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Little pretty quick update from HK!

"   She is very pretty, cute and healthy. Thanks a lot! "

Shangdong Mr. Xiu and his little teddy!

We took this picture earlier today! Do you think we are doing an ok job?

If you ever come here for visiting, you are more than welcome to be our guest!

Linda from HK and her little gentelman Happy teddy!

" Hello

We have to thank you for  providing a very professional service.

Happy arrived at the international airport at 9:30 pm and your delivery man picked him up and brought him to our place.

He is a smart kid, he knows its his home as soon as he arrived. Also, he got used to us within few hours. We brought him to view his new place around.

He is always very happy once he sees the pic of his home!  Thanks to Teddy Mommy you have brought us a cute teddy! "

Rita sent us little white bear's pictures from Canada!


Gu-Ji is getting cuter every day! So happy! J
"Miss Chang, my puppy has arrived in Macau! We gave him a new name, ZhiMa (sesame) He is very active, he keeps walking around! "

We hope he is going to be happy as well!

Macau Miss Liang and her red poodle

"Hello, I am Miss Liang. I bought a very cute red poodle from you at May 20, 2010. Thanks to you, teddy mommy, brought me a cute little baby! I wish you well and your puppies are all well-behaved!"

Hong Kong Michelle and Princess pictures update!


Princess looks really elegant and cute! Her princess name has been really well-chosen ^^

Rongzi and Hadsuki from JP

Haha with the sunflower hair clips , Hadsuki looks surper cute! <3

Hong Kong Chak and her little babies! first trip!


With ladybugs backpacks Pudding and Jelly look really lush! Mommy told us that they somehow know those are their belongings, they would bite the little ladybug back to their mom. Really smart!

Singapore Yumico and coco!

"hehe, she is a very active dog ! She sometimes would bark at people inside the tv. My son's heart melted when he first saw her <3 "

Miss Sue and Dolce from LA
Dolce is a little bee today, so cute!
Mr. Lin and Bear Bear!

Bear Bear looks so tiny at its new place. We genuinely wish Bear Bear can become more extrovert.  

Sigapore Chole and Mario

Mario has been living like a super star in Singapore! We are so jealous!  

Canada Miss Mai and Honey

Honey is getting used to this whole new environment. She is also getting more pretty every day!

HongKong KIKO and MiKe with his Teddy bear dull!

Ha we can’t even know which one is a real teddy bear! ~~~

HK Fei sent us Duffy and big sister's photo update!

They love each other so much and they even cuddle to sleep!

Vancouver Lyra and Kathy Mommy update us Pudding and Miffy!


They sleep so peacefully, look like their saliva is going to drip.

I feel so sleepy after looking at these photos. >u<

Yumin and Cotton from Singapore

Cotton is going through embarrassing hair growing period of time (every poodle will go through this certain period of time) Well, he still look so pretty!  He is getting along with his little sis! And his gorgeous sliver hair volume is bigger! We are looking forward to witness his new look!  =P

Taoyuan Miss Chow and Cha Cha!!

Hello, Teddy Mommy

I am Miss Chow from Taoyuan, do you still remember me?

I went down to buy a red poodle –Cha Cha from you, and she is now nine months old. She is very passionate and active. Also, she learns to go to the right spot for toilet quickly. She is still tiny only 1.7kg! Just like what Teddy Mommy estimated initially.


We all love her very much and have been buying her many toys and clothes. The most important bit is she got everyone’s love. Thanks to Teddy Mommy. We are here to share our photos of ChaCha to you!  

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