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Tainan delicacies



Teddy Mommy recommends you some must eat delicacies in Tainan




We have a lot of customers from outside Tainan or far from other countries. In order to see their poodle puppy, some customer would find some time to travel to Tainan, You-Long and Jia-Qiao pet shop location, also to visit this beautiful city. Many customers came not only for their puppy, they also came all the way because the famous delicacies in Tainan.



 So, don’t miss out all the yummy food when you come all the way to


Tainan!! Find some time and stay a little bit longer to treat yourself. 

Don’t waste your Tainan trip. 


                                          So here are some places you must go..


 1. Yu Chang Fruit Shop






They offer fresh fruit and all the fresh shaved ice in store. There are always a lot of tourists; especially Japanese tourists love to go for a fresh fruit platter and have a little chat with friends just to enjoy a lazy afternoon in Tainan. 




They also have a very special sauce for the fresh fruit platter. Don’t forget to try it as well. Maybe you would enjoy it!! 

Fresh strawberry milk shaved ice (NTD 180)
Full of strawberries with a scoop of strawberry ice cream!!

How luxury it is.


Tropical fruit – mango is most famous shaved ice in store.


Multi-fruit shaved ice

This contains Papaya, kiwi, banana, watermelon, pineapple and mango. Yum.


They also sell various favors of fruity jellies. You can always bring some home, hehe..

Address  No.122, Sec1 Ming Sheng Road

 2. Shan Tou Fish noodles


This shop is not far from Jia-Qiao pet store. The most famous dish is the hand made fish noodles, the noodle is made by fish paste instead of flour.  The taste would be really refreshing to some first time customers.



Address: No.158, Sec1 Ming Sheng Road




  3. Chou’s Shrimp Rolls


It’s no as close to our pet shop as the others, but having a day trip to An-Ping is a must when you are in Tainan. It takes 5-10 mins by car, not too far right?!


 Shrimp Rolls



Fish meatball soup  


  Braised Pork Noodle/ Rice Noodle


 Deep fired seafood cake


AddressNo.408 AnPing Road, Tainan  

 For more information, please visit http://www.chous.com.tw/chous/home.html



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