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Appreciation Card from the students @ TAJEN University (Pet Grooming Dept.)

Today was a very heart-warming day for Teddy Mommy…

Students majored in Pet Grooming at TAJEN University, Pingtung,
planned a special trip to Tainan today during their summer holidays;
not only to pay a lovely visit to Teddy Mommy but also to
give her this card full of their words of appreciation.

Many of them are overseas students from Malaysia,
Macao, Hong Kong and Mainland China…
Why did they choose study in Taiwan??

It’s mainly because there’s no legit university that actually
provides curriculums designed especially for students who are
interested in pet grooming in their countries. They could only
choose to go to private schools to learn the skills but would never
graduate with a government-recognised qualification.

So they packed their bags, flew on their lonesome to Taiwan,
to spend 4 whole years at TAJEN University, with the support
from family and also their ultimate love and passion
for animals and pet grooming.

(big applause for these kids, we are very proud of them!!)

On the past 30+ years of journey in poodle breeding,
Teddy Mommy went from a young lady herself,
who is now over 50+ years old. Although she’s never
gone into marriage in her life, she’s already
married to poodle teddy bears in her heart.

Seeing the young elites working hard to achieve their dreams
in the pet industry, and developing self-motivations in order to
acquire advanced professional knowledge and make their
personal interests in animals into a lifetime career,
Teddy Mommy is emotionally moved as well as inspired by
their passion and positive attitude. Especially today when
the students made their own decisions to give the
appreciation card to Teddy Mommy in person,
such a touching move!

We just don’t see young people showing true respect
to their teachers often nowadays.

just know that it’s also our pleasure to have our
YouLong poodle teddy bears to be used as the class material
for the students to work on their grooming techniques,
good fate brought us together and we ought to
cherish the times we have together.

There’s a bright future ahead of you, my dear children.
Hold on to your dream and have faith in what you believe in.
you are never alone on this!!

YouLong Poodle Teddy Bears as class materials at TAJEN University

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