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Taoyuan Miss Chow and Cha Cha!!

Hello, Teddy Mommy

I am Miss Chow from Taoyuan, do you still remember me?

I went down to buy a red poodle –Cha Cha from you, and she is now nine months old. She is very passionate and active. Also, she learns to go to the right spot for toilet quickly. She is still tiny only 1.7kg! Just like what Teddy Mommy estimated initially.


We all love her very much and have been buying her many toys and clothes. The most important bit is she got everyone’s love. Thanks to Teddy Mommy. We are here to share our photos of ChaCha to you!  

Vancouver Felicity and Sugar (TangTang)!!
We would like to know if Sugar somehow would get up to the bed sneakily.
USA Chaolin Mommy, Miiru, Miika and Mono!


These three little cute ladies have been dressed like three fairies.

We can see Chaolin has put all her heat towards these three babies.
HK Loretta Mommy and Brownie

Brownie is as cute as his sister!! This photo is full of creativity!!

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