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サツマイモは2017年9月1日に香港に行きます - 小カップさなプードルテディベア
 Small teacup poodle teddy bear – FanShu

FanShu felt nervous when leaving

Nervously biting the wee wee pad and 
urging to leave this narrow transport cage

Mommy & Brother Cola (red toy poodle)

Looking at the sky
searching for every aeroplane 
and shouting out my name「FanShu!」

waiting for my arrival

Looking forward to the day we run freely together on this lawn

Woof, I’m coming!!!

Just couldn’t resist her face before leaving
tell us how not to love her

Words from Teddy Mommy

FanShu, you’ve finally grown up!
It’s time to go for mission

Little FanShu just loves to follow my footsteps wherever I go
When she is excited
she will turn round and round happily

Lastly, you seemed saying goodbye to me 
and still desperately telling me how much you love me

FanShu, mommy won’t forget your high-pitched bark
and your sweet face

I’m worrying a lot like normal parents

Will you get hungry when you reach Hong Kong
Will you get ticks infestation
Can you adapt to the new environment
Will you feel nervous or afraid
Do you like your new bed......

I love you, wish you happy and have a blissful life

Until I saw this

Your new mommy is ready for you
even that you haven’t reached there yet

And the most importantly is your brother Cola happy face

Thank you for sharing to us, mommy Elsa

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