訪問人数: 1
総訪問人数: 0003175309
メープルレッドスモールティーカッププードルテッディーベアサリーと姉妹は自分の美しいネックレスを披露しました @台北台湾からの良いニュース

big curls, small curls, you will see beautiful curls coming out from
adult poodle teddy bears (after passing 8 months of age)!!
sleepyface Sally baby, 
just woke up from her afternoon nap...

notice something unusual in this photo?
who's that peeking from the corner of the bed?

on my marks, teddy number... DO RE MI
take a look at our PAWfect teddy bear array
fluffy round body and 3 pairs of big beautiful eyes

mommy has successfully collected 3 colors so far
targeting for more in the days to come
who's ready to see mommy's colorful teddy family?

tiny weeny Sally, disappearing under the butts of her sisters...

hey girls, save me some space, 
i wanna be on the camera with you two, please?

i see gorgeous pearl necklaces on you both...
*sob sob* well... what about me?  TT^TT

oh my dear darling Sally, mommy's little princess
such a special young lady like yourself deserves the best

here's your Golden necklace, my love.
mommy had it prepared months ago just for you

彼女の最高のポーズに置きます: 高雄ニウニウ ティーカッププードルテディベア

NiuNiu baby has finally turned 1!!

her hair looks so different now compared to her 
puberty stage 
when it was still soft and ugly

it now looks big and fluffy like cottons
so beautiful like a supermodel!!
Teddy Mommy looks forward to seeing more 
photos of Niu Niu in all sorts of creative looks

daddy's been taking such great care of NiuNiu,
Teddy Mommy is extremely impressed!!

especially seeing daddy trimming the hair 
around the eyes of our baby Niu to avoid
irritation and reducing the chance of tear stains.

excellent job done, daddy!

let's see how our Ice Queen interacts with camera crazy daddy at home =P

美脚の皇后: ロサンゼルス、アメリカへの幸せな旅, ティーカッププードルテッディーベア !!

as soon as my parents arrived in Taiwan,
they waited no time to get in touch with Teddy Mommy,
guess they were super excited to meet me in person =D

Uncle was in charge of the driving 
from Taichung to Tainan on that day,
unconditional love, that's what family's for.

despite my shiny dark hair and a huge pair of eyes,
which i'm sure mommy adores very much.
she's expecially in love with my legs.

mom and i both share nice long legs, and in fact 
it's also the main reason she decided for me to 
come back to LA with her in the end!!

thank you Teddy Mommy, for giving me these beautiful legs,
which helped me win this only ticket from Taiwan to LA! 

awww how i wish i was born with a pair of wings~~
Teddy Mommy keeps telling me to be a good girl
and jump into bed early tonight, 
so that i don't get airsick on the way.

i wonder... what's it like in so called "Los Angeles"??
sounds like a busy city full of people day and night~
think i better start learning some English from mom and dad.
汪汪!! woof woof!!

ママの違いを見つけてください:ディディ(ポケットティーカッププードルテッディーベア) &メイメイ (極小ティーカッププードルテッディーベア)がミラノから幼隆(ヨ-ロ-)で友人たちに挨拶

oh my precious darling angels.. 
you are both the most precious treasures mommy and daddy 
would sacrifice anything to guard with all their life.
and as for the grooming part, 
mommy does it all by herself of course!

flew to Taiwan personally for more than once, 
mommy exchanged a lot of valuable information regarding 
poodle teddy bears with Teddy Mommy while in Taiwan,

including how to make pocket teacup teddy bears more beautiful
via caring and grooming skills, and mommy also
learned the techniques on how to observe and detect 
the differences in poodle teddy bears on a daily basis.
mommy is now heading towards a poodle professional 
just like Teddy Mommy, so proud of you <3

the most interesting part about having such a rare poodle breed like
pocket teacup poodle teddy bears is that
they are too rare to be found any relevant materials on the internet
the only way to really get to know them is by
spending time and efforts to study them 
and actually make records of your observations.

they make the owners want to dig more knowledge about them
and this will also help them develop good habits such as 
reading and taking notes to help  them learn better.
...it's like back to school and learning to be a good student? =)

and from advancing their personal knowledge, 
the owner's spirit will be greatly enriched, 
and this will also open the eyes and widen the depth 
of the owner's mind to a whole new level! 

YouLong Poodle Teddy Bear Family, 
solely funded by Teddy Mommy, 
is full of poodle owners from all over the world
who's purchased toy, teacup, super tiny teacup,
and pocket teacup poodle teddy bears from YouLong.

we value each other as real family on this platform,
exchange ideas, share important experiences with each other
on caring, grooming, recommended pet snacks and so on.

it's always pleasant to see those private travel spots
and exclusive holiday photos shared by all the 
YouLong poodle teddy bear owners.
(and fine wine and great food too, of course)

feeling tempted to join us already?
hurry and come onboard, Teddy Mommy awaits 
for you at YouLong Poodle Teddy Bear Family!!

Click Here To See More


オーストラリアの幼隆(ヨ-ロ-)ポケットティーカッププードルテッディーベア: ユミちゃんはママと一緒に買い物に行く準備ができている!

such a great weather today, would be a waste if we don't go somewhere

pocketing darling pocket Yumi in mommy's pocket =P

my girl's now a real Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear

since we are in Australia, guess it wouldn't be a surprise
if i said i want to be a kangaroo mama

hop~ hop~ hop~ let's go bungy!

夏の恋人第一弾: ポケットティーカッププードルテッディーベア

クロエちゃん (現在香港に住んでいます)


just look at this *puts on her proud teddy face*
yup that's how spoiled i am!!

ever witnessed a REAL teddy ninja?
watch out and don't fall off from the chair laughing =P


mommy Germana's beautiful face is often seen at 
various official dog shows throughout Italy.
the careful and tender personality of hers,
along with her passionate and friendly laughs,
have helped her developed close friendships 
wih people from different regions and cities.

Germana is also a professional especially in the 
caring, breeding and training of 
a number of different canines.
she's one of the pocket teacup poodle owners
Teddy Mommy most-trusted.

ever since mommy Germana jumped on the magazine with Yumi,
the hot for Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bears became
a local trend, and the term "Pocket Teacup poodles"
became one of the most searched words 
on the internet for quite some time!

knowing that pocket teacup poodles aren't easy to breed successfully,
mommy Germana was very patient at waiting for Yumi to be born.
she also sent her handsome husband to come all the way 
to Taiwan to guard Yumi back her way to Milan personally.
yes that's how considerate mommy Germana is =)

sweet sunshine smiles and her deep charming eyes,
what's more important is her soft, kind inner beauty.

despite distance and language barriers,
Teddy Mommy appreciates this friendship she shares
with mommy Germana very much, very grateful
to have known Germana for all these years.

in different time zones, we both work extremely hard
on the canines we love wholeheartedly, never stopping.
we aim for self-imporvement and advancement,
competeing with ourselves every year.

the journey of breeding has never been easy,
you need to be extremly strong-headed and picky
in order to turn personal interests in poodle teddy bears
into your motivation and to create eternal spiritual fulfillment.

we'll always have the total support for each other, 
for the better future of what we love,
love you always, mommy Germana!!

ポケットティーカッププードルテッディーベア OREO is the most precious Black Diamond in mommy

It took OREO a long, winding journey to 
finally arrived her new home in HK...

Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear
usually develop a different (slower) growth pace
compared to regular size poodles
due to their super petite body size.

When OREO first came across the HK custom,
they thought she was less than 2 months,
and therefore put her on quarantine for almost 2 days.

finally, they agreed to release OREO
until the custom received copies of the contract 
as well as the photos and video records of OREO
that YouLong provided to the owner over the 
past months while they waited.
on the release day, people at the custom were still 
very surprised to believe such a rare poodle breed actually exist!

a friendly reminder from YouLong (Teddy Mommy)
to all our deary pocket teacup poodle teddy bear owners:

for HK residents, all poodle need to reach at least 5 months of age
before departure; also the development of puppy's teeth is now 
the new main check focus of the custom: 
there has to be clear sign of all their front teeth despite age.

smaller size teacup poodles usually have a slower development pace.
Super Tiny Teacup and Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bears in particular,
they ought to reach at least 7-8 months of age before departing to HK.

home sweet home at last!
here i am in the beautiful hands of mommy.
i'm ready for the socialite life with my new family!!
my dear old YouLong friends, don't be too jealous now,
meet me in HK and i'll show you around my beautiful home~

スモールティーカッププードルテッディーベア: Stuck on You, Cola and Pudding from Taichung, Taiwan

Pudding (cream color) and Cola (black color)
would like to introduce themsleves.

ever since Cola's arrival in the house, we've been inseperable,
and i'm happy to have him as my little helper following me
wherever i go, haha.

Cola: sis you're too pretty to turn my eyes away from you,
i can't stand a second without you!!

Pudding: alright darling i know, but we should really finish
introducing ourselves to show respect to our friends

Cola: understood!! (asking for kissie rewards)

here's a lovely picture of our innocent Cola

eyes targeted on our beautiful Pudding 24/7
he just has too much love for his sister

Pudding: cut it out~ you're embarrassing me,
hurry and let mommy finish taking the photos

Cola: nooo i haven't had enough kisses from you yet,
please please just a couple more and i will stop?

Pudding Holiday Specials for the Dragon Boat Festival
i followed the egg balancing traditions on the day,
oh am i not the greatest or what.
i'm fully ready for my rewards now =D

Mommy: err... i thought we were supposed to 
balance the egg vertically and not horizontally
the eggs look like they are sleeping or something... -.-

thinking back a few years ago when mommy first saw Pudding,
she fell in love with her bealtiful cream fur color instantly.

and years went past, the family decided to add another new member
to the family so that their only daughter doesn't feel so lonely anymore.

that's why the family drove all the way from Taichung to Tainan
to speak with Teddy Mommy about bringing Cola home.

Pudding and Cola really clicked since the very beginning,
and as you all know, Pudding and Cola are an inseparable unit now!


good afternoon Teddy Mommy
hope you have been doing well =)
mommy is the happiest bride to be
and i'll be her cutest flower girl of the day!!

take a look at my taylor-made lacey teddy bear gown
isn't it the most gorgeous dress you have ever seen?

mommy and i are going to be the superstar of the night~

me on my regular days - adorable as always

pretty bright eyes
sticking my tiny tongue out
i'm just too good at playing cute

daddy and mommy can't resist my charm at all

スモールティーカッププードルテッディーベア / 5周年記念 バターは香港からこんにちはと言います

5 whole years went past~
mommy is still as beautiful as she's always been,
and don't you think she shines even brighter now?
she'll always be my superstar and i'm her
NO.1 biggest fan supporting her.

yup that's me, Butter, 
half-shown from mommy' s purse.

noticed our family signature?
we all have smiley eyes that speak for themselves
and also the perfect smile line

that's nanny holding me gracefully for a nice photo
look at how happy we are, 
big smiles warm like the Autumn sunshine~

i'm the funny bunny in the family
and also mommy's precious little one.
always neatly dressed whether we're home or not.

soft bedding is my favourite place in the house

well here's my little secret unrevealed
actually... it's because i'm addicted to mommy's
sweet smell in those sheets
that's why it always takes me a long time
to get out of the bed every morning
i just love her smell toooo much!!

although i'm counting down to my 6th birthday,
i still look like a petite soft toy.
and when mom and dad take me out shopping with them
people always thought i'm still a baby

i guess i have the potential to be a beauty guru and
open my own channels on YouTube?
hahaha guess i'm just over-thinking on this one.





極小ティーカッププードルテッディーベア Warm summer greetings from Las Vegas, USA.

good morning ya'll~~
i'm Princess, a very rare breed of poodle
called Super Tiny Teacup.

see this beautiful green lawn?
this is my new home in 
Las vegas, USA
i'm so lucky to be waking up to this 
healthy, fresh smell of green every morning!

that's me cuddling up in Daddy's arms
on my first day in the US.

in here i have Baby (my sister) 
and Tiger (our brother)
they are so kind to me
and though we've only just met
but it's like we've been friends forever.

this is my new chapter of life,
full of laughs and happiness.

photos cannot express how happy i am
think i will just show you the videos :)






Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear DiDi's Milan Garden Adventure

let's find out what's hiding in DiDi's backyard~

thanks mommy Mari for sharing 
this lovely story with us.
what's so special about the game 
these children are playing in the garden...?

hand-written appreciation letter
from mommy Mari and daddy Miki

follow the locals is always the right thing to do!
mommy Mari too turned into a teddy bear 
when arriving at the teddy bear territory.

mommy bursted into tears on the first day she met DiDi...
we all saw her beautiful pearl tear-drops...






Shared Photos by Miss Chang from Taipei: Dong Dong 4.5 y.o. (Apricot Small Toy Poodle Teddy Bear)

thank you Miss Chang for sharing such lovely photos of
Dong Dong at his 4.5 years of age with us.
(apricot small toy poodle teddy bear boy, born on Feb 27, 2013)

Dong Dong is mommy's first poodle boy,
Miss Chang believed in Teddy Mommy and the quality
of our poodles that she decided to purchase her
very first poodle teddy bear at YouLong Poodle Breeding Center.
it was love at first sight for mommy and Dong Dong,
they were attached to each other and Dong Dong
has had all of mommy's love ever since!!

mommy's words:  
because of him, i learnt to how to take care of dogs,
to live together and make him a part of my life.
thinking back when Dong Dong first came to us
3 years ago, it was such a chaos, we did not know
how to potty train him nor teach him to follow our house rules,
so i quickly seek for help from Taiwan's very first home trainer,
the professional dog coach "Da-Fu Cheng"

to come to my place to give us some lessons,
and we learnt quite a lot from him after his careful teaching
it was such a complex theory as well as a
special experience to all of us.

Teddy Mommy's words:
although we do provide basic guidance and training booklets
prior to the arrival of our poodle teddy bears at their new homes,
and we also trained the puppies to do their potting on newspapers,
however, they still need to be re-trained once they get to a
new environment, and this will take some great patience!

puppies are experiencing different smells, decorations of the house,
and even the faces they were familiar with are different,
it's a whole new start for our poodle puppies, and they need to
be given new training on their eating, living, bedding, and potting.

mommy's words:
Dong Dong is pratically my second son, he has
all the love given to him, new clothings, toys, beddings,
backpacks, carriers, doggy strollers, grooming...
you name it, he has it and even more!

Dong Dong got injured a while ago and stayed in the hospital
for 3 weeks to recover from his operations
which cost us TWD$70,000.
we now treat him much more carefully
to avoid possible further injuries.

We took him to the studio to take some new photos to
keep memory of the incident as well as
to celebrate his quick recovery.

and to protect Dong Dong's eyes from damages
from the sunlight, and to prevent him from
getting a cataract, we also customized
a sunny hat just for him
hoping that he would live a long healthy life and
stay with us for as long as possible.

mommy's words:
Dong Dong is the boss of the house,
we carry him in and out of the park,

i spent TWD$40,000 for Dong Dong's
personal album with our family at the studio
to keep memory of his young, pretty looks.

Teddy Mommy's words:
I'm so glad to see Dong Dong receiving such great care
from you and your family, you are treating him like a real prince.
we too treat our poodle teddy bears the same way here,
our worst nightmare would be for our babies to be mistreated.
seeing you treating Dong Dong as your own son,
Teddy Mommt is truly touched.

oh my dear darling Dong, how lucky you are to have
met such a wonderful mother like Miss Chang,
you're my sweet angel with all the luck in this world.
i see LOVE from the way you look at mommy,
so dedicated, loyal and sincere.

poodles are Teddy Mommy's love of life,
big curly hair and beautiful round eyes,
like teddy bears come alive!

i'm grateful to have met so many poodle lovers
during my journey of 30+ years of poodle breeding.
it's like marrying my own sons and daughters
to all parts of the world every time i see them off
at the airport, and i feel totally satisfied.
saying goodbyes to my children does not make me
feel lonely yet i feel loved and fulfilled for myself
as well as their new families all around the world!






Pocket Teacup Poodle JUKY's Talent Show: Teddy Bear Rock & Roll @ Milano, Italy

exquisitely petite & sweet
Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear JUKY

yay!! finally arrived my home sweet home in Milan
so goooood to see mommy and bro Simba at home
(he's also a Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear just like me)

but actually in fact, mommy had a small question
when she first saw Juky.
WHY do their sizes seem so different?

here we are to bust some mysteries for you:
Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bears
are not bulk toys made of factory machines  

they are live animals, and of course
it's impossible for them to
look exactly the same!!

take us humans for example,
people with a average height
from 150cm to under 160cm
also come in different body shapes:

different skin colors
(just like the hair colors of pocket poodles)

different body figures
(round body, flat body, long legs, short legs)

it's possible for Pocket Teacup Poodles to get FAT
possible increases on their weights too
even past adulthood, perhaps over 1kg too

however, after 8 months of age, 

their body length and shoulder height
measurements will be completely fixed

and won't change anymore!

basic requirement for
Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bears:
Adult Shoulder Height: under 18cm
Adult Weight: around 1kg

poodles within this range are ranked as
Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bears

the two boys are meeting each other 
for the first time in their lives,
how's this man's talk going to be for these two
Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bears?
we will see...

JUKY'S Talent Show: Teddy Bear Rock & Roll!! 





極小ティーカッププードルテッディーベア "ディディ" you should never under-estimate a small guy

Super Tiny Teacup Poodle Teddy "DeeDee"
you should never under-estimate a small guy's voice!

Owners please note that different pet import regulations
apply to different countries / areas.

Take Malaysia for example, all newly imported canines
need to be put on quarantine for a certain period of time
(time period varies with cities)

Owners are responsible for the quarantine fees.
(Seek MOA for more details)
Ministry of Agriculture & Agro-Based Industry Malaysia

Oh my brave DeeDee, so glad to see you standing up to
the new environments / new people around you,
not showing a slightest bit of fear at all.

Running around happily at the quarantine station,
barking like a king to show them who's the boss.
My courageous darling teddy bear,
Teddy Mommy's so proud of you my baby.

Keep shining like a star in Malaysia for mommy!!!






Shared from Hong Kong, black Small Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear Monchhichi got a new haircut!

roar like a king, i'm the black Teddy Bear Prince
see that proud look on my face?

graceful, elegant flat backline,
and also my beautiful pair of straight legs

I, Monchhichi, is even more charming than those oppa
from Korean dramas you young ladies are crazy for.

silly little boy needs some time to grow into a handsome mature man

starting from 3 months, i went into my hair-changing stage,
ugly and all that i'd rather not to remember

to become pretty again we need to reach at least
one or a year and a half years old,

for the gorgeous curls to grow from the bottom of our skin,
by then we will be a lot more confident and also 
much more prettier!!

just look at me, Monchhichi and so you know ;)






Shared from Milano, Italia: New Hair Style of Pocket Teacup Teddy Bear Boy Toschio & Super Tiny Teacup Teddy Bear Girl Creamy

Ciao amico from all around the world~

warm greetings from Milano, Italia
Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear, Mr. Toschio &
Super Tiny Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear Ms. Creamy

mommy is awesome at literally EVERYTHING!
she's got her own beauty studio and also all the professional
equipments to help to make us look stunningly beautiful everyday.
mommy also have a very sensitive taste in fashion,
you will never find another teddy bear that looks like us!

feels goooooood to be brushed with love!
can't you tell from my half-closed eyes already?
it feels so nice that i'm gonna flyyyyyyyyyy
we LOVE our little brushy time.

Toschio in his nice navy-blue shirt while
Creamy puts on her hot sexy pink tee,
what an eye-catching couple, you can never get enough
from looking at these two adorable darlings <3

Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear Toschio 
is famously known for his pair of Big Ears, his personal icon!

when i was still living in YouLong Taiwan, Teddy Mommy
was totally charmed by my gorgeous big ears.

i remember how she always called me
"my angel with beautiful big wings, are you ready to fly high?"

perfect for the teddy bear version of Up For Love huh??
(it's a French movie about short man fallen in love with tall woman)

height is no problem for us
nor the weight difference
it's more important about the look.
with both of our outstanding qualities
surely we're going to make beautiful babies together

we will love and cherish each other forever,
just like how we have devoted ourselves to our beloved mother

dear mommy, we wish you eternal beauty and happiness
have a joyful Mother's Day!!






(口袋茶杯貴賓犬泰迪熊) Yumi 霸氣女總裁小玉米,最親民的天后 @澳洲

oh my baby darling pumpkin Yumi,
Teddy Mommy's love of life,
I still remember when you were still a baby,
free-spirited and strong-headed
loved to be the boss of the Teddy group.
special girl with a special destiny,
lucky you have mommy to spoil you like a queen
far away in Australia

dresses, gowns and event costumes,
countless hair accessories,
you're just too beautiful to be true
eveytime we see you in new style

continue with this glorious temperament
and stay just as beautiful as you are now,
make Teddy Mommy proud in Aussie!

it's almost impossible to imagine how small Yumi is
just by looking at the photos of our Teddy Queen

only the size of a small bottle of water!!

Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bears are very rare in their breed
adult pocket poodles only weigh around 1kg maximum

take the human world for example,
pretty girls are everywhere to find,
but to be a super model,
you have to be one in a million

such rare and precious breed
needs to find their homes under
equally special conditions,
only families with these qualities
are capable of taking really good care of
Pocket Teacup Poodle Teddy Bears
and sustain them in beautiful shapes.

These precious darlings ought ot be treated
like Kings and Queens!!

Teddy Mommy's baby, my precious love, Yumi
do you understand now how much efforts I have put in
to finding you the best home that you meant to have?

seeing you living a happy and wealthy life
with mommy and daddy makes Teddy Mommy
totally satisfied, all the best for the future, Yumi.





(Small Teacup Poodle Teddy Bear) We are the Sweetie Sisters @ KHH, Taiwan

Our Sweety Bear really lives up to her name
not only that she has a very gentle personality
she's sweet like sugar from inside out

the only thing about Sweety is that though
she's getting older now, she still has the
body and mind like a puppy,
still enjoys being held in her big sister's arms
and rocked like her little baby.

Sweety is too good at being all cute and innocent
big sister has to say yes to everything Sweety demands.

Sweety in puppy diper vs Disney Shelly May

both soft and fluffy and just equally adorable
who's the real Teddy Bear now?
it's getting Teddy Mommy really confused...

we see imagination and good taste of Sweety's big sister
from the classy outfits and trendy hairstyles.

cute and graceful, charming and fashionable
big sister's creativity comes with a fantastic taste 

let's put on our nicest gowns
and have our own high-tea party





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