaccinate the puppy after they have reached 3 months of age 
to keep up the puppy's body immunity to diseases. 
remember to allow your puppy the time to rest (about 2 weeks to one month) after vaccination.

*all puppies sold from YouLong Poodle Breeding Center are injected with 
at least 2 vaccines before sent to new homes*



best time to train a puppy is when its just moved into a new environment, 
increase the times you train your puppy in terms of obedience, 
potty train, manners and name awareness.

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