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The pathway of YouLong & Jia-Qiao to breeding toy & teacup poodle


(1) First contact with a poodle

At the time Teddy Mommy was 19 years old, she is a hardworking Scorpio. She used her first wage to buy a white poodle to keep her accompany.

 (2) Her persistence of breeding poodles 

 i. It has been more than two decades since she started a career in poodle breeding industry. Her passion of poodles hasn’t changed, meanwhile, she began to purchase various color of poodles. Since then, she has been spending tons of time doing research and searching for information of poodle. After years of hardworking, she has discovered how much she is in love with poodles.

ii. Think back to ten years ago, the poodle fad has brought the attention to dog lovers in Taiwan. However, consumers had no idea what the differences between those poodle breeds.   


At the time, among the breeding industry, most breeders had imported slightly bigger sizes of poodle as the birth rate of toy and miniature poodles are considered to be higher.  

Miniature poodle: H:28-30cmW:4.5-10kg

Toy poodleH/25-28cmW/3-4.5kg

Teddy Mommy didn’t join the fad as she personally prefers small size of poodles as she is shorter in height.

She invested lots of money into finding small – medium size of poodles (toy teacup poodles, teacup teddy poodles) in JP.  

At the same time, she also imported champion pedigrees of male and female small size 1:1 squarely built poodles to be the motherhoods and fatherhoods


(3)Frustration of the business

Somehow doing business can always meet some difficult challenges from competitors. Some competitors even provided some untruthful information to online just to undermine the reputation of You-Long.

Teddy Mommy wishes she can bring a fresh flow to the industry and all the competitors can have positive competitions among breeding industry.  


Story sharing:

1. A customer bought a 60,000TWD approx to 12588RMB teacup poodle with a normal standard. The customer told others that he/she paid 20,000RMB

2. Another customer from Shandong who bought a standard-rate from YouLong for 35000TWD. After all, the customer sent us a complaint letter saying the poodle is not 1:1 squarely built. But, as we said on our website many times, that 1:1 proportion is very rare and even you are welling to pay a fortune for it you probably cannot find any at all.  

3. Some immoral veterinarians lied to some customers their dogs were suffering from some leg problems (diseases) in order for the customers to pay fortunes to cure their puppies.


4. In Chinese market, teacup poodle’s price range is 15000-20000RMB

5. Competition level of poodles are very rare to get. As a 1:1 squarely built poodle plus a small size condition is genuinely difficult to have and price can be expensive.   

            6. Teddy Mummy suggests you to do some homework (research) before purchase.

Firstly, go on as many websites as you can to investigate the current market in poodles.


7. At the current market, teacup poodle breed is always short of supply.
And teacup poodle breed has very different quality and conditions that you may judge from its bloodline, body type, hair texture, color, bone structure, face look and so on.

The market price for a teacup poodle would be TWD 200K-300K approximate to USD 6700-10000 ( excluding shipping fare)

8. Teddy Mommy strongly recommend if you wish to buy a 1:1 teacup poodle, please buy one at least 6 months old or older. This would help you to assure the size of the poodle. However, the price would be higher than a younger puppy poodle. 



(4) Pursuing the best quality


1. Dog breeding is a simple but somehow difficult job to do. This has drastically changed Teddy Mommy’s life.          Teddy Mommy can only sleep 4-5hrs a day just to make sure everything is running smoothly and meeting her standard.

 2. To Teddy Mommy, her poodles are like her relatives and she is continuously investing her saving into buying new poodles. Teddy Mommy says this is the only way to going forward in her dog breeding business.


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Other ways of contacting us:

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