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Arrival!! Vicky Mommy just sent an update to us!


Teddy Mommy:
Yuan Yuan arrived at 10:30 pm. She got used to the place within15 minutes.

She is a very curious baby. She played with our ZaiZai initially and become exhausted and she is resting next to me right now. J

Cat mommy little update from HK~

Hi everyone, do you remember me?

My puppy is so happy here! He walks and jumps around all the time.

I bought him many outfits that he can change his look all the time.

He is doing pretty well! (But I need to clean up the floor all the time I am about to die! Haha!) =v=

Message from the crew:
Of course we do remember! Little furry ball!

Look like he is doing great with Cat in Macau.

The little outfit on him looks really cozy and worm.

Think back to the beginning, Cat mommy fell in love with this little baby right after she saw him on our website. Mommy asked us immediately and luckily he was ready to travel aboard at the time.^^
Please keep being a healthy boy

Handsome daddy and cute baby!

Ken has shaved! And put on a new outfit. It looks like daddy treats his little Ken baby really well.  Daddy told us he will bring Ken to Taipei, Taiwan to celebrate 2012 on New Years Eve!  

Miss Yuan forwards many photos of YouZhi from Japan!

We heard from MoMo YouZhi has two totally different sides. She is very shy in front of Mommy but very bossy in front of others.

She gets used to dog leash within a very short period of time.

When mommy takes her out for a walk on the Tokyo city, everyone keeps saying to mommy how cute YouZhi is.  YouZi always wants to sleep on the bed with mommy and many other naughty habits.


We can feel that even though mommy keeps murmuring YouZhi is very naughty, she still loves her very much.  

Mr. Lin called again to update us the latest status of Bear Bear

Dear Teddy Mommy,


 I am glad that I had the opportunity to talk to you earlier. These are the photos of Bear Bear (No.277), I took the first one at July/23 and the second one at Aug/28 he peed on his bed so I put him into the cage, look at his sad face. Haha! I shot the third one on Sep/24, as you can see he looks a bit bigger than expected. But, anyway he still looks adorable. ^^


LEGO's Mommy messaged us on MSN telling us he is doing fine

Teddy Mommy,
LEGO probably being exhausted from last night, he slept right after. He got big appetite this morning and I am going to bring him to the veterinarian.

Otherwise, everything is going fine!

GuangZho Miss Lian send us xiyi's update

Teddy mommy, our xiyi went into 3rd heat cycle lately, and she is now 2.5kg and 17cm height.  Update: 2010/11/13

A letter from ShenZhen

Teddy Mommy,
I am Pobi. Time flies by I have been here for more than 6 months now. I have missed you! My family brought me to our community park yesterday and the day before, they took some photos of me. I thought I did send some to you. Mommy seems to want to have a girl, she bought me a lot of dresses to wear?! Everyone thinks I am a lady?! Well, I guess I am fine with whatever my mommy likes to dress me! 3<

Hong Kong Miss Sun's quick update


I am WuDong. I am doing fine and my parents treat me really nicely.

I am with mommy like 24 hrs a day. I even sleep with my parents at night.

I am the happiest dog in the world!

12/9 2010

Hong Kong Miss Zhang and little lady Lulu

Cute Lulu is growing so fast and beautifully <3

Shanghi PaoPao!


I am really happy to purchase this teacup poodle from you. My children have been looking forward to see her and trying to find her a good name. We finally decided to name her Paopao and Eble in English. Please please do let us know as soon as you set the delivery date for her to Shanghi. Last night I skyped with my husband telling him about this adorable puppy poodle, he was so excited and wished to fly to Taiwan to visit her personally as well. However, the flight during this season is genuinely pricy so ..!  Anyway, we can’t wait to see her again soon and thank you for your great help.  *********

2010/08/16 GuangZho Mr.Chow

Dear Teddy Mommy and the crew,
DoDo has been here for two days long, We had met some troubles during the journey back to Shangzhen, but arrived safely at home in the end.  The first two days she seems a bit insecurity to the new environment, otherwise she is doing ok. Thanks again for bring this little lady to us and your kindness towards us.  

We will do our best to bring her greater happiness. She is a bit clingy at the moment, always follows us from place to place. I guess she will need time to adjust herself to this brand new family and home.  

Moca's daddy forwards us some photos
2/11  Moca very naughty ,,,everyday keep chasing Teddy ,,,,bite curtain la,,, bla bla bla
PaoPao from Macau! Our princess of Macau

We have received your calendar, thanks a lot that you have been very thoughtful. The calendar is so sweet and cute with all the cute poodle puppies on each month. My favorite is Feb and Jun, however, I think it can be better with a slightly bigger size. But this pocketsize calendar can come quite handy, I can put it in my bag then I can look at it anytime I wish.

Btw, the title ‘Princess of Macau’ you gave us was so big that we felt so funny afterward. The whole family laughed out loudly.


And please do not forget to reserve us a future teacup lady. I will be waiting for her over here.   


Hong Kong Miss Chow's greeting letter


We have received your poodle calendar! Thanks a lot! You are very thoughtful! ChaCha has been to Hong Kong for a year now. He has brought many joys to our family. He is a very active dog and sometimes naughty. He always does something we can’t possible think of.

Thanks to the crew of You-Long and here are some pictures of him. Hehe..


Yoyo and the family

Teddy Mommy and the crew,


Thank you so much we are very grateful that we got yoyo as our third sweetie. We all love her very much, my husband’s parents sometimes would miss her so very much after few days apart. At first we were thinking maybe one poodle is enough, but if so we didn’t have yoyo to join our family I suppose it could be very different now. I have been looking for a boyfriend for her, however, I can’t find any boy that qualified to be her boyfriend so far. I have to say Yoyo is really sweet and looks so cute, all thanks to Teddy mommy and the crew.  

Brownie's update!

Thank you Teddy Mommy, Brownie has arrived at home safely.

I think he must be exhausted from the journey, he seemed a bit panic at first. We spent almost an hour to warm him up and let him become more familiar with us. After an hour or so, he was finally willing to come out for a cuddle. I started to clean him up with a wet towel and he finally got some energy back and played around for a little bit afterward.  

He is asleep now. We will give him a celebration for his five months old. We have already got him a cake, anyway we will update you with the celebration.  

Morrise update! from Macau!


Hello, Morris latest update! We haven’t had the time to photo a family picture yet. Btw, thanks to your lovely post on your blog. Very cute indeed!
Beijin Bubble recent update!( Mommy seems very happy!)


Our new family member Bubble, she has great appetite today and in a good mood. She keeps swinging her tail and rushing to me. She sometimes barks at the mirror. Haha! So silly!


At first she wasn’t so energetic after the long journey, I was so worried at the time especially when I first saw the waterbottle had become a ice tube. She was so brave after such a long flight. I cried out loud and felt so emotional.


 Teddy mommy thank you so much, you brought her to my life. I will always update you about Bubble.

Miiru has arrived home safely! Yay!!

We drove all the way to New York john f. kennedy international airport under - 8°C this kind of freezing weather.  We estimated that we will get to New York in 4 and half hour. We crossed 4 states, 400km, to pick her up. (We slept all the way except daddy the driver! haha) We arrived at the airport at 6am and went straight to the China Airline till to pick up all the paperwork. Finally, we picked up Miiru at the custom, we have eaten some breakfast and came online to tell you everything is going smoothly.

Time to drive back home, in the car, everyone keeps wanting to cuddle Miiru. Haha! Then again except our diver daddy!!

We are now home! Miiru is so happy, she keeps wandering around to get familiar with her new place.  Anyway, we are so happy that we have finished this mission and have got Miiru home safely. Yay!!
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