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The book "The Most Powerful in the World is Dream 40" is published
 On the last day of March,
You-Long Poodle Breeding Center received a book from "Huayi Wenchuang"

"The most powerful thing in the world is Dream 40"


At first, it was totally unexpected that a publishing company
wanted to interview
"Young Long Poodle Breeding Center" Teddy Mommy
and publish works.
We really feel very flattered and unbelievable.


Teddy Mommy laughed and said that
she only knows to bury her head and work hard
to clean the environment,
take care of the Poodle babies and cook meat for them.

Day after day, there is only repetitive work
and thinking about how to nurture better babies.

someone would recognize her value
and would like to understand the mental journey of
Teddy Mommy's entrepreneurship along the way.


Thanks for the hard work of the editorial team of Huayi Cultural and Creative Publishing

Thanks to all the colleagues of Youlong PoodleBreeding Center
for their hard work and dedication

Teddy Mommy will always uphold the spirit of carefulness
and humanity, and continue to love and work for the teddy bear puppies.

Operate the entire Youlong team carefully.


Welcome everyone to make an appointment
to see the teddy bear puppies and this book.

Books.com to buy link:
www.52993344.com | www.tcuppoodle.com
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