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Why does my dog have tear stain?

Why does my dog have tear stain?

There are many reasons cause the tear stain, for instant,
it can be traced by its genetic, the environment,
ear inflammation or water and food sources.

Its face hair can be a breeding ground
for bacteria growth especially with the humidity
and the tear ducts may be infected
and cause noticeable reddish- brown staining.

Also tearing and staining the genetic can be the main concern.
This can only be improved by products and the maintain routine.


Another one is the environment source.
The owner will have to make sure you can
provide your puppy a clean living environment
in order to minimize the allergy possibility and prevent the tear stains happening.  



How to remove the tear stain?



In all, your first step is to find out the reason of tear stains.
The best is to consult with your veterinarian to determine the source.

Otherwise, Teddy Mommy recommends you AUGELS’BRIGHT!    



It’s the newest and the most effective treatment for dog tear stains.

It has been very popular in America and European countries.

ANGEL’S Bright has cured many dogs tear stains issue
in first 15 days the owner can see a huge improvement.

How does it work?

<3 months

1/8 spoon/day 

W: 2-5 lbs

1/4 spoon/day

W: 5-8 lbs

1/2 spoon/day

W: 8-12 lbs

3/4 spoon/day

W:<12 lbs


However, it would also depend on each dog.
Sometimes, the tear stains will be solved after 35 days. 

Please note it will not help if your dog tear stains is caused
by its ear inflammation and irritation from its eyelashes.

The first three months after the improvement,
just simply feed your dog 2 to 4 times Angel’s Birght a week,
this will grantee to bring your dog a healthy pair of eyes

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