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Get to know teacup poodle breed !

Get to know teacup poodle breed.

Before we talk about teacup poodles, lets go back to ‘poodle’ first.

Poodle breed can be divided into three varities: Standard, Miniature and Toy.
 poodle’s height is measured from its highest point of the scapula next to neck to the ground.

From big size – Standard poodle, medium size- Miniature poodle and small size- Toy teacup poodle. However the size measurement can be slightly different in each country.

Despite the differences of height, the appearances and personalities are very similar.

Every breed of poodle has its unique charisma.

JKCH: <38cm

H: from scapula to the ground <15inch(38.1cm)


JKCH: 28cm~38cm

H: from scapula to the ground  <15inch(38.1cm)but<10inch(25.4cm)


JKCH: <28cmthe best 26cm

H: from scapula to the ground <10inch (25.4cm)

Size of Toy poodle


1. Standard of Toy poodle
JKCH: <28cmthe best is 26cm
H: from the scapula to the ground <25.4cmW: 3~5kg 

2. Standard of Small Toy poodle

H: from scapula to the ground <9inchesW:4~6lbs>25cmW:2~3kg)

3. Standard of teacup poodle

H: <8inchesW: <4lbs (<23cmW:2~1.8kg)

4. Standard of pocket teacup poodle
H: from scapula to the ground < 7inches
W: <3lbs (<18kg~1.5Kg) 

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. According to some American breeders say, teacup poodles are originally from America. They generate a standard that classified teacup poodle to toy poodle breed under AKC.  


2.          The best way to make sure the size of a teacup poodle is after 5 months old. 

Although normally the size can be almost certain after 12 weeks
but a teacup poodle would stop growing when it reaches 8 moths old.That said judging by its 8 months old would be more accurate.  

3.          To find a real teacup poodle is a big task and the breed doesn’t have wide range of color selection for customers to choose from.  

4.          A real teacup poodle will need slightly longer period of time to adapt itself to a new environment. Approximate 2-3 weeks is needed. 

5.          As teacup poodle breed is easy to be scared and always in a frightening state. The breed needs glucose at all times to support its strength and to avoid going into shock state.   

6.          Furthermore, teacup poodle breed only needs tiny portion of each meal (1-2spoonful food) and the many teacup poodles have teeth malocclusion.

Rumor of teacup poodle 

1.    Rumor says that teacup poodle has unstable personality in general as the breed is mixed by other breeds and caused developmental disability. But there is no evidence to support this statement.  


2. Teacup poodle can suffer from low blood sugar as this breed of poodle has smaller stomach that said it can’t accommodate enough amount of food it actually needs to support itself to its daily life.  But this doesn’t mean teacup poodle has any default. 


4.  Teacup poodle is a very delicate kind.  And the way to raise it up can be totally different from other br. 

Before purchasing this breed of poodle, you will have to consider your situation. For instance, sufficient amount of money and time is necessary. 


14 Color of teacup poodle】:Black, Red, Cream, Apricot, Maple Red and Dark Red, Gray, Sliver White, Sliver Black, Chocolate, Light Chocolate and White.


Teacup poodle is a smaller breed of toy poodle, color selection of teacup poodle is as many as toy poodle breed.   


Character of teacup
Many people think teacup can be just like other small breeds of dogs, e.g.
CHIHUAHUA or Pomeranian.

However, its characters are completely different from other breeds. Teacup poodle breed is very kind, lively, close to human and smart.
Growing period of time
Teacup poodles have disadvantage in breeding next generation. After five moths old, majority of teacup poodle can be distinguished at the period of time. 

Teacup poodle will stop growing after 7-8 months old.


How to mate next teacup poodle? (M+F)


2.TeacupSmall Toy –Toy Teacup 

3. Small Toy –Toy Teacup
Small Toy –Toy Teacup

4. Small Toy –Toy TeacupTeacup

But this would based on their original breeds are teacup poodles.


There is one thing can be sure of that this 4 type of mating can generate 100% teacup poodle or small toy poodle.

We have two methodologies to calculate/estimate the size of the teacup poodles. After nine months old, the estimation can be 70-80% of accuracy.
Ten weeks old: (Weight x 2) +0.5 lbs = adult dog weight.

Twelve weeks old(Weight x 2)adult dog weight.

NoteThe two formulas above only suitable for AKC standard of toy poodles
It will not suitable for adult toy and miniature poodles.

 Teacup poodle standard is >8 inches and >4lbs. (>20cm and >2kg)

There is a breed of poodle that smaller to Teacup poodle. – Pocket poodle

Standard pocket is >7inches; >3lbs (>18cm, >1.5kg)
Then again, pocket poodle breed has same color selection



Teacup Poodle Q&A

Q1 Does Teacup Poodle has shorter life?

ASmall size of breed does not mean shorter life time!


There are various type of poodles:
Standard Poodle, Mini Poodle, Toy Poodle, Toy Teacup poodle , and Teacup poodle
Maybe we can use human heights to make an example:

a Standard poodle = a 180cm person; a Mini Poodle = a 170 cm person;


a Toy Poodle= a 160 cm person
a Toy Teacup Poodle = a 150 cm person

Teacup Poodle = a 140cm person
Tiny (Pocket) Teacup Poodle = a 130 cm person

Would a 130 cm person have a shorter life in general? 

No doubt at all! It is a very easy NO!


Q2 . Does Teacup Poodle to catch a cold much ?
If the owner does not pay attention to the poodle puppy the puppy can get sick, no matter what variety of poodle. 

A new born puppy has lower immune system just like a human new born baby. Even though the poodle has become an adult dog you will still need to pay attention to the climate change or your poodle still can catch a cold.  


Q3:Can Teacup Poodle have fracture easily? 

Mostly it can be caused by an accident. The owner should pay extra attention to the safety of your puppy. Do not let your puppy jump from high places. Sometimes, it can happen by external force.

(Please note we are not responsible to any injured that causing by accidents.)


Q4Teacup Poodle has a genetic default lung and easy to get tired from running. Do I need to buy some supplements for my teacup poodle?

AEach dog needs different amount of physical exercise. The owner will have to give the poodle extra attention and do some observations in order to understand your puppy’s needs. When you have the result of your investigation then you can give the puppy right amount of daily exercise that it needs.  Follow the instruction to keep you having a health teacup poodle.


Teacup Poodle easy to have skin disease because the big hair volume, do I need to comb the coat everyday?
It does not matter to the size of a dog or its hair volume.

Comb the hair daily basis would be helpful for the skin and keep the hair looking beautiful.
Skin disease will depend on the dog itself and the owner as well. Meanwhile, the weather and environment can be related.


Q6For a female Teacup poodle giving birth can be difficult. Normally, a female teacup poodle will need to have a C-section? and only one-two puppies at a time?
Teacup poodle is difficult to breed. As the size of a female teacup poodle is genuinely small likewise the number of babies will be less.  


For female poodles they sometimes do need to have a C-section for giving births.  After C-section, they somehow have difficulty to recover from the surgery also it could be difficult for them to feed the new born puppies.

That said, as a breeder will have to look after the new born puppies instead. That is the reason the price range on the market is not able to drop.

Q7Will teacup poodle never grow? Is that real?
Teacup poodles are just like toy poodles and toy teacup poodles during they growing up.
However, for teacup poodles they could stop at a certain stage.
In general, the size of an adult teacup poodle would be 1.5-2 kg and 16-20cm tall. 

There is no existence of red teacup poodles. They have been made up by some breeders. Those red teacup poodles must have been mixed up with other breeds of dog.

There are several different varieties of poodles: Standard, Mini, Toy, Toy Teacup and Teacup. The breed of teacup poodle has started to develop in America and Japan.
However, for teacup poodle is the smallest variety of poodle and more difficult to breed. That is the reason customers find this breed of dog is hard to see. 

If a poodle has mixed with Maltese, the size would not be a teacup size. The appearance would be really easy to tell whether the puppy is a pure breed of poodle. 


Q9 Teacup poodle is a dwarf dog breed produced by smaller size of inbreeding dogs. 

AAny dog that has been produced by two inbreeding dogs can always have inherited diseases or genetic diseases and primary lung and kidney diseases. Moreover, its appearance would not be as good. That said, a professional breeding center wouldn’t have done this to cause all the troubles. 

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