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Sizes of Toy & Teacup


Sizes of Toy & Teacup poodles Chapter 1 

AKCAmerican Kennel Clubdistinguishes the variety of poodle according to the height of the poodle. Please note it can’t be judged from its weight.      

For instance, for two men have exact same height can have two very different weights.

We are here to help you to untangle the puzzle of toy poodles.

This information is provided from one of American companies from breeding industry has global international business. (Canada, America, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Australia, Macau and South East Asia.) 

Some professional poodle breeders have privately formed a informal standard in order to divide toy poodle breed into toy & teacup two breeds.  

But this standard is not recognized by AKC&FCI.

In the US, the poodle breeding industry has generated a standard to distinguish toy poodles

Toy Poodle/ 6 lbs and over, approx 10 inches

Tiny Toy poodle/ 4-6 lbs, approx 9 inches

Teacup poodle/ 4 lbs and under, approx 8 inches

In the US, normally the industry would just see all the toy poodles as the same category as its difficult for them to say whether it’s toy a poodle, a tiny poodle or a teacup toy poodle.






 But this is for private use only, as it can be tricky to certain whether the puppy is going to be in a toy poodle or teacup poodle category, also there is no scientific evidence to support the standard.   


There are two methodologies to calculate/estimate the size of the teacup poodles from AKC. After nine months old, the estimation can be 70-80% of accuracy.
Ten weeks old: (Weight x 2) +0.5 lbs = adult dog weight.


Twelve weeks old(Weight x 2)adult dog weight.

Then again, there is no scientific evidence to approve the methodologies above.
We are writing this article just to give you a concept of toy and teacup poodles. 





* Sizes of Toy & Teacup poodles Chapter 2

For competition standard of pooldes can be only divided into 3 types (international standard):

(1)Standard (2) Miniature (3) Toy (no exception)

Our poodles fathers and mothers are imported from America and Japan. In America AKC and Japan JKC are both addressed ‘Toy poodle’

That said, teacup poodle in our Taiwan KCT pedigree would be also addressed as“Toy poodle”not ‘teacup’, however, teacup breed is the smallest poodle under toy poodle breed and we name it T-Cup-Toy.  

In America, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China and Hong Kong all the breeders call the toy poodles that under 2KG - Teacup.

In breeding industry, we all know it is really difficult to breed teacup breed of poodle. As the death rate of teacup breed is genuinely higher than other breeds, in contrast, the birth rate is lower than others. Also, the breed needs extra care and attention during the process of breeding. All the hard work and low birth rate lead to a high market price but always short of supply.

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