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Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear FAQs


Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear FAQs






Getting to know Teacup Poodles






Before we go any further about teacup poodles,





let's begin by developing a broad understanding about their size difference.





Poodle canines are generally divided into three categories,





based on a measurement called "shoulder height", measured from
the highest point of a poodle's shoulder blade (scapula) down to the floor.


Note that measurement standards vary between countries.






Poodles, despite their size differences, share similar traits such as
coat colour variations and other physical appearance.




It's normal to find two poodles with the exact body ratios but major size difference.



Despite the size variations, all poodles have their very unique temperament
and charisma that magically charms poodle lover's heart away at instance.




Standard(shoulder height:37.5~38.5cm / weight:20~32kg) 



JKC Standard:SH < 38cm 


AKC Standard:SH < 15 inch (38.1cm) 



Miniature(shoulder height:28~38cm / weight:6~10kg) 



JKC Standard:SH = 28cm~38cm 


AKC Standard:SH < 15 inch (38.1cm), but no less than 10 inch (25.4cm)



Toy:(shoulder height:25~28cm / weight:3~5kg) 



JKC Standard:SH < 28cm, best to be at 26cm





AKC Standard:SH <10 inch (25.4cm)


Tiny Toy Poodle
shoulder height < 9 inch (25cm)
weight < 2kg, but no more than 3kg

Teacup Poodle





shoulder height < 8 inch (20cm)
weight < 2kg, but no less than 1.5kg




Tiny Teacup Poodle (Pocket Poodle)





shoulder height < 7 inch (18cm)
weight = 1.5kg or less








Teacup poodles are the mini-version of standard poodles,
and share exactly the same coat colour variations just as other poodles.






Unlike other small size dogs such as Chihuahua and Pomeranian,
poodles are not as sensitive, instead they are calm, playful, noble, good-natured,
intelligent, cheerful companions especially for children and elderlies; moreover they are 
also one of the most trainable breeds that can be good apartment/small family dogs.


【Teacup Poodle Puppy Development】 
New born teacup poodle puppies share about the similar birth weight and growth pace 
as standard poodle puppies up until 5 months of age. 
From the fifth month, the pace of their physical development decreases significantly.
This process is what we called the "slow growth period".

*For most standard poodle puppies, the first 8 months are their "rapid growth period", 
what it means is that they change significantly in terms of size and coat volume
during this time, and the entire process usually slows down (slow growth period)
after they have reached 8 months of age.

【Price Determination vs Market Demand】



 One crucial reason for the rarity of teacup poodles is their size.
Despite the similar traits they share with standard poodles,
tiny body size is their biggest highlight.


Teacup poodles are always of high market demands internationally; 
the smaller they are in size, the rarer they are, hence the price increase.
The price of teacup poodles also varies with their coat colour, sex and genealogy.




 【Rumours about Teacup Poodles】



We have come across a lot of internet rumors about how teacup poodles are created from
poodle with birth defects, poodles injected with size-shirking portions and other nonsense.
Trust that we have dealt with all sorts of strange questions from our
buyers/media press/anonymous phone calls (more than you can ever imagine) for years. 



So here we'd like to simply explain how teacup poodles are really created
and hope you get a basic understanding about this special canine breed:




Just like humans, most parents give birth to children of different heights,
weights, body proportions, hair colours, personalities, voice tones and other characteristics. 
Likewise, the same story applies to the poodle family tree.

What we (responsible & professional poodle breeders) do is that we select
poodle puppies of smaller size and better physical traits from different parents,
then we encourage them to mate at appropriate times to get more puppies.
This process will be repeated for as many times until the teacup poodle gene stabilizes.
It takes years of research, experience and tests to get the result that we want;
and NO, we do NOT always have 100% successful results. 

Why do we even bother emphasizing on this?
 It's because we wish for all poodle lovers to understand that
not all teacup poodle parents give birth to teacup size poodle puppies;
however, we still take 100% responsibility on our puppy's life and total wellbeing
despite the fact that they may not be the most expensive sale in our store,
we guarantee they have the best time here living with us.
Because they deserve to be treated right!






【How To Choose 】

 Considering teacup poodle's size significance, we strongly recommend
domestic buyers to purchase puppies of at least 3-4 months of age or above 
(puppies of 5 months and above for overseas buyers is adviced) 
from a professional poodle specialist, and it's not only for the puppy's
health and safety reasons, but also because when a puppy's reached that age,
the measurement of their shoulder height will be more accurate. 
From the meansurements, we gather pieces of information and make analysis about
the puppy's physical development and whether or not it has entered its slow growth period
through practising other tests on the puppy's teeth and other physical developments.
Most importantly, it takes a lot of time, money, efforts and human resources
to breed beautiful teacup poodle puppies successfully. 

A new-born teacup poodle puppy normally weighs around 400g. 
A lot of work needs to be done in order for such a fragile tiny fur ball to 
grow into a healthy teacup poodle, such as 
stable environment temperature control 24/7, 
one-to-one nursery care, frequent health check-ups, etc.
It's almost impossible for a teacup poodle mother to 
look after her own children due to the body size barrier. 
Therefore it is important that a professional poodle breeder intrudes in
the nursery process and help the mother foster the puppies through feeding,
24/7 surveillance and providing medical care whenever necessary.









All dogs need some time to adapt to new environments
despite breed, size, age and gender.
Especially for teacup poodles, they usually take more time in general. 
(normally about 2-3 weeks required for total adaption). 




Naturally they are born less courageous and adventurous due to their physical size;



moreover, they can be easily frightened by all sorts of things happening around them,



and as a result of that it's highly possible that they are
constantly stuck at a nervous state which may result in hypoglycemia
(medical term describing low level of glucose in the blood). 



As most things are much bigger than them in size,
it's important that the owner has glucose available nearby at all times
to prevent the teacup poodle puppy from falling into a coma.


Additionally, teacup poodles also have a very small appetite
(2-3 teaspoons of soften dog food per meal), and this may lead to them
not receiving enough chewing activities in the early stage of their teeth development,
and cause double layers of teeth eventually; in some cases, a surgery may be required to
remove baby teeth to evict serious bad breath problem caused by bad teeth.




Common Misunderstandings about Teacup Poodles






Rumour 1. False rumors about teacup poodles having an unstable
temperament because they are mix breeds of poodle and other canine breeds.






Generally speaking, poodles are good-natured, friendly and intelligent canines,
one of the most trainable dogs in the world.
Furthermore it's impossible to mix standard poodles
with other species to create smaller size of poodle puppies.
we have further explanation about how teacup poodles are created previously.




Rumour 2. Teacup poodles have a shorter life expectancy.




Most teacup poodles suffer from hypoglycemia due to their size and unique diet habit,
that's why we only suggest teacup poodles to buyers who
are able and willing to provide extra care on the puppy's diet 24/7.

it's not only for teacup poodles, most small size canines have the same problem
with hypoglycemia because they just do not eat as much as bigger size dogs.





Rumour 3. It's harder to train a puppy after they have reached 4 months of age.




we suggest teacup poodle lovers to choose puppies
of an older age for the following reasons:



1. size assurance



2. health assurance



it's okay to miss out the first few months of a teacup poodle puppy's development,
it does not stop you from developing a strong, trusting relationship with your pet
as most teacup poodles have a life expectancy of 10 years and more.


Rumour 4. Teacup poodles are friendly, so it's ok for them to play with any dogs. 






Owners must be extra careful about selecting teacup poodles' puppy friends
to avoid possible fractures during the play.








FAQs about Teacup Poodles






Q1 Teacup poodles have shorter life expectancy?








A: Only because they are small in size, does not mean that they have a short life expectancy.
For example, here's a simple comparison chart of poodle sizes versus human heights:





Poodle Size Human Height
Standard 180cm





Miniture 170cm





Toy 160cm





Toy Teacup 150cm





Teacup 140cm





Tiny Teacup 130cm





do humans of a shorter height gets a shorter life? No!



the life expectancy of a teacup poodle depends largely on the diet habit,
amount of exercise received, health state, and emotions of the puppy in the long run.







Q2 Teacup poodles catch flu/diseases quite easily?



A: Toy, Toy-Teacup or Teacup size poodles, as long as they are still in their early age,
they have worse immunity against diseases compared to fully grown adult poodles.






Q3 Teacups are easily fractured?



A: Dogs of all sizes should never be allowed to jump off from a higher place. 



Owners are responsible for the pet's safety during the play.



**our health warranty does not cover
internal/external injuries caused by owners under any circumstance






Q4 Teacup poodles have bad lung functions and
health supplements are required to overcome this?



A: Poodles have different requirements and capabilities in terms of exercise level.
owners must pay extra attention when play with their pets,
it's very important not to over tire them.
small dogs have less exercise loads, in contrast,
large dogs have larger exercise requirements.






Q5 Teacup poodles get skin problems quite easily due to large hair volume?



A: There's no direct connection between the size and hair volume of a poodle.


we highly recommend owners to groom their poodles on a daily basis,
not only to keep them looking pretty, through grooming, it helps the skin of the poodle
become healthier as it's consider as giving the puppy a nice massage (if done properly)
and it's also the perfect time to develop intimacy and bonding with the puppy.
canine skin disease depends largely on the immunity of the puppy,
care received from the owner, living environment and climate.



Q6 Teacup poodle puppies must be delivered through
caesarean section, and normally there will only be one or two puppies per birth?







A: Yes, that is correct. A c-section is usually required when delivering babies for teacup poodle mothers because the unborn babies are almost about the same size as the mother before birth,  Moreover, as teacup poodles differ wisely with standard poodles in terms of diet habit, body size, nutrition intake, etc., it takes a lot of time and human resources to nurture newborn teacup poodles continuously for at least 5 months before they develop into independent adult teacup poodles.




Q7 Is it true that the size of teacup poodles stays tiny forever?


A: Teacup poodles have the same development period as other bigger size poodles
such as toy & toy-teacup poodles that they stop growing further in terms of size at a certain stage.
The most significant trait of teacup poodles is that they have a shoulder height
between 16-20cm and weigh between 1.5-2kg.




Q8 There's no such thing as teacup poodles,
they are a cross-breed created at dog mills, probably mixed with Maltese
or other small size canine breeds and they definitely get sick all the time?


A: Professional teacup poodle breeders/specialists can also be found in USA and Japan.
Poodles come in many sizes, standard, miniature, toy, toy-teacup, teacup and so on,
it's just that teacup poodles have a much lower birth rate compared to bigger size poodles
hence their rarity in the market. 
More importantly, if a poodle is not purebred,
it will definitely have a significantly different look, coat quality, and other physical traits than poodles.




Q9 Teacup poodles are midget dogs as a result of purebred poodles.


A: Purebred poodles are more like to have congenital disorders in their heart,
lungs and kidneys but not shorter heights. same rule applies to humans.


teacup poodles are just as healthy and playful as others, but smaller in size.




Q10 Are teacup poodles internationally recognized?


A: Yes, teacup poodles exist in many countries around the world.
However there is not yet an internationally recognized contest
designed for them due to size barriers. Poodles are generally divided into three categories:
standard, miniature, and toy (criteria applies individually).
The teacup poodles we have at Youlong Poodle Breeding Center are
originally from USA and Japan, and it says in their pedigrees (AKC&JKC) that
they belong to the Toy Poodle category; same for KCT (Kennel Club Taiwan).


Teacup poodles have the smallest size amongst toy poodles


(also nicknamed T-Cup-Toy); size variation follows (4kg/3kg/2.5kg, etc).




In the US, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, Hong Kong and Singapore,


poodles of 2kg and less are considered as teacup poodles.





Advantages about owning a teacup poodle
1. The size of teacup poodles measures at under 8 inch (20cms)
ideal pet for apartments and family with small children.

2. small appetite, saves money on dog food.

3. lower grooming costs in a long run.

4. a rare and very unique breed amongst poodle canines in terms of size.
5. easy transportation.

1. small size, low birth rate and high market demand hence the price.

2. high failure rate at labour,
normally only 1-2 teacup poodle puppy per birth hence the rarity.
3. teacup poodle mothers do not produce enough milk for their babies
therefore it requires extra human assistance in feeding teacup poodle puppies.
4. teacup poodles have a lower fertility rate
therefore a less significant productivity.
5. surgery (cesarian section) is required to deliver teacup poodles and
the mother needs to extra time and care to recover afterwards.
6. it takes a lot of financial as well as human resources to produce
teacup poodles (and there's not many) hence the price.
7. teacup poodles are delicant and have a smaller bone structure
compared to big dogs therefore it's recommended not to engage them
in raid sports activities or difficult talent trainings
such as back spins to avoid fractures.
8. teacup poodles have a very small appetite therefore owners are
adviced to increase times of feeding but decrease the food given per day
to avoid them falling into a coma due to hypoglycemia.
It's important for teacup poodle owners to understand their
unique eating habit in order to keep them safe and healthy at all times.
9. due to teacup poodle's small appetite it's possible that they do not
receive enough chewing activities in the early years of their lives
which may result in oral problems such as double-layer teeth, etc.
(surgery may be required if the problem is serious).
10. teacup poodles can be easily frightened by things
happening around them and it's highly possible that they are
constantly at a nervous state, leading to hypoglycemia as a result.
It's very important that the owner has glucose available nearby
at all times to prevent the teacup poodle puppy from falling into a coma.
11. teacup poodles require a certain period of time to
adapt to the new environment, usually longer than big dogs.
12. different techniques apply to toy and teacup poodles.
teacup poodles are like delicant flowers and need to be treated with extra care.













Dear Poodle Parents
we have all kinds of teacup poodles avaiable for your choice: 
super tiny (pocket), small teacup, teacup, toy-teacup, and toy poodles.
we guarantee Youlong Poodle Breeding Center to be
the best place to purchase your ideal teacup poodles. 
We work with professional poodle specialist teams and provide
full guarantee to the health and size of the teacup poodle you select from us
that you do not find anywhere else in the world.  
Five-star facilities with best quality of poodles we produce on our own
(definitely not taken from dog mills).
Ask us anything about poodles!
Find the world's best toy, teacup and pocket poodles here at
Youlong Poodle Breeding Center.
 Hello, I am Mommy Teddy. 
This is my story with poodles, the love of my life.
I cannot wait to share these lovely teacup poodle I breed on my own with all of you.
I have them in a wide variety of colours:
red, black, white(cream), chocolate, cream, silver(grey) and many more.
I believe anyone can find their dream poodle puppy here at my
Youlong Poodle Breeding Center.


 We have more than 30 years of poodle breeding experiences and
developed a stong positive business reputation worldwide.
We guarantee to sell healthy poodle puppies only.
Please check out our website for more teacup and toy poodles available for sale.


Pop us questions about poodles anytime anywhere:
Hotline: +886 (Taiwan country code) 975785398 / 963110478 / 932795255
Other contact methods: 
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