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Changes in the hair color of poodles (Poodle Puberty aka Hair-Changing Stage)
At YouLong Poodle Breeding Center,
we are dedicated to breed poodle teddy bears of various colors
and to share the fun and inner fulfillment we feel towards poodles. 

Over 30 years of breeding journey, Teddy Mommy has developed
Small Toy and Teacup Poodle Teddy Bears of different sizes,
colors and of course, outstanding qualities:
our poodle teddy bears are not only internationally certified
by Kennel Club of Taiwan (KCT)
, Teddy Mommy also continues
to introduced championship bloodlines from Japan, USA and Canada
for further studies and improvements on the poodle genetics, and
therefore we are famously known for our genetically stable and
extremely petite size of Teacup Poodle Teddy Bears,
Super Tiny Teacup Poodle Teddy Bears as well as the rarest and smallest
poodle breed in the world - Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bears.
The traces of our poodle teddy bears can be found in most places in the world,
throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South Americas.

To successfully breed Teacup Poodle Teddy Bears requires
a certain degree of professional techniques and skills in order to conquer
the uncertain genetic factors during the process such as size, color and so on.
“Poodles of all shapes” is the biggest attraction in this particular canine breed,
it’s often used to describe their colorfulness, changeable hairstyles as well as
their personal charisma that drives people from all around the world crazy.

The growth development of poodle teddy bears is very changeable.
Apart from the commonly known colors such as black and white, they also come in
red, maple red, apricot, cream, camel, silver (silver gray/silver white), chocolate,
parti-color, multi-color etc., all of different shades of various colors.

Poodles in different ages also develop different shades of colors in various body parts.
For example, during the teenage period, the color of the hair around
their ears appear to be darker whereas the hair around their chest areas will
normally appear to be lighter; and beginning from their middle age,
their primary hair colors will also begin to change, like you will be seeing
the hair on their head areas begin to fade and so on.
Especially during 3 months ~ around 1 year of age, as they are currently
going through their hair changing stage (puberty), you will see that
not only the color but also the quality of their hair seem a lot more different
than they were, and continues to change during this time of their life.

Childhood (before 8 months of age)

Before 2 months (Babyhood)
Poodle puppy’s hair looks the best during this time, often appears to be fluffy,
curly and shiny, and most of the pet shops would choose to sell their puppies
before they reach 3 months (which is when they are about to enter their puberty)
as the puppies looks the smallest and cutest at this age; however
Teddy Mommy strongly recommends the owners to wait until the puppies
have taken at least their first or even the second vaccine shot, for them
to develop stronger immunity against canine viruses before taking them home,
which is usually around their 3rd or 4th month of age, the ugliest time
of their life due to the hair change (puberty), and the owners need to be patient
and wait with their puppies to get through this period before their hair
becomes beautiful again around 1 or 1.5 years old.
Remember, poodle teddy bears will be spending many years of life as your family,
and it’s important that you develop patience to ensure the
health conditions of your puppy is 100% secured.

Beginning from 3 months (Teenage)
Owners may notice the hair around the mouth and from the bottom of their body
begins to look lighter in color, and also messier, softer and less curly
(some may even look like straight hair) compared to what they looked like
around 2 months of age when it was still curly and fluffy. Some puppies may
appear to have less hair volume and uneven color spots throughout their
entire body, for example, darker around the ears and so on.

After 6 months (Entering adulthood since 8 months of age)

Hair begins to curl from the bottom and also appears to be much darker in color
(except for genetically light-colored poodle puppies such as cream, silver-white, etc.);
the hair will grow to be harder and thicker after a couple of months for it to
look big and fluffy and much prettier. Such beautiful hair usually lasts for
about 3 years until the color begins to turn lighter again as they grow older. 

Additional Poodle Teddy Bear Trivia:
*Male poodle teddy bears don’t have their period therefore the color of their hair
usually sustains dark and beautiful at a great condition for a very long time.
*Female poodle teddy bears will certainly face their periods, some may also
experience pregnancy, and both reasons drain lots energy away from the
female poodles which is also the main factor for their hair color appear to
be lighter than male poodles of the same age.

There are tons of reasons that can cause the hair color to fade, either directly
or indirectly, but mostly depends on how the owner takes care of his/her poodles.
There are many ways to slow down the fading of the hair color but as it’s a normal
and totally natural process for all poodles, it’s impossible to stop it completely.

YouLong recommends “sufficient nutrition supplies” for your beloved
poodle teddy bears such as sufficient exercise, sunshine, calcium, vitamins,
lecithin and seaweed essence; and it’s also best to use shampoo and conditioner
designed especially for poodles, avoid using products from unknown manufacturers.

Q: During the development of poodle teddy bears, will there be changes in their beautiful hair?
A: Yes, there will be. Beginning from 3 months of age, the quality (softness/hardness, curls, etc.)
and the colors (may become darker or lighter according to age) of poodle puppies will
have some degrees of change, which is perfectly normal and usually known as the
“puberty (hair-changing stage)” by the professionals.



* Here’s a poodle puppy at 2 months of age!! * 

Most poodle teddy bears will need to go through this puberty stage.
Poodle puppies are at their cutest at around or within 2 months of age,
but soon they will enter this so called puberty stage, of which their hair starts
to look a lot more different (usually uglier), in a way it’s sort of like us
humans when we were going through our puberty, we all look very different
from what we did when we were younger.
As for poodles, their hair becomes softer, straighter, messier,
lighter in color and less in volume, but don’t worry though, it’s all perfectly
natural for poodles, all puppies need to go through this stage it’s like a
compulsory course they need to take before they grow to become pretty again. 



 * This is the same poodle from the previous photo,
at 3+ months of age (already entered puberty).
Can you tell we are the same puppy? *

Poodle teddy bears need to reach at least 7 months of age before their hair
begins to curl from the bottom and darken gradually while it
develops to be thicker and larger in volume.

It’s natural for their hair to look a bit ugly during the puberty stage as it
will slowly turn into the signature curls poodles ought to have
as they grow older. It’s all a matter of time.

Your patience is very much needed to grow with and alongside the
poodle teddy bears. It’s very interesting to record the changes in
poodle teddy bears at different ages too, don’t you think so?

Teddy Mommy’s Recommendation:
Cut 1/3 of the primary hair instead of trimming it all off,
it’s not going to make their hair curlier or become larger in volume,
but only to make them look hideous for a longer period of time!

Been there done that, true story shared by Teddy Mommy,
with over 30+ years of hands-on experiences in poodle grooming.























edited @ June, 2017

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